Character Concept (Krazy Kino Edition): Polaris, The Star Seer

Kinokan back once more for the second of the Krazy Kino series. Happy April 1st everyone! This time around we have a concept for @Polaris. The Community Manager of PB I feel is very deserving of a concept. Once again with these Krazy Kino series installments these are less serious and may or may not be less balanced then my standard concepts. This is also my longest one made due to some elements I wish to include as I am making this roughly a week in advance for time to do the research required. Also while this was my own idea it was also nominated by @TherMasterStitch. With that out of the way, I present, Polaris, The Star Seer!

To become a star, you must shine your own light, forge your own path, and never fear the darkness, for that is when stars shine the brightest

Polaris is a back line damage hero who bends the cosmos to their will allowing a mastery of power unlike none other.

Polaris enters the fight in a burst of light with star scepter in hand and in a hooded galaxy robe with one eye shining through the otherwise blacked hood.

Polaris’ basic attack flicks their star scepter hurling a bolt of light towards the closest enemy

Polaris flares their robe out as they ascends off screen after claiming victory.

Polaris loses control of their power and opens a black hole that they get sucked through upon defeat.

Lvl 80 P3 3* Estimated Stats
HP: 30k
Basic Damage: 2700
Skill Power: 4700
Armor: 2200
Reality: 4000
Normal Crit: 75
Fantastic Crit: 90
Armor Negation: 50
Reality Negation: 70
Tenacity: 60

BD: Basic Damage
SP: Skill Power
SL: Skill Level

White Skill: Master of Constellations
Passively Polaris basic attacks deal Normal, Fantastic and True damage. Damage is based off of Basic Damage, Skill Power and 50% of both respectively.
Actively summons a constellation that applies some effect based on the constellation summoned. Multiple of the same constellation effect cannot be stacked.

Aries: Grants allies 100% attack speed and 50% crit damage for 10 seconds. Also grants allies “Tempered” for 10 seconds. Tempered allies are given a 25% increase in Basic Damage.

Taurus: Summons a space bull that charges through the enemies dealing 500 + .75BD Normal Damage. Stuns enemies for 5/4/3/2/1 second based on the order hit. The Bull also breaks the shield of the first enemy hit.

Gemini: Grants “Gemini” to allies. Gemini makes white skills trigger twice. Gemini lasts until the next time each ally casts their white skill. Gemini has a chance to fail for allies below Lvl X = SL+1.

Cancer: Shields all allies for 750 + 2.5SP + 4SL. Shield lasts for 15 seconds and also grants 50% Normal damage resistance.

Leo: Rends 500 + 2.5BD + 4SL Armor from enemies and grants “Pride” to all allies. Pride grants 25 energy with every basic attack. Both effects last for 10 seconds. Pride and Rend has a chance to fail against allies/enemies above Lvl X = SL+1

Virgo: Applies “Purity” to all allies. Purity reduces heal cut from “Curse” by 25% and gives the party 10% conservation. Purity has a chance to fail against allies Lvl X= SL+1

Libra: Polaris copies enemy buffs and gives them to all allies. Copied buffs last for 10 seconds.

Scorpio: Polaris inflicts venom on his basic attacks for the next 10 seconds. Venom does 1% of the inflicted heroes Max HP per second per stack for 10 seconds which refreshes the duration with each new stack added. At the end of the 10 seconds envenomed enemies take 2% of their max HP per stack. Venom stacks have a chance to fail against enemies Lvl X= SL+1

Sagittarius: Polaris’ and their allies with projectile based attacks now pierce through all enemies for the next 10 seconds.

Capricorn: Studies and Scares all enemies for 10 seconds. Also grants “Checkmate”. Checkmate refreshes study and scare every time an enemy is KOd and makes them permanent when only 1 hero is left.

Aquarius: Summons a torrential downpour that floods the battlefield. The flood causes enemies to lose 300 energy over 10 seconds. If an enemy runs out of energy they take 1200 + 4.5SL + 2SP Fantastic Damage.

Pisces: A restorative light radiates off of Polaris healing allies at least 1000 + 4SL + 5SP to a max 2000 +8SL + 10SP depending on how close they are to Polaris.

Green Skill: Event Horizon
Polaris summons a black hole and “Stops” all enemies for 5 seconds. Stopped enemies take no damage and gain no energy but can still be targeted and attacked. After enemies return to the normal flow of time they take all the damage and gained all the energy they would’ve received in a burst.

Blue Skill: Singularity Syphon
Polaris manipulates a gravitational field towards the back most enemy pulling in all enemies towards them and drains 50 energy from each enemy affected.

