Choose the Next Hero Refresh - February 2020!

Well if Q of H has Alice disk she can heal

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Yes, but those are rare cases. I think a character should be solid even with no disks.

Voting for Jessie, pleased to see her second behind Bogo. Hopefully she will pull ahead of him. If not, at least Bogo is getting one…

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I already have trouble with Shanks in multiple friend campaigns, I’d rather not have her have a refresh rn unless they make it at least a little easier to combat


Jessie’s damage is low, dies quickly and have nothing to control enemies, CD is very long for her green skill… my choice is Jessie.
I hope her refresh will include red skill, same as it was with Elsa.

And unmentioned refresh, I hope it will be GENIE.

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I’d say a definite no to Shank, and a definite yes to Jessie.


Oh, come on, that’s exactly why I mentioned some nerfs in campaigns.
For PvP, Shank is by far the one who needs this refresh the most. She has potential, both for damage and protection, but rn she’s useless against OP characters who rely on fantastic damage (Randall, Pan, Megavolt, Scrooge…)

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I really hope that this also means there will be two heroes that get refreshed.

The last time the forumers voted, Stitch won. But Stitch wasn’t the only hero to get a refresh, Mr. Incredible was also refreshed as the the dev’s choice! More refreshes, better balance.
It’s always a step in the right direction.


However, leaving alone the main refresh. I hope the secondary one involves either Aladdin or Miguel😁


Jessie all the way!


Jessie is most likely the worst on this list, so she deserves the refresh


While I like to see hero refreshes, I’m still wondering about something that remains unaddressed from the last hero refresh. The levels of the PvE opponents should be consistent with player hero max levels, particularly in friendship campaigns. Example: at lv 90, the player’s hero skill levels are capped at 90/90/70/50, whereas the opponent’s levels are 90/90/90/90. At 160, players cap at 160/160/140/120 while opponents are 160’s across the board. If the numbers from those skills continue to increase exponentially, how many more level cap raises will it take before PvE opponents become too much for the assigned heroes in friendship campaigns to overcome? It’s not like we can swap in another hero to counter; we can only use the heroes assigned for that chapter of the campaign.

We’ve already seen the massive increase in difficulty from the recent Mr. Incredible refresh, particularly in the Joy/Olaf campaign, where a healer and a low-powered tank are expected to defeat a hero that gets ridiculously powerful at 50% health from his blue skill. Since the blue skill for the opponent is already 20 levels higher than the equivalent player hero would be, making it a challenge to go one on one with the player’s own Mr. I, how could Joy and Olaf possibly be expected to overcome him before he crushes them? Without spending a lot of resources to fully enchant, advance mods, maybe even spend chips to rearrange mods from how you would normally want to be set up for other game modes, all to pass this one stage?

Not everyone can play at that maxed-out level. It begs the question, are certain friendship disks intended to only be accessible by a minority subset of Challenge-level players? Is this “working as intended”? If not, what is PerBlue doing to alleviate this? I would really love to see some feedback on this, before the next Live Chats are scheduled, hopefully.


If Shank can reboost my team I’m on it lol

Why not everyone. Like last poll everyone needed it. Sure it takes more work but it’s what your customers want.

These polls to pick only one or two to refresh seem like publicity stunts to appease people temporarily so as not to have to do more work fixing things.

Vanellope needs a refresh


Everybody should have the right towards fheir own opinion they dont have to listen to you, Shambo.Listen up everybody vote for your personal need or prefrence

I’m a Bogo booster!

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I know that The Queen of Hearts won’t get a refresh, since she doesn’t exactly need it badly like Jessie or Chief Bogo, but here is one thing I would like the developers, if they are reading this, to keep in mind if The Queen does get refreshed in the far future:

Improve the odds of her Purple Royal Highness - it has a 52% chance to convert Charms into healing allies and The Queen herself for 20% of their health.

I’ve been using The Queen since she was released last year, and I can tell you, that this Charm protection is unreliable, hardly activating at all when facing enemies who can Charm your team.

Do you want to know what is insulting? When a new character, Donald Duck, has a skill that has a slightly lower chance of activating whenever any Disables/Debuffs come out onto the field (specifically being 50%), and yet, in all my experience of dealing with Donald Ducks in Invasion Breaker Quests, his Purple Short Tempered has managed to activate several times in quick succession.

How does that make sense, that a character’s skill with slightly lower odds of activating, activates more often than a character who has a skill with slightly higher odds of activating?

Besides Donald, The Queen of Hearts is the only natural Hero we have as a counter against Charms; I mean, wasn’t that one of the design choices that went behind her Purple? To act as a counter in the midst of so many new Heroes who can Charm like Simba and Nala and Jafar?

(Note: By “natural,” I mean that heroes who can act as counters against Charms without a Friend Disk, like Joy (An).)

Temper Temper should have her Regen HP over some time in order to make this comeback factor better and increase her survivability.

Off With Their Heads!’ HP threshold should be increased, so that The Queen can KO enemies earlier, maybe when they’re half health, instead of when they’re close to being KOed anyway.

The only other thing I would say would be to increase boost her HP, as well as her Reality, either to the actual stat, or have it tacked onto her Purple, much like how Mr. Incredible has increased HP and Armor in his refreshed Purple.

And make the added skill power from Rex’s Disk apply to her Purple - I don’t notice a difference in her base HP despite the added HP in her Purple.

One more thing to consider that I’m not sure how to word, is to make her large HP pool actually work in conjunction with her Armor stats - I don’t understand how The Queen of Hearts, a Tank with incredibly high Armor, will take major damage and even get KOed in one shot by Jack Sparrow

The same thing with the Mad Hatter - I know he won’t get a refresh, nor should he get a refresh immediately, since Jessie and Chief Bogo, two older characters, need the refresh more (I remember a time when Chief Bogos with Mr Incredible Disks used to be everywhere in Arena).

If he were to get a refresh in the far future, his Armor should be increased, Beat the Clock should be boosted up to 75% at least, and boost his Attack Speed and Slows from Alice’s Disk. And maybe add Shredding Reality to Mad Tea Party, to make it more devastating and true to his role as a Control.

In any event, please vote for Jessie and Chief Bogo since they need the refresh badly; their survivability and power are very lacking, and are in dire need of being boosted.


Yes! Eve & Ralph, too.


I wanted to chose Bogo… But it chose me Mad Hatter :weary:.

He’s winning, hope he continues to win, it’s a close one!

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