Bowser/Maleficent Friendship Campaign

Here is Bowser’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Evil Off




Allies: Magica De Spell, Hades, Queen of Hearts

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Bowser and Maleficent are now friends!

Maleficent: I’ll admit, Bowser. When I first met you, I thought of you as nothing but a demon.

Maleficent: But your desire to rule with an iron fist and ability to spread terror is most impressive.

Bowser: Well, they don’t call me the King of Awesome for nothing, Maleficent.

Campaign Story: Bowser and Maleficent have a contest to see who is the evilest of all.

Maleficent: Fools! These imbeciles are a disgrace to the forces of evil!

Bowser: Please. At least my Koopa Troop is more resilient than your minions.

Maleficent: Insignificant Oaf! Are you trying to challenge me?!

Chapter 1: Challenge Approaching

Chapter 1-1: Bowser and Maleficent have different ideas when it comes to taking over the City.

Chapter 1-2: But when it comes to their minions and plans, it’s a different story.

Chapter 1-3: Since they’re both on an equal level of villainy. There can only be one true ruler.

Chapter 1-4: So the two discuss the contest of who is the most notorious, cunning, and cruel.

Chapter 1-5: After what seems like hours, they have their contest ready.

Maleficent: Very well. But let be a reminder, that you will fall at the rise of me!

Bowser: Yeah? Well, we’ll see about that!

Bowser: We’ll find a place in the City to perform our evil talents and find out who can spread the most fear and order. Help from our minions is allowed. Winner takes all.

Chapter 2: Terror Market

Chapter 2-1: Maleficent begins to brainstorm where she should spread her terror. So many places she could think of.

Chapter 2-2: Eventually she decided to do the Covered Market. But some creeps are in the way.

Chapter 2-3: There, she transforms into a dragon and burns the creeps and buildings.

Chapter 2-4: She then summons a bunch of forests of thorns. Making it impossible for civilians to see where they’re going.

Chapter 2-5: Satisfied, she cackles at her own villainy, just as Bpwser comes up to her.

Bowser: Hmmm… Not bad, Maleficent. I’ll give you that.

Bowser: But I can do something WAY more awesome than a bunch of thorns.

Maleficent: Try as you might, Bowser. But you are competing with the mistress of all evil here.

Chapter 3: Park of Evil

Chapter 3-1: Bowser has already decided to claim the Park for his evil deeds.

Chapter 3-2: Bowser begins to spread his fire breath in every direction. Passerbys run away in fear.

Chapter 3-3: Bowser orders his troops to seize any civilians. Hopefully, so he can lure Mario.

Chapter 3-4: Unfortunately, any heroes that Bowser’s minions try to capture just escape and left them defeated.

Chapter 3-5: Maleficent oversees this and began to mock Bowser.

Maleficent: Hahahaha! You really let fouled that up, didn’t you? No wonder Mario always trounces you!

Bowser: That was just a warm-up! This is far from over!

Chapter 4: Eviler Park

Chapter 4-1: Bowser realizes he’ll need to step up his game if he’s going to win against Maleficent.

Chapter 4-2: As for that last scheme, he wasn’t used to causing mayhem in a city full of heroes yet.

Chapter 4-3: Bowser orders his troops to spruce up the place so people will know the Park is his turf.

Chapter 4-4: About halfway, the minions are attacked by creeps. Bowser eliminates a group with a spin of his tail.

Chapter 4-5: After the creeps retreat, Bowser stomps around and shouting angrily. At that moment, Maleficent sneaks up and overhears him.


Bowser: Can I ever get a moment’s peace of evil schemes WITHOUT creeps interfering?!

Maleficent: Hmmm… Perhaps I can use this to my advantage.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Bowser: I… apologize about my kids kidnapping the wrong princess for you. They aren’t used to this City yet.

Maleficent: That would be a fair assumption coming from you.

Maleficent: But I still should’ve known better than to entrust this task to a bunch of children.

Chapter 5: Market of Doom

Chapter 5-1: Maleficent orders her goons to find any creeps and bring them to her.

Chapter 5-2: She has come up with the idea of using creeps to spread her evil.

Chapter 5-3: After the goons brought the creeps, they attack passers-by.

Chapter 5-4: Maleficent never knew she could finally put those creeps to good use.

Chapter 5-5: Little did she know, Bowser was spying on her.

Maleficent: Yes! Once I beat that ‘King’ Bowser at his own game. I’ll use these creeps to destroy Aurora, and rule the City!

Bowser: So… Maleficent thinks she can outdo me. We’ll see about that.

Chapter 6: Creep Park

Chapter 6-1: While Bowser admits using the creeps for city domination is clever. He’s not going to let Maleficent win this contest.

Chapter 6-2: So he decides to find more fearsome creeps, like Ghouls and Chomp Chests, and use them himself.

Chapter 6-3: After getting them to the Park he uses them to attack civilians.

Chapter 6-4: Soon after, more heroes arrive to stop the creeps. Bowser’s minions join the creeps. That was when Bowser’s troops reined victoriously.

Chapter 6-5: Bowser orders his troops to round up the heroes that tried to stop Bowser. He then heads to Maleficent to gloat.

Bowser: So, you thought you were the evilest of all Maleficent? Well, guess what? I win!

Maleficent: Fool! No one can beat or challenge my might!

Bowser: No one except the awesome King Bowser!

Maleficent: Then I’d say it’s time for drastic measures.

Chapter 7: Drastic Measures

Chapter 7-1: While Bowser celebrates his so-called victory. Maleficent sneaks her way to the Park.

Chapter 7-2: Turning into a dragon once more, she burns all the creeps to a crisp.

Chapter 7-3: She then puts all of Bowser’s minions into an eternal sleep, for a personal touch.

Chapter 7-4: She then uses her magic to break open the locks on all of the cages containing the heroes.

Chapter 7-5: She smiles evilly for her perfect sabotage. She then heads back to the Covered Market.

Maleficent: Let’s see how the ‘awesome’ King Bowser gets his way out of this one.

Maleficent: He’ll think twice when he competes with the mistress of all evil.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Maleficent: Tell me. What is your home, Darkland like?

Bowser: Well, it lives up to its name. Not to mention lava and evil, everywhere.

Maleficent: How wonderful for you.

Chapter 8: Another Drastic Measure

Chapter 8-1: Bowser stops his celebration with a thought striking him. As long as the Covered Market still has Maleficent’s evil all over it, she could outdo him at any moment.

Chapter 8-2: So he heads over to the Covered Market and defeats all of the creeps.

Chapter 8-3: He then orders Kamek to turn the forests of thorns into flower vines. Soon the Covered Market looks peaceful instead of evil.

Chapter 8-4: Satisfied, he returns to the Park. Only to find his minions in eternal slumber and his trapped heroes escaped.

Chapter 8-5: At the same moment, Maleficent returns to her Covered Market. She cries out in sheer anger when she sees her evil enchantments turned good.

Bowser: Grrraagghh! Are you trying to make me look stupid?!

Maleficent: Why you overgrown lizard. You destroyed my forests of thorns! May I remind you that is cheating!

Bowser: First of all, we never said anything about what we CAN’T do.

Bowser: Second of all, if you think that me undoing your work is ‘cheating’, then you’re one to talk.

Maleficent: You’re not as dimwitted as I thought you are.

Bowser: So we’ll consider this a tie… for now.

Maleficent: Very well. But mark my words, Bowser. You will rue the day you competed with me, Maleficent! The Mistress of all Evil!

Campaign “Evil Off” complete.

“Wielders of all Evil” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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