Concept Creation Contest! 🧐 (Daily Reminder)

Get Ready!

For The Concept Creation Contest!

Get ready for a Contest that’s in town! Held by yours truly @TheSpaghettiKing & @The_Evesdropper, The contest will consist of making concept Unlikely and Unlikely each concept will be judged by 3 judges here’s more info on the contest!


I must congratulate @TherMasterStitch once again for the wonderful Stitch thread they have made it has become the Number 1 post of all time on the forums it went from a little celebration to a full on movement Congratulations @TherMasterStitch!

Patch Notes!

Predictions for the next patch notes are!

  • Jafar
  • Jasmine
  • Kimpossible
    Let’s hope these characters will be included in the next patch notes!

Fresh Beats!

Dont forget to enjoy the day with some Awesome, Spectacular Beats!

  • Bloom
  • Living Island
  • Eulogy
  • Elevens Promise

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Remember to vote which song was better to have an idea on which music to put in my next reminder!

Hope You Enjoyed😁


Thanks! The Stitch thread has gotten bigger and better than I could’ve imagined because of all of you celebrating with me!

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Great music :notes::musical_note::grin::partying_face:

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This ain’t a problem, but saying “Yours Truly” typically means you’re about to introduce yourself, and you very much did not lol!

Anyway, I’m personally really excited for it!


I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that, I was like you weren’t a founding member and then I was like or were you and then I don’t know anymore :cold_sweat:


Don’t forget to vote which music you liked best! :musical_note::notes:

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Kim Possible :fire:

Congrats to mentioned people here :hugs:

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I, too, am excited for the contest. We’ll see some good entries from across the forums. The judges are going to have their hands full, I’m sure. :grin:


Bloom, Living Island and Possibly Eulogy will be included in the next reminder!

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I’m really looking forward to reading all the concepts in the upcoming contest.

Good luck to everyone that will be submitting their concepts.

I personally can’t wait to see, all of the wonderful gif’s & or pictures. That will be included in with the contest concepts!



The contest is tomorrow! :partying_face::partying_face:


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