Concept for fun(Me🤣🤣!) starting a concept series called to custom concept series where I do actually players as concepts.
I’m so happy to be back in forums,so I’m making myself a concept for fun.hope u like it!

Description:Ultracheese is a sarcastic,funny and competitive.with this hero,your other heros are useless!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Position:front line
Stars:6(I’m worth more then gold,baby-only joking :rofl::rofl::rofl:,only 2 star)


Entrance:a helicopter appears above my position,and I backflip down into my position and land it​:rofl::rofl:

Victory:I pull a gun out of my pocket (which is full of confetti)and I blast it above me so confetti falls all over me

Deafeat:a toilet appears in front of me and I drop it in it a stomp on the ground :rofl::rofl:

(I just realised I think I’m using this emoji too much​:rofl::rofl::rofl:)

Basic:I shoot a blue fireball out of my hand.hadukan!:rofl::rofl:

White:computer reasearch
pixels start to appear and form a laptop which goes in front of me.i do research studying the enemy and removing all buffs and shields from the enemys.

Green:stunt man
pixels start to form a hoverboard,and I jump on it and perform a couple of tricks.with this hero I have a special and unique game mechanic.i call it the p.i.x.e.l meter.(i still havent came up with the acronym, but I thought it would be cool to have one)the hoverboard tricks charge up the pixel meter slightly .when the pixel meter is full,it forms cage made of pixels which traps the enemy.

Blue:I exist where?
I walk over to a enemy and touch them,then we both disappear.that is because I teleported him and myself to a different plane of existence,and you will be able to…sorta see us after a few seconds.if u dont know what another plane of existence is,just google it.the benefit is when I come back I come with shield and if I’m in front of an allies they get a charge if energy literally making them speed up.while you are in a different plane of existence, the only enemy you can interact with is the one who is in the same plane of existence as you.the enemy car interact with your allies either,just me.

Purple move:you can be anything (sounds like barbie but its not :rofl::rofl::rofl:)
Now ‘i exist where?’ gives health while you are in the other plane of existence.

Red move:???
Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Btw,comment if u want me to make u a concept of doesnt matter who you are.ask me to and I’ll do it!just tell me what your characters main role will be,like mine was technology and pixels.hope u liked it.ill see u next time


Did you like it?just tell me if u want you to be in the part 2

And maybe,just maybe,if u enjoy this,I’ll make even more!

make more: these are hilarious

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Really?thankyou.the only problem is,I dont have a source.i have nobody to use for my next one

But thanks for the compliment

  • I should make more
  • I’ll volunteer
  • Dont make more
  • So great and funny I’m begging you please make MORE

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I’ll mention u in the next post if sombody volunteers

I like it already!

It can never be used too much :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Although this is the worst concept ever, but I love it!!!

Although if you make it on other people maybe make it a little more serious. :+1:

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Everyone thankyou so much,I love spreading joy and bring happy u guys enjoyed this!

Yeah I’m sorry for being too silly.just a personal trait :rofl::rofl:

And if u enjoyed it,and u want you to be next,just ask me :slight_smile:

Its painful that three people want me to stop-but,its not the most voted for.and even if u said to stop,it doesnt make you a bad person :slight_smile:
It’s your opinion and I salute that :slight_smile:

please make more!!

A link to a relevant post is right here
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