Chase/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign for Chase!

Campaign name: Mission PAW Deluxe

Chase/Judy Hopps



Allies: Sulley and Boo, Elsa, Tigger

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Chase and Judy are now friends!

Chase: * howls in delight * Those were some pawsome kick-box moves, Judy!

Judy: Thanks, Chase. It’s always been my dream to be a police officer when I was a kid. So I’m glad you’re following in my footsteps.

Campaign Story: Chase and Judy team up to recover the Purple Jeweled Kitty.

Judy: Chase, do you know where the Purple Jeweled Kitty went? We need to get it to the City Museum tonight.

Chase: Afraid not. Haven’t seen it, I assumed it was kept in its casing until then.

Chase: But I do smell a thief.

Chapter 1: A Thief Among Us

Chapter 1-1: Judy and Chase began to search for clues from the precint. Who would be sneaky enough to steal the Purple Jeweled Kitty under the officers’ noses?

Chapter 1-2: Chase tries to gain ascent, but there are too many officers for him to get a good smell.

Chapter 1-3: Judy looks through some criminal records for any suspects who would steal the Purple Jeweled Kitty.

Chapter 1-4: But then, Chase remembers that the Purple Jeweled Kitty was still in the truck shipped from Barkingburg.

Chapter 1-5: He and Judy meet back up to compare notes.

Judy: Find anything? I didn’t have any luck.

Chase: I found out our thief was sneaky enough to steal the Purple Jeweled Kitty from the truck, while it was still delivered.

Chase: But I doubt Mayor Humdinger would try to steal it again.

Chapter 2: Illusion Dust

Chapter 2-1: Chase gets an idea. The thief is bound to go to the City Museum, so they could set a trap in one of the exhibits.

Chapter 2-2: Illusion Dust! Judy learned from Sally that this scented, yet sticky ingredient will cover anyone in a pink, powdery mess if touched on an object. It’s the perfect trap to plant for the thief.

Chapter 2-3: But as much as Judy hates to admit it. The only person they’re going to get it from is the Shadow Man, Facilier himself.

Chapter 2-4: So the two head to Facilier’s Voodood Emporium. But a few creeps are in their way.

Chapter 2-5: After taking care of the creeps, they arrive at the Black Market. It’s almost as if Facilier was expecting them.

Dr. Facilier: Ah, the Hero Rabbit Cop, and the Brave Little Police Pup. Looking for your Purple Jeweled Kitty? Or can I interest you in some Illusion Dust?

Chase: Do you know who took the Purple jeweled Kitty?

Dr. Facilier: I’m afraid that’s not for me to reveal. I will say this however, your thief is closer than you realize.

Chase: Who is it? Tell me! In the name of the law!

Dr. Facilier: Ah, ah ah. My friends on the other side would not approve.

Judy: Please, sir. Can we at least buy some Illusion Dust?

Dr. Facilier: Yes, Little Rabbit. That I can do.

Chapter 3: Creeps on Display

Chapter 3-1: On their way to the Museum, Chase and Judy run into a group of creeps.

Chapter 3-2: Judy delivers some bunny hops, while Chase fires tennis balls from his pup-pack.

Chapter 3-3: Chase decides to toss in some pup-fu moves he’s learned on some Skeletons.

Chapter 3-4: Some Mages sneak up on Chase, but Judy kicks them away.

Chapter 3-5: After the battle, the two regroup.

Chase: That was pawsome! You’re one of the best officers I’ve seen!

Judy: Thanks! You’re not so bad of one yourself.

Chase: Well, that’s nothing compared to what I’ll do to our thief.

Judy: Speaking of the thief. Facilier said it was close to us and has some wits.

Chase: Since the Purple Jeweled Kitty came from Barkingburg, I have some suspicions its Sweetie.

Chase: And I haven’t seen Sid Swashbuckle or Arrby in a long time! Any of them could have taken the Purple Jeweled Kitty from under our noses!

Judy: True. But let’s focus on the trap for now. We’ll discuss this later.

Chapter 4: Illusion Trap

Chapter 4-1: The two arrive at the City Museum. Chase gets to work on setting up a Purple Jeweled Kitty lookalike.

Chapter 4-2: Judy carefully covers the fake in Illusion Dust, to give it a shine and sets it on the pedestal. The thief won’t resist.

Chapter 4-3: Judy and Chase then go to the entrance to greet guests and show them the exhibits.

Chapter 4-4: Judy also mentions aloud that they managed to get the Purple Jeweled Kitty ready for display later tonight.

