Cheshire Cat - Character Concept


Name: Cheshire Cat
Star: :star2::star2::star2:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue
You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.

Entrance: A smile will appear, then his eyes, then his whole body.
Basic: The Cheshire Cat laughs to gain energy instead of attacking enemies.
Victory: The Cheshire Cat will dance in victory.

Defeat: The Cheshire Cat will do the entrance in reverse.

White: That Way
The Cheshire Cat will apply “Pointed” to enemies for 9 seconds. Enemies applied with “Pointed” will fail at using their white skill.
“Pointed” has a chance to fail against higher level enemies.
Green: Tailed
The Cheshire Cat will use his tail to disappear dodging an enemy attack and gaining energy.
This skill can only be used every 7 seconds.
Blue: Not All There Myself
The Cheshire Cat disappears for 5 seconds. While disappeared, he gains HP over time.
Purple: Everyone’s Mad
At the start of each wave, the enemies’ attack and movement speed will be slowed by 30% for 5 seconds

Sulley & Boo - Secret Door
*Additional basic power
*Adds 0.3 second duration to all his attacks.

Queen of Hearts unlady like behavior & her friends!

Nice I like it


Thanks! 20 times

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Very nice I like it too!

Good Job!

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Great character concept! Reminds me of the movie.


Nice concept @NCTzen_Haechan :+1:

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Thanks, @Queen_Kate, @MysteryGirl, and @DroneIX! I appreciate your compliments. :blush::relaxed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What is “pointed”. If you want to add a status effect then at least explain it.


Edit: Nevermind I found out but “Pointed” is actually called a “Silence”, where enemies can’t use their White Skill. But the closest one is “Hexed”, where enemies get stunned instead of attacking. But this is only exclusive to Ursula


Yes, you’re correct. However, unlike Ursula, Pointed has no damage and disable, but has a very long duration of Pointed (which is 9 seconds while.Hexed is only 5).


OMG!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this character!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:

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Welcome to the forum @Jaguar_II & I agree please, please, please PurBlue make this character!


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To be honest, seeing as how this concept was sparked by the GIF of the Cat grabbing The QOH flamingolf club, I think maybe he could have a skill doing something related to that.I

Just an example, before an enemy can activate a ability, Chesire Cat instead makes the enemy deal that skills amount of damage to themself.

Chesire Cat can only activate tis effect every 7 seconds.

Just an example that needs work. But good job all the same.


QoH would be so mad if the Cheshire Cat used that skill.


I know that’s right!



Hi there, just wanted to say I really really loved your build for the Cheshire Cat. :grin: Such a shame he didn’t get into the game though.

I have a question - how do you attach images/gifs properly like what you did here? I tried doing it earlier, with some gifs I made in Giphy or picked from Tumblr/Google Images, but they either showed up as links or refused to play at all. (I’m new to the Forums :sweat_smile:)

It’s for a character build - your build inspired me to do the same :grin:

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It’s better to download the gifs, then upload it just like how you upload images here.

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