New custom concept

Long my last post which was called Concept for fun(Me​:rofl::rofl:!).loads of people loved it,ok,ok,I’m lying.a few people loved to make my next custom concept,I wondered if anyone would like to have the first part of it and be the first (well,second,since I done one about myself)real life person for me to do in a concept.
And volunteers?
Our first part!
Part one:dhbm custom concepts(Xavier_the_great)

(10 characters)

Nice thankyou.ill get working on it.itll be out in about 20 mins.hope u like it,but before I start it,what’s your fav element?this is required for the concept

i’d say water.

Ok I’ll see u then with the link right here(I’ll link it when I’m done)

Part one:dhbm custom concepts(Xavier_the_great)

alrighty. :laughing:

If u dont like it just tell me and I’ll make a public apoligy

oh ok i will.

It’s done!told u it would be done in nearly 30 mins :slight_smile:
I’ve linked it

Hope u like it

ok lol i probably will

Can you make me

Of course!itll be out tommorow :slight_smile:

Cant wait
(10 characters)

There.i put a reminder on my phone for tommorow more thing,what’s your three fav superpowers?its required.

Invisible, hypnosis, and shape shifting

Smart!I’ll remember that.

i volunteer as tribute lol

ok i’ll tell her.

or him lol 🤷🏻

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