Chase (PAW Patrol) unlikely concept

Before we begin, I wanted to announce that starting now. Every December for me will be the unlikely concept month. Now with that out of the way, here we go!


Chase is on the case!

Role: Damage

Position: Middle

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Chase rides his pup vehicle and jumps off (similar fashion to Finnick’s entrance) and activates his tennis ball cannon

Victory: Chase puts his tennis ball cannon away and howls in delight.

Defeat: Chase limps his head down looking sad and is ears droop

Basic attack: Chase fires tennis balls from his tennis ball launcher


White Skill: Having a Ball
:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Chase shoots tennis balls at all enemies doing X damage and knocking back the 3 closest enemies.

Green Skill: Pup-Fu
:fist: Normal damage

Chase performs some pup-fu moves jumping to the closest enemy doing X damage and knocking them back. Chase then jumps back to his normal position.

Blue Skill: Megaphone Bark
:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Chase activates his megaphone doing X damage to all enemies and silencing the enemy with the most current energy for 7 seconds. If the enemy is shielded or beserk they are instead silenced for 12 seconds.

Purple Skill: Ready for Action

Chase is “precise” for the first 15 seconds of combat of every wave. While precise, Chase gains X basic damage.

Precise Heroes can target invisible enemies and their disables can’t be evaded.

Red Skill: Mighty Pup

When Chase uses “Megaphone Bark” he also targets the enemy with the highest skill power dealing equal damage from “Megaphone Bark” and silencing them for equal amount from the main target. The silences can’t be dodged or evaded and aren’t reduced by tenacity.

Silence improvements have a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts

  • +Z basic damage
  • +Z armor
  • +Z damage from “Megaphone Bark”



Chase - Judy Hopps
Pawsome Officer
Allies gain precise on speed buffs

  • basic damage to Chase and allies
  • max hp

Allies with a speed buff also gain precise for 4 seconds
Allies basic damage is increased by 15% when precise

  • +4 seconds per star
  • +15% per star


Chase - Basil of Baker Street
Junior Detective
Megaphone Bark targets Most Wanted enemy

  • basic damage
  • skill power

Chase instead targets the Most Wanted enemy with “Megaphone Bark”; The Most Wanted enemy is the enemy dealing the most damage to allies. The silence from “Megaphone Bark” lasts 2 seconds longer.

  • +2 seconds per star

Chase/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Chase/Basil of Baker Street Friendship Campaign Concept

Chase/Judy Hopps Friendship Missions

I hope you enjoy!


Fun fact: Before making this concept, and before Basil was announced, I was going to make his second friendship with Elastigirl.

I’ll also be doing the other pups with their own concepts in this order.


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Shouldn’t his team trial be blue?

This concept is dead please don’t revive them

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