Contests - February 14-21

Here’s the topics we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • What’s your favorite contest and/or contest task and why?
  • What types of tasks would you like to see that we haven’t done?
  • What makes contests fun for you?
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Heist contest.
Relating with heist; found hideouts, reduced white circles, won battles during heist and so on.

It’s obvious that rewards, but from longer time they’re “a bit” down, more badges/memories (or tokens) like long time ago were good.

And maybe extra contest a week, each tuesday-thursday maybe.



What makes the contest fun is what everyone can cooperate with.
Guild contests and server-wide co-op contests are always fun.
Depending on the reward, everyone’s motivation changes. However, low-level members or those who are just getting started may have a difficult score.
Therefore, I would like to have a handicap score or change the reward depending on the level.
Set basic rewards, change magnification, etc.:thinking:
Also, stamina and gold are always in short supply, so we want you to make the contest reward mandatory. This will encourage you to the next contest.


My opinion is basically the same as @Musketeer.

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Pretty much anything that’s not FTN. To reach all tiers in contests takes a lot of time and effort to do, and I just don’t think spending diamonds (and basically money) is a good contest. Becasue it’s not as fun and unfair to the F2P players. Stuff like winning Arena or City Watch is more fun and fits the game more.

Like Musketeer said, a heist could be fun. Or maybe a contest on upgrading heroes would be nice. It incentivizes players to upgrades heroes since they get prizes. I know it would make me upgrade my many, many weak heroes.

The rewards. Helping others, whether guildmates or other players, win task to gain points and seeing other players do the same for me and others (like posting a weak hero in Arena for the weekend (although I almost never see the strongest players do this which is silly. Just help out the community and after use your maxed out heroes to reach the top again. You know who you are.))


Actually, there are many different types of contests that you can imagine. But please, delete contests with playing specific heroes in Surge/City Watch. Or use in it heroes who’ve been added 2 month and earlier. Not new heroes, who available in diamond crates :disappointed_relieved:


Earning friend exp. Because it is the thing that literally everybody could do it, no matter who you are

Heist contest. I have played this game more than a year and havent seen any of heist contest.

On a side note, please get rid of using specific heroes contests. They are terrible, totally depend on luck (or you guys, to be frank), which aren’t healthy at all

Also, what happened to token-spending contest???

The rewards. They used to be awesome, they still somewhat are, but not as they used to be

The gold they offer mean little for high level players. Badges are random, some are necessary, some are useless as we have thousand of their bits from Trials. So please, when you guys make rewards, make something worth our effort


I really enjoy the clear infected areas contests because I always have alot of those, thus alot of coins.

Something that is equally fair for F2P and P2P. It may be hard, but it would certainly be more enjoyable.u

The unusual ways to get points, that are pretty easy, and the challenge of hitting all the markers… :grin:


Contest Q&A! Awesome, because I am really unsatisfied with how they are currently!

Things that I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to do.

I genuinely am incapable of coming up with anything for this one. I don’t like contests, please focus on more important issues like skyrocketing gold costs and power creep.

They aren’t. :man_facepalming:

I have disliked all of them for over a year now. The only exception is the one in mid 2019 that had a generous scoring system, and that may as well be a myth at this point. My biggest complaints are the scoring system and the rewards.

I know why it is how it is. It’s meant to get us to spend extra to make it to the full 1 million for progress rewards. And yet, I both have more fun and spend more on contests where I can earn a lot of points easily. Which is a solid 0% of recent contests. At this point, I’ve stopped bothering to put in extra effort because of how low the point scoring is. It’s disappointing. Please increase it by a reasonable amount. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ranked rewards are hideous for 90% of the playerbase. The 10% receive an exclusive border, almost-decent rewards, and maybe a few chips. Then the next tier gets 2.5x that. Whoever is in first gets hundreds of chips, and millions of whatever else is offered. Anyone in 25% or below gets a fistfull of generic currency and a slap to the face.
The entire scheme of it needs to be reworked. Lower the drastic scaling, please. Something like rewards increasing by 25% each tier instead of doubling would be amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, please vary up the chips in Progress rewards. I have a 6* Gonzo with hundreds of extra chips despite not doing anything extra for contests. Why not make it change to chips for a random hero if I have over 200 spare chips for the original?


Favorite contest: ones that are guild contest bc it’s a team affair and actual more perks can unlock until u give us more.

Contest like to see: in terms of old would like the shop ones back into the loop. In terms of new maybe a “you got a friend in me “ contest where one earns points by hiesting (like mentioned getting circles, diamonds saved etc) and sending/receiving messages to friends.