Chapter 4-5: A figure sneaks into the Purple Jeweled Kitty’s exhibit, while Judy and Chase are distracted.

Chase: Judy! Come quick!

Judy: What’s wrong? How’s our trap?

Chase: The fake Purple Jeweled Kitty is gone!

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Judy: Chase, was it always your dream to be a police officer? Or did something happen that inspired you to become one?

Chase: Always been my dream. Believe it or not, it actually runs with my family.

Chapter 5: Give Chase!

Chapter 5-1: Judy and Chase rush out of the Museum and are surrounded by a crowd of people that are seeing the Purple Jeweled Kitty.

Chapter 5-2: Judy spots a pink trail, leading to an alley down the block.

Chapter 5-3: There was also a figure turning that corner as pink dust bursts out from the alley.

Chapter 5-4: The two officers make their way to the alleyway, while also being stealthy.

Chapter 5-5: A tall slender woman pokes her head out for a moment to see if she’s being followed. Chase recognizes her. Ladybird!

Chase: Ladybird! Should’ve known she’d be behind this!

Judy: Slow down, let’s take it slow.

Chase: Slow? I’m not afraid of that petty thief.

Judy: Chase!

Chapter 6: Close Call

Chapter 6-1: Just before Chase could confront Ladybird, he runs smack-face into a Ghoul.

Chapter 6-2: The Ghoul slashes its ghastly claws at the poor pup before he could react.

Chapter 6-3: Judy quickly sends a high flying kick to the Ghoul.

Chapter 6-4: It took a few more hits, but the Ghoul retreated.

Chapter 6-5: Judy helps Chase back up. Who is also embarrassed about what happened.

Judy: You alright? That Ghoul really got you good.

Chase: I’m fine. As for these marks, I’ll see if Rapunzel can heal them for me.

Chase: I… also apologize for my actions. I shouldn’t have taken such a risk.

Judy: Apology accepted. Now let’s catch this thief!

Chapter 7: To Catch a Ladybird

Chapter 7-1: This time, Chase and Judy walk quietly up to the alley to sneak up on Ladybird. The creeps waltzing around don’t even notice them.

Chapter 7-2: Chase accidentally bumps into a trash can, rattling the lid. But Judy quickly stops it before the creeps could turn.

Chapter 7-3: They spot the thief. Ladybird was behind a dumpster, cleaning the pink dust off herself.

Chapter 7-4: Chase quietly activates his police net trapping Ladybird, giving Judy a moment to cuff her.

Chapter 7-5: As Judy arrests Ladybird. Chase goes through her duffel bag. He’d not only find the Purple Jeweled Kitty but also shiny, yet stolen goods! From a toy car to a diamond ring.

Judy: Stop squirming, Ladybird. You’re under arrest.

Chase: Judy! Not only did I find the Purple Jeweled Kitty. But there are also some stolen goods. Shiny objects of that.

Judy: That sounds like a theft spree to me! What should we do with her, Chase?

Chase: Now that you mention it. I actually had something in mind.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Chase: Have there been any interesting cases for you lately, Judy?

Judy: Not really. Mostly been patrols with Nick. What about you?

Chase: Sometimes it’s the usual. Save Mayor Goodway’s chicken Chickaletta. If you ask me, it’s getting rather tedious.

Judy: I can only imagine.

Cghapter 8: Shining Feline

Chapter 8-1: Judy and Chase head back to the City Museum. Everyone is buzzing to see the Purple Jeweled Kitty.

Chapter 8-2: They also have Ladybird cuffed to a chair a guarded by officers. She’ll return everything she’s stolen until she’s learned her lesson.

Chapter 8-3: Chase and Judy get to the Purple Jeweled Kitty’s pedestal. They have some last-minute things to do.

Chapter 8-4: When the exhibit opens up. There was a flurry of goods returned and camera flashes of the Purple Jeweled Kitty. Rapunzel also stops by to heal the claw marks on Chase from the Ghoul earlier.

Chapter 8-5: After the Museum closes. Judy and Chase take Ladybird to the station. It’s been a long day.

Chase: Boy, the look on Ladybird’s face when she saw how many animals worked at the station was oddly satisfying.

Judy: You could say that again. Thanks again for your help in tracking Ladybird.

Chase: No problem, Judy. Whenever you’re in trouble. Just yelp for help!

Chase: And I’m always down to help my best police friend.

Judy: Best police friend?

Judy: Yeah, I like that. Best police friend.

Campaign “Mission PAW Deluxe” complete.

“Pawsome Officer” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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