Can we fix maui wasting his white skill please? It's been far too long

Maui deals x amount of true damage with his white skill and according to the text “Maui won’t use this skill until he can KO a hero.” This would be great if he could bite through berserk and invincibility. But it doesn’t work that way. He uses his white skill (which removes the energy) and makes the bite animation, but the kill isn’t confirmed. He shouldn’t be using it at all since he can’t KO a hero which the text specifically states.

Queen of Hearts’ blue skill doesn’t require energy, can go through berserk/invincibility, and isn’t affected by a set number - only a percentage of the enemy health. How come Mauis active skill doesn’t work the same way?


That seems pretty good

@Loutre It would be interesting if that idea was passed on to the team in case they think of giving Maui a hero refresh.
(Or just give that change to Maui)

I don’t disagree, but considering how Maui already got a refresh, IDK if he’ll get another one. Not anytime soon, anyways.

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Right, I forgot that he had received a refresh

Regardless of the refresh he got, the way his skill works is bugged. He shouldn’t be using his energy to use his white skill until the enemy is able to be KO’d - as said by the skills text. If the enemy is berserked or invincible, they are unable to be KO’d and therefore his white skill shouldn’t be used and his energy wasted.

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How about no.
Berserk/Invinc is just a counter to Maui’s white. He shouldn’t rely solely on it, but mostly he does to do anything, hence why he sucks.

I recall reading in one of the Q&A sessions that a hero receiving a refresh in the past doesn’t disqualify them from getting one later.


That doesn’t change the fact that it’s bugged. If he can’t KO, he shouldn’t use his ability. If the enemy is berserk or invincible, they can’t be KO’d but he uses his energy anyway.

It just locks on the amount of HP the character has, not the “whether he can KO an enemy”…
Hence why Berserk/Invinc is just a counter to that particular skill :man_shrugging:
Before Kermit, Invinc was quite scarce along with Berserk so…

Read the text on his skill. It literally says maui won’t use this attack unless he can KO the enemy.

This is the part that bothers me. It says he wont use it unless he can KO an enemy. If he wastes his skill on not getting the kill, then he loses that 50% damage mitigation (2000 max energy from red skill)


Can we confirm this is a bug? Or that the text needs to be updated?

I definitely agree, Maui is even worse than Ralph now, he dies instantly even before using blue skill. Nothing about him is good.
Maui and Finnick deserve a second refresh, both of them are trash.

I’m not even requesting a refresh (although that would be great). I just want to text to align with what actually happens.

I believe Loutre has been @'d already, it’s the weekend so they aren’t active right now, but they can answer on Monday. Till then, let’s not spam them with @'s.

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I’ve passed this along to the team and they’d love some more info to look into this more.

Would you be able to give us the lineup of attackers and defenders when you’re seeing this happen?



It doesn’t matter the lineup. As long as the enemy team has someone with invulnerability (invincibility/berserk) and maui is able to bite, he will.

Here’s a post I made almost 2 years ago and that wasn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it. I’m glad to see it finally getting some traction.

Thanks for more info! The team will look into it more.


Any update on this?

It’s on the list to be looked into, but there are more high priority things.

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