Characters you’d like to see in game

Personally, my favourite Disney character of all time is, Rafiki!.. I’d love to see him in game, another Lion King character. (The best Disney film!)

I can see loads of characters being perfect fit for this game. If you could have one, who and why?

Also, just for fun, maybe try give a description if there attack’s.

With Rafiki, I’d live him to heal somehow. (Maybe like a battle cry which would heal.) Show the way, (like in the film) guiding others to there attack’s quicker. Hitting people with his staff and, break fruit, which helps the team. But like goofy, quickens them. (Also a leap animation which helps avoid attack’s at the start.)

Cheers guys. Hope everyone loves playing this game as much as me!..


Hahaha can’t wait for rafiki to rafiki woody!!!

I just want the devs to throw more villains at me


Am glad am not the only one who’d love him in!! :smiley :smiley:

What villains would you like? There’s a fair few I’ve seen on YouTube! (Am ok server 18, so don’t have any!)

I have really wanted bolt in this game. He wouldn’t be hard to make a skillset for.

Yes! Bolt would be amazing, him and Dash as friends. The speed team. Great answer!

Oh man, how I’d love to see Jafar and Captain Hook! I think they’d turn out to be awesome characters.

One of my favorites is Judge Frollo, but I can’t really picture him in this game :confused: His power wasn’t really about physical / magical prowess, it was more influence, devotion and fear.

Who said they had to be physical or magic attacks? He could add some effects on the enemies other than physically hitting them

I don’t really like heroes without basic attacks like Megara, who also must’ve been problematic to figure out her kit due to similar reasons

I think Peter Pan would be a really good fit to the game but I would also like to see Oswald if that’s possible

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Yeah Pan would be amazing. Great idea, imagine him flying around the battle field.

Yeah, more Rafiki love!

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I won’t even take the time to type the list of heroes I want . . .

He scared the C**p out of me as a kid. Good choice!

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I would like to see Oswald Rabbit.

…Edna Mode. I made a concept for her and everything…

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I would want to see mcqueen and mater mcqueen s friends can be shank since he is raceing car and shank is racer and metar since he is his best friend mater could befriend maybe duke caboom since mater showen he is capable off stunts he could befrind mcqueen since they are best friends

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I would like to see Mickey Mouse or Minnie, or even some Marvel characters

We have Mickey Mouse. Marvel characters already have their own RPG game and Disney wouldn’t want to compete with itself.