Part one:dhbm custom concepts(Xavier_the_great)

Ladys and gentlemen,boys and girls,peanut butters and jellys,ultracheese fans and taco Tuesday fans,I’m happy to announce the first of many custom concepts,and this time I’m doing Xavier_the_great! Hope you enjoy!

Position:middle line
Quote:this isnt my therapy class.thats on tuesdays.
Stars:1 star

Entry:a wave appears and splashes into Xavier’s position,which then forms a deep puddle.then the water floats into the air and makes him but made out of water,then the water drops and it reveals his actual body.(sorry if I get a little too’ creative)

Deafeat:xavier turns into water mode and then snow falls on Xavier freezing him and forming an ice statue made out of him,which then falls over and turns into shards.

Victory:a octopus comes out of the same puddle from his entry.this octopus is wearing black shades,a cap but turned backwards,a golden chain which says dj on the end and it has a huge amplifier attached to his back. Then he turns on the speaker and they both start dancing.

When the wave from the entry comes in,glass cups start to appear.if xavier walks up to them and fills them up,he then launches the glass cups towards fellow heros,healing them.that then leaves broken glass on the floor,which if the enemys stand on the enemy is silenced for 21 seconds.

Green:kraken unleashed
Xavier calls in the kraken,which tenticals then hit the bad guys and can possibly block an attack aimed at a hero.therye is also a 35% possibility (is it just me or is anyone else wondering where I get these calculations from?)that it will stun the enemy for 5 secs after this move has been used.(the only part of the kraken u see will be about 4 tenticals though).

Blue move:Tsunami
A tsunami hits the enemys side,removing shield and making this character immune to phisycle damage for the rest of the wave.

Purple move:thicker water
The tsunami is now more effective and deals damage to enemys.also now has a bonus chance of getting the water in there eyes affecting them by silencing them for 12 or maybe 16 if you are lucky.

Red move:coming soon!

Friendship 1:ultracheese
Disk: the powers of creativity
In the first 15 seconds of a wave,Xavier_the_great will be invulnerable to phisycal damage.when he is no longer invulnerable, he then gets x2 damage for the next 4 secs

My previous custom concept(the prologue)
Concept for fun(Me​:rofl::rofl:!)


very good.

Thanks.u are basically a VIP in this post since it’s about you.i cant believe I done ALL of this in just 20mins…I need to take a fingers hurt from typing

you go take a well deserved break. really happy u like it.i cant wait for more volunteers.seeya!ouch…my fingers…

This is rapidfire then. Concepts are meant to take time.

I don’t understand concepts that take days what do you do sit and think? (Very nice concept well done!)

At least we do think!

Ultra Cheese is just a beginner. It’s okay if they start making a terrible concept and get better later on. And it’d be a lot better if they did their research on players if they wanna make a concept on them.

@ULTRACHEESE_III I am not saying you are terrible. Because you are starting out. Your concept needs many tweaks, especially the white skill, because it doesn’t seem to work out like one. I suggest that you search up concepts from forumers more experienced in making good concepts, like me, Retro_84, LetsGetDangerousBro, Shining_Diamond, Kinokan, and NCTzen_Haechan. Just don’t comment on the threads.

I thought it was very original just because they are a newbie doesn’t mean they can’t make some thing great also don’t advertise your concepts please

That is not advertising.

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You’re telling me this? All I did was suggest my concepts and concepts of other people, because I know some are better than mine. If I was advertising a link would be involved.

Original, but can’t be necessarily called a concept that could be used in the game, whether the same character is used of not

me? What do you mean because it either sounds like your perfect or your accusing someone else of advertising concepts

Oh no. It doesn’t even sound like what you think it is. I am just saying that you don’t have the qualifications to say stuff like “don’t do this, don’t do that”.

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No it really doesn’t sound like it but… Ok.

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cough cough what is happening?? Lol.

epic face palm YES! That is exactly what a good concept needs. To be thought out! groan


For hours? Okay you’re a little slow

Yes, or when we are doing something else we get the ideas. You can force them.

Can we stop arguing?


You’re slow. You can’t process information quickly enough.

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That is a little uncalled for.

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