Changes to Sign In Rewards

Totally, it just seems the game is even closer to its end and even less focus will be given to the game.
As for now the only time of excitement in this game is when a new hero arrives, now it will happen only once per month.
A new hero brings new synergy, friendships, sources of buff/debuffs, nice animations to look at, and the possibility to get someone wanted, now chances for this are reduced. It’s just a horrible idea…

It will be only ok if there is already something big about to be released in the nearest weeks, in other case it just sounds like any other post which will end with nothing.

No game mode now is exciting, there needs to be a new one added soon.
Hero refreshes also are needed.
Economy with stamina, hero chips, piece upgrade for mods, disk power, red skills, and more.


Game is not ending and not close to ending just because I said we are no longer having a Sign In Hero. We want to focus on other parts of the game and give our designers more to work on than just new Heroes. They’ve already got amazing ideas for new game modes and such.

No doom and gloom.


Sign in rewards right who is this new hero tell me Loutre please

Loutre literally said there are no more sign in heroes. And he’s not just going to tell you who the new upcoming hero is, you have to wait for the patch notes.

by far the best part of the game… so it will be hard to compete.
Each new hero brings a lot of things to look after.

Hopefully they will be released… anything.

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Is this the endgame is that Loutre said

So since there’s no longer sign in hero does this mean Scavenger Hunt is soon… I am only saying that for possibly another hero a month🤔

What is sign in rewards means

Nice, and hopefully enough of an improvement to help those always struggling with one or both of those resources.

A very welcome addition, indeed; I doubt we’ve reached the point of having enough Disk Power, but hopefully this will get us to where it’s plentiful enough that I’m no longer wary of maxing more than one disk a quarter.

To be honest, I doubt many people will miss them; if people want to enhance a hero’s badges, there’s loads and loads and loads of excess badge bits to choose from.

Assuming the Double Drop consumables include Normal (and, optionally, Elite) Campaign Double Drop items, this is the best news of the change, maybe the best news of the year. More Cosmetic and Badge Crates are always nice; as for Red Skill Crates, I assume I’ve made my feelings about them clear in other discussions.

Two questions: When will we find out about the other aspects of the game you’ll be focusing on as a result of the decrease in new heroes? And does this mean that we’ll see more, or fewer, hero refreshes (or, more commonly, stat buffs) going forward?

That’s my main concern, though admittedly there’s not too many crates left to redistribute.

I always assumed that as well; while I would dearly love for the time savings in creating fewer new heroes to result in a more stable, robust game in general with periodic upgrades to the various modes, I wonder how well that would attract new players. :man_shrugging:

While that’s another location that severely limits the number of chips we can get for new heroes, it still allows for more chips than the Sign-In hero did, at least when comparing the first couple of months.

That would be a very welcome development, but I suspect most people posting here are going to remain worried and pessimistic about the future of the game until we actually see some concrete details about these new modes and other changes. Of the two big additions of last year, the Prize Wall and the themed trial events, one has had its rewards changed so frequently and drastically that it’s dampened the excitement it used to generate, and the other has been cut back to near irrelevance.

I can’t give a timeline yet. We are planning on more hero refreshes for future.

This is very much what we are trying to do here. New Hero designs take a lot of time and we want to focus more on the game itself and not just a Hero pipeline.


It means something will be replaced, like enhancements system being replaced or just like this replacement?

Let us hope so.
After these changes, I did think something is missing.
@Loutre Did PB have plans to stuff stamina in calendar ? This will be more useful.

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Does this mean you focus more on other things in the game while we get 1.5 hero a month for some time :open_mouth:

Consider me interested.


My reaction to that information:


Full ones like the one which got Shank and Kim, or just stat bonuses like Elsa and Buzz?

SD card enhancement is literally useless nowadays.

Oh yes!

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(which is also a hint at a hero I think could really use a refresh…)

This sounds good to me; I just hope y’all also have ideas for attracting new players even with the decrease in new heroes.


Loutre you still making heroes right

RIP free monthly hero.
I’m down for free cosmetic crates though. That’s good

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Yes, we are still having new Heroes. We are just not having a Sign In Hero.


So that means no ending game correct

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