Chase/Basil of Baker Street Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s Chase’s second friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Ratigan Rumble

Chase/Basil of Baker Street



Allies: Elsa, Sadness, Joy

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Chase and Basil are now friends!

Basil: So, I’ve heard from Officer Hopps that you are a young and upcoming officer.

Chase: Yep, I sure am. I’m guessing from your hat and magnifying glass, you’re a detective.

Basil: What an astute observation, my boy! I am indeed a detective.

Basil: Basil of Baker Street. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Chase: Chase, of the PAW Patrol. Pleasure meeting you as well, Mr. Basil.

Campaign Story: Chase turns to Basil to save Rocky from Ratigan

Chase: Basil! I’m glad to see you, I need your help!

Basil: And what can I do for you, lad?

Chase: That bat with the peg-leg has pupnapped my friend Rocky!

Basil: A bat? With a peg-leg, you say? Sounds like Ratigan is once again plotting something.

Basil: Please, explain everything thoroughly. The slightest detail could be very important.

Chapter 1: In Detail

Chapter 1-1: Chase begins explaining what happen before Rocky was pupnapped.

Chapter 1-2: Earlier this morning, Chase and Rocky were going to help WALL-E and EVE with cleaning the City Park.

Chapter 1-3: But then, Rocky heard some rustling in a bush and just like that, he was gone.

Chapter 1-4: When Basil and Chase return to the scene, they see WALL-E panicking.

Chapter 1-5: Chase suspects it could be because Rocky was missing.

WALL-E: Aaaagggghhh!!!

Chase: WALL-E, calm down! Did you see where that bat took Rocky?

WALL-E: * points down a path *

Basil: I’d say, tracks. But not any tracks, peg-legged tracks.

Chapter 2: Peg Tracks

Chapter 2-1: Chase and Basil follow the tracks outside the Park, into the Fashion District.

Chapter 2-2: But along the way, they are stopped by creeps.

Chapter 2-3: In a flurry of darts and tennis balls, the creeps retreat.

Chapter 2-4: They follow the path to the back of Chez Remy.

Chapter 2-5: When they enter, they find the kitchen a mess.

Chase: Whoa, what happened in here?

Swedish Chef: Herdens berg da batty bat wit peddy leg!

Swedish Chef: Hammis runna wit doggy and ruda da work.

Chase: Do you have any idea what he’s saying, Basil?

Basil: I’m afraid not, Chase, I don’t speak Swedish. In fact, I don’t think he’s speaking Swedish.

Colette: Perhaps I can explain.

Chapter 3: Dining Dash

Chapter 3-1: Colette explains to Chase and Basil what happened.

Chapter 3-2: She tells them that Fidget came running through the kitchen during the dinner rush.

Chapter 3-3: She said she lost him when he disappeared into the dining room.

Chapter 3-4: As the two investigate, Basil reveals a secret entrance in the wall.

Chapter 3-5: Chase and Basil waste no time and head inside.

Chase: It started occurring to me. What does Ratigan even want with Rocky anyway?

Basil: I shudder to think about it. But we must be getting close.

Basil: Oh, confound it all. I can’t see a thing!

Chase: Chase is on the case! Ruff, light!

Chapter 4: Sewage Dwellers

Chapter 4-1: Chase activates his police light so they can see where they’re going.

Chapter 4-2: The deeper they delve, the more they realize they’re in the sewers.

Chapter 4-3: Things go smoothly until they reach a split path.

Chapter 4-4: Luckily, Chase’s strong sniffer gained Rocky’s scent.

Chapter 4-5: Chase and Basil continue onward, unaware they’re being followed.

Chase: We should be getting close. I just hope that bat hasn’t tried to make Rocky do any trouble.

Basil: Speaking of trouble, we should’ve run into some by now.

Chase: What do you mean?

Basil: You know, like a thug, or a trap… or an ambush.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Basil: So Chase, how did it go with Ms. Flanghanger?

Chase: If you’re talking about Olivia Flaversham, then it went great.

Basil: I’m pretty sure you meant Ms. Flamhammer.

Chase: Wha- no it’s… You know what, I’m not going to bother.

Chapter 5: Creepy Ambush

Chapter 5-1: Just like that, creeps get the drop on the duo.

Chapter 5-2: Chase quickly evades and whips out some pup-fu moves.

Chapter 5-3: Chase also fires tennis balls at some Ghouls.

Chapter 5-4: Basil throws darts at any creeps that try to flee.

Chapter 5-5: After the battle, the two regroup.

Chase: Wow, you really darted those creeps. Both figuratively, and literally.

Basil: Well one must be quick with the mind and be swift.

Basil: Come now, Ratigan is close, I can feel it.

Chapter 6: Rocky Found

Chapter 6-1: Rocky’s scent gets stronger as they dwell deeper into the sewers.

Chapter 6-2: By the time they reach the end, they find themselves right into the Black Market District.

Chapter 6-3: Chase almost gives up hope, until he spotted Fidget among the stalls.

Chapter 6-4: They follow him as he enters a backdoor. Basil suspects it could be Ratigan’s lair.

Chapter 6-5: When they enter, they find Rocky, in a cage.

Chase: Basil, there he is!

Rocky: Chase! I’m glad to see you!

Rocky: I don’t know how you found me, but hurry before he gets back!

Basil: Strange. We followed Fidget right into here. but where is Ratigan?

Chase: Now that you mention it, Basil. This does feel easy… too easy.

Chase: Wait, you don’t think maybe, Ratigan only pupnapped Rocky, to gain your attention?

Ratigan: * cackles * That is precisely correct, boy!

Chapter 7: Ratted Out

Chapter 7-1: Ratigan begins to slash at Basil, who barely dodges.

Chapter 7-2: Chase quickly tries to open the lock on Rocky’s cage.

Chapter 7-3: But as soon as he opened the cage, Fidget tries to push Chase in too.

Chapter 7-4: After a brief struggle, Chase was able to swap Rocky out of the cage with Fidget.

Chapter 7-5: Now all that was left is to save Basil from Ratigan.

Chase: We have to do something, we have to save Basil!

Rocky: Chase, there are limited choices here.

Chase: Wait I got an idea.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Chase: Do you think I’ll get the hang of deducting things, Basil?

Basil: Quite certain! You did deduct that the Princess of Barkingburg’s royal pup Sweetie was a corrupt figure when you first encountered her, right?

Chase: Wow, I guess you’re right.

Chapter 8: Ratigan Ruined

Chapter 8-1: Chase begins to fire tennis balls at Ratigan from behind.

Chapter 8-2: With Ratigan distracted, Basil pulls his cape over him.

Chapter 8-3: Basil tells the pups to escape, but Chase wasn’t having that.

Chapter 8-4: Quickly thinking, Chase lunges at Ratigan, performing a pup-fu kick to the rat’s face.

Chapter 8-5: He then activates his net, trapping the rat.

Chase: Whoa, I can’t believe that actually worked.

Basil: Neither did I, thanks for that, lad.

Chase: Don’t mention it, whenever you’re in trouble. Just yelp for help!

Basil: I’ll keep that in mind. Anyway, I’ll wait here for Officer Hopps to arrive.

Chase: And I’ll wait here with you, just in case I have to knock him out again.

Campaign “Ratigan Rumble” complete.

“Junior Detective” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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