Charlie Calvin (the Santa Clause Hero Concept)

Charlie Calvin


Being the son of Santa Claus is a pretty big role to play, and when Charlie steps into the scene, helping his allies is his highest priority.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “So when do I get the five bucks?”

Entrance: Charlie lands into the battlefield via Scott’s automated sleigh.
Victory: Charlie holds out his snow globe, observing it in awe.
KO: Charlie sits in the sleigh’s seat, crossing his arms grumpily.

Basic Attack: Charlie throws snowballs at enemies.

White Skill - Holiday Charity - Fantastic Damage
Charlie throws presents at the two allies with the least HP, granting them X HP and X energy.

Green Skill - Rose Suchak Ladder
Charlie pulls a ladder out from the back of the sleigh and drops it over the furthest enemy, stealing X HP, removing X energy, and stunning them for 4 seconds.

Blue Skill - Chill Out
Charlie pelts all enemies with snowballs, dealing X damage to each one, but only the strongest enemy is frozen for 5 seconds. Allies will gain X HP for every second that enemy remains frozen.

Purple Skill - Lash Out Irrationally
If Charlie reaches 0HP, he will regenerate his HP by 75% and throw snowballs at all enemies, freezing them for 5 seconds. His reality is increased to X.

Red Skill - Festive Charge
Each time Charlie performs his “Chill Out” skill, he will not take damage or be frozen for the next 7 seconds.

Charlie Calvin + Scott Calvin
Campaign: Family Vacation - Scott wants to treat his son Calvin and the rest of their family to a vacation. Minus the creeps impeding on the fun, this is the kick-up-your-feet break they deserved.
Disk: Family Forever
Disk Memory: Charlie’s “Rose Suchak Ladder” skill steals X additional HP.
Disk Power: Z armor, Z White Skill power
Allies: Ducky & Bunny, Anger, Bolt

Charlie Calvin + Elsa
Campaign: Snow Kidding - After mistakably straying from his fellow playmates, Charlie is nearly claimed by creeps when Elsa protects him using her ice powers. As they search for Charlie’s group, the two get to know each other and understand how alike they turn out to be.
Disk: Protected By the Cold
Disk Memory: Each time Charlie performs his “Holiday Charity” skill, he takes 80% less damage for 5 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power, Z energy gain
Allies: Gizmoduck, Jumba, Timon & Pumbaa

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This is not at all justifiable. I’m tired of these discreet insults.

Ok ok fine I am just messing around I admire your work a lot also can you make gazelle now alos my favorite is mater imagine if he was in a team with every hero that can increase his attack speed and he is using dad gum

I’ll see what I can come up with for Gazelle, but I would prefer choosing who to make next at my own pace. I appreciate the honesty nonetheless.

its not christmas yet

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Someone literally said the same thing about my Scott Calvin concept in May. :joy:

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