Charles, Carrie, & Paul Rawlins (Bedknobs and Broomsticks Hero(es) Concept)

Charles, Carrie, & Paul Rawlins


These children are quite formidable when it comes to fighting against evil. Having borrowed Ms. Price’s motorcycle and sidecar, they’re ready to use everything they got against the creeps.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “We ain’t exactly burdened down. Travel light, that’s us.”

Entrance: Charles drives the motorcycle into the battlefield, with Carrie and Paul sitting in the sidecar.
Victory: The children applaud victoriously.
KO: Charles tries to start the motorcycle again, but it breaks down.

Basic Attack: Carrie throws medieval weapons at enemies.

White Skill - Exhaust Trail - Normal Damage
Charles drives the motorcycle through enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy hit. During that time, the motorcycle leaves behind a trail of yellow smoke, blinding enemies for 5 seconds.

Green Skill - Quarter Turn to the Left
Paul holds his glowing magic bedknob, granting X additional Skill Power to the two weakest allies.

The Skill Power increases lasts until those two allies reach 0HP.

Blue Skill - Cosmic Creepers
Carrie lets Ms. Price’s cat Cosmic Creepers run loose around the battlefield for 9 seconds. While he is infield, all enemies are given the following debuffs.

  • X less HP gain
  • X less energy gain
  • 45% attack speed reduction

Purple Skill - the Age of Not Believing
Charles, Carrie, and Paul cannot take damage while Cosmic Creepers is infield. Their energy gain and reality are both increased to X.

Red Skill - That’s the Opportunity
Charles, Carrie, and Paul’s “Quarter Turn to the Left” skill also grants the two weakest allies invincibility for the first 7 seconds of each following wave.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Exhaust Trail

Charles, Carrie, & Paul Rawlins + Emelius Browne
Campaign: Serving Our City - Ms. Price has misplaced her notes for a materializing spell, and so Emelius and the Rawlins set out to retrace her steps and look for the notes. If the words of that spell falls into the wrong hands, they will be able to appear anywhere in the City without fail.
Disk: Spell Snatchers
Disk Memory: Charles, Carrie, and Paul’s “Exhaust Trail” skill removes X reality from enemies.
Disk Power: Z shield power
Allies: Zeus, Aladdin, the Beast

Charles, Carrie, & Paul Rawlins + Mickey Mouse
Campaign: Give It a Try - The Rawlins invite Mickey over for a meal, providing a wide variety of foods to dine on. The three notice their guest isn’t familiar with what has been provided, from the cabbage buds to wattle yeast. Eventually, they convince Mickey to chow down, and he develops a liking for these unique dishes.
Disk: Palette Cleansed
Disk Memory: Charles, Carrie, and Paul gain X additional energy once all allies have reached 50% their max HP.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Kevin Flynn, Jim Hawkins, Ron Stoppable

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