Q&A Session - February 14-21

Welcome to our first Q&A session for 2020!

Discussion for this session will include these topics:

  • Hero Power-Up Events
    • What do you look for in power up events?
    • Do you find them useful?
    • What would make them better?
  • Guild War
    • What do you like?
    • What don’t you like?
    • How would you improve it?
  • Contests
    • What’s your favorite contest or contest task and why?
    • What types of tasks would you like to see that we haven’t done?
    • What makes contests fun for you?
  • Invasion
    • Do you enjoy Invasion?
    • What’s your favorite part?
    • What about Invasion you would change?
    • How much time does Invasion take (too much, too little, just right?)?

These topics are open for you to post your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll be reviewing it and responding just as we do the rest of the forums. During the following time, members of the Dev team will be ‘online’ actively monitoring the threads and responding to player questions and comments.

  • Friday, February 21, 1:30 - 2:30 PM CT

Here’s the team involved in this session:

  • Polaris, Senior Community Manager
  • Leaf, Senior Producer
  • Matt PB, Chief Product Officer
  • Commander Jack, Game Designer

First question, are there ever gonna be more Big Hero 6 heroes?

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Oh, only one session to answer all the questions? Didn’t we have two last time?

Anyway, overall the game is still great and enjoyable and a part of my day. Along with going on the forum and talking with everyone. That said, there are some complaints I have (that I have already talked about in the specific threads).

Some other complaints for general feedback:

  • Collections are kind of a pain. It’s slow and hard to get so many six star heroes to complete it. I know that’s the point but I just wanted to put it out there.
  • Sometimes a person spends the guild influence even though we’re trying to save them and no one know who did it and know on fesses up. Maybe allow a way for only the Leader to spend them.
  • Maybe some more raid tickets?
  • Can there be a way to turn off red dots for certain heroes since I don’t use many? Unless there’s already a way to do that and I didn’t see it…
  • Many people don’t check in. Can there be a way to “lock” people out of other areas until they check in?

Now questions!

  • Any future heroes you can tell us about or give a hint? That isn’t already datamined lol.

Specially, Pooh? Kim? Lilo?

  • New modes?

  • What are you most excited about for the game for 2020?
  • Are there any badges based on VERY obscure movies that even many of developers had never heard of?
  • Favorite non-Disney owned company movie or series?

My question : will you improve/rework gold crate, guild crate, Black Market, Megamart? Nowadays its just useless.


For future heroes:
Flik is an inventor and also the Support role who generously heals his team based on the damage he dealt with his harvester machine and studies enemies with a telescope.
Hopper is a aggressive Tank who gets Hangry about food when his HP drops below 50%, and commands his grasshoppers to retaliate his enemies.
Molt is a gluttonous Control role who sheds his skin to provide cover for his allies and overpowers enemies with Max HP.
Lastly, Thumper, as a Damage role, becomes even more dangerous and relentless, gaining dodge chance, armor, and revival, and hastily thrashes his enemies who gets in his way.

Overall, These characters are from A Bug’s Life.

answered all those mode questions in your associated forum post. As far as other modes are concerned, would like if there was a hero chip column to the diamond crate bonus that would give option to give bonus hero chips like for the juices and gold. Would also like the chances of purple and above badges when opening gold crates. If there was a way to remove the limit on guild help level (like if could help all the way to max level instead of ten below or more ) that would be great too, and also if could add guild chip help as a guild help option. I would also like a shop where the guild can spend influence on things like consumables, red skill hero chips or orange guild perk coins for the entire guild in case they are full with influence and all perks purchased and you have no plans of releasing new perks for a while so we could all avoid that annoying ! With nothing to spend on.


Thanks for this question session, my question is about old heroes.

Do you think the red skills will be able to give them a new refreshment? I think of elastigirl or ralph that are the very first heroes we get.

I really enjoy invasion although what id really want to know is when will all the different mod upgrades come? Ive been playing for about 4 months and finishing invasion every single week for about 3, yet the fact that Ive seen 0 alternatives to the skills so far is a little depressing, so many skills I have with no upgrades simply because they havent come out.

City watch is over difficult

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Do you not hold stamina can contest?
Hate. City watch and war level are too strong.