What makes contest fun: rewards like the bazaar and memory tokens, and consumables like the guarantee good badge crates, sunglasses etc and that they are actually doable modes and if they are fair scoring.

And even though not a question, I’ll make it one… what would do to improve them: at least post a schedule on the forums for the month of what the contests would be for the month, so we know what to save/prepare for. Like for example if merchant going to be week one, fortify second week, guild contest with surge and city watch the third, and coop with arena and coli the fourth.


My only complaint about contests is the scoring system. It would be MUCH better if progress rewards were easily available for F2P, and higher rank prizes as extra for P2P. The point is, if you don’t spend, it’s impossible to get 1M points. The amount of points given needs to be improved significantly (like the anniversary one, which had some of the worst prizes ever though).

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Heist contest or invasion it could just be a guild contest

Spending tokens contest. Its being months since you last gave it. Also, want to Earning tokens points to that same contest as we can earn tokens also everyday from the surge, arena, coliseum, guild, etc.
I like that tokens contest for give my heroes more stars quickly & its really enjoyable also.

Another thing, please add ‘earning gold’ option also for the points at any ‘gold spending’ contest, because we can easily earn golds from the surge, city watch, campaign fights, etc. It’ll be very helpful for us to get more points at that type of contest.

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I would like to see more costumes also here are some contest in mind
1 bring City Watch Fair back
2 NEW Runner Up
do Normal Campain and Elite
3 Friendship Festival
Complete Friend Campain equip NEW DISK Earn 1 friend Exp Level up friendship
4 Blast To The Past
You old heros to complete Trials Watches like Lauch Game Heros

That one Wreck-It Ralph contest in 2018 where mods were first available was one of my favorites. Another favorite was the easter egg one from last year.

My favorite types of tasks are getting friend XP, because you can obtain a lot of them in just one day, which is how I am carrying myself in this current contest.

Mainly the rewards are the most fun part. But the points gain is somewhat terrible. Sure, there are extra points in the beginning, but they are limited. I feel like there should be an increase in points for completing tasks to make it more player friendly.

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YES! It is so strange that the only really nice rewards go to the top 10 players. How many players are in a server? I’ve seen rankings over 20,000. I think it would be nice to see a better staggered rewards system, like 1, 2-3, 4-10, 11-50, 51-100, 101-500 and then 5%, 10%, etc. On active servers most people can never hope to get into the top 10 - which means that once they’re comfortably in the top 1%, there’s no point in continuing to push for any rewards.

Would be great if rewards were mixed up a lot more for both progress and rankings - you could even give out a backpack or reset items! Take everything (EVERYTHING) that already exists in the game, and what you don’t give away now, consider giving out sparingly during contests (and not just to the top 3). Doesn’t require any new designs or anything, unlike costumes, borders, and frames. In connection to other conversations about lack of resources, just give out gold, lots of gold, for all rewards. Standard. Trust me, we’ll use it. I’m sure a 1st place ranking could accommodate giving away 100M, 500M, or even 1B gold, and then whittling it down as you go down the ranks.

As for contest types. You could consider Tournament-style contests, where there are no rankings, and instead a much larger list of progress tiers (similar to the invasion progress tiers, sorta?). Contests around upgrading heroes would be nice, especially is it included raw levels and not just resources used. You’ve done the villains thing (I agree with what’s already been said about hero selection for this contest - you forked up), what about doing an upgrade contest on, say, the Incredible collection? Give people a reason to build some of the forgotten heroes. Heist would be interesting. You could do one centered entirely around friendships - friend xp, disc power, memories, etc.

I think the important thing to remember about contests is that you should try to decouple a player’s strength (and wallet, to some extent) from their ability to have a strong showing. A player with a team power ranking of 300 who is really active during a contest should be able to receive good rewards. Otherwise, the strong are getting stronger, and the weak are being left behind.


One last thing: instead of hand selecting heroes for a contest, you would probably get better feedback by using larger hero groups (or collections, though you might want to expend your collection list). With some rescaling, it would be possible to have a contest similar to this villains contest where you get slightly fewer points for every damage hero you win a battle with. Or maybe every battle you win without tanks? Seems like it could be fun and would give everyone more opportunity to participate.


Also ranking rating should not be distributed among the whole server. You can divide all server players into groups of 500-1000 people (you can group directly by power rating so that the conditions are equal). Such a system will give a chance to receive rewards for more players


I think it is better for the groups to be separated by how frequently the players use real money in the game

It is too difficulty

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