Purple Skill: Supernova
Polaris’ eye now changes color from White to Blue to Yellow and finally Red. The color changes in that fixed order based on how many times Polaris uses “Master of Constellations”. 0-1 times is White, 2-3 is Blue, 4-5 is Yellow, 6+ is Red. When Polaris is defeated he explodes outward dealing 2000 + 15SL + 10SP true damage. The color of Polaris’ eye multiplies the damage. White is a .5 multiplier, Blue is standard damage, Yellow is 2 times and Red is 4 times.

Friend Disks

DL: Disk Level
DS: Disk Star

Lvl 106: Genie
Other Allies: Stitch, Buzz, Hades

Phenomenal Cosmic Power!
Grants 1000+75DL Armor/Reality to all allies.
Each time “Master of Constellations” is used increases Armor and Reality of all allies by 1/2/3/4/5%. Scales with DS.

Lvl 108 Hercules
Other Allies: Zurg, Mickey, Barbossa

A Star is Born
Grants 1000+75DL Basic damage and Skill Power to all allies.
Now grants Polaris 10/15/20/25/30% Conservation and 1/2/3/4/5% conservation to all other allies.

Oh man this was a gauntlet if ever there was one. Creating an OP hero is super simple so I decided to make this my most complex one yet… I don’t know why I did it either. Actually I do know why, because it was fun. I like challenging myself with stuff like “what would a hero with a different effect for each Zodiac sign look like?” I hope you all enjoy. What do you like/dislike about it. Once again not super concerned about balance but feel free to point out high and low points of the design. I realize @Polaris doesn’t have much of a personality (I don’t mean that in a bad way they are just very professional aside from the occasional meme), so I went with a more deity type character. Someone omnipotent and all powerful, a messenger of the heavens and what have you. If you do have any feedback feel free to comment below and if you haven’t seen it already, check out my super post below which is home to both my Krazy Kino and more serious concepts.

Edit: Thanks for the like @Polaris! Any thoughts on the character?


I love it! It’s so interesting and was really fun to read! I love how strong Polaris is considering how much power they wields over the forum lol. I really like the entrance, victory, and defeat description: it fits their avatar and their mysterious quality. I also like the Pisces skill, since I’m a Pisces myself lol. I also like how each skill incorporated some scientific element about stars and astronomy. And I like you including Stitch, Buzz, and Zurg as allies since they are from space. Overall, really great and I can see how much thought and research you’ve placed into it. Looking forward to the next one! :smile: :+1:


Awesome, glad you enjoyed it. I’m a Cancer myself. I love astrology and when I started the Krazy Kino series it was Champion David and Polaris that first came to mind. I like that someone caught all the little nuances about it. I won’t do another Krazy Kino for a bit now as I want to alternate serious and silly comps now, but I made 2 in a row of this to exemplify the series.


Haha I love science as well so I was able to catch some cool little details.
Ok, that makes sense. I like your other concepts too: you put so much thought into it.


Dis was out of this world

bu dum tss :drum:

Get it? Polaris has stars in the profile pic? I’ll leave.


I like it a lot! Very interesting seeing what all the zodiac signs would do! Would there be a way to choose which constellation would come out first?(Like choosing Megara’s linked person)

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I don’t think so. Every sign is powerful in their own right so having the choice of which comes first might break things a lot more than they already are. I see the idea behind it with allowing you to counter teams with say Aquarius, Cancer or Leo but I think that might make it too overpowered. Keep in mind each of those effects are on for 10 seconds so making the choice of which comes first might be a touch silly. Even for an alreadyy grossly overpowered character.


Just had to reply to this. It takes a very talented and logical person to be able to craft concepts with so much potential while also keeping it realistic and balanced. Damn, I love these Krazy Kino concepts . . .


Ok, I have to admit, this was completely unexpected. The character itself achieves a mysterious quality like no other. The skill set was interesting and the 12 zodiac signs was a nice touch. Although, depending on the team you were using, the odds of getting the one you want right off the bat might not be the best.

Might be surprising to consider, but as Polaris is back line, they could be caught up by woody’s lasso and quickky eliminated (if all goes well)

Definitely a great concept though… I looked for something to mention about but…I failed to find anything… Nicely done :+1: :grin:


Glad everyone has enjoyed it so far!


And we look forward 2 seeing wots nexts in store. :grin:


Polaris is basically Genie. If Genie was on steroids

XD funny image… :wink:

Remember ursa major and ursa minor?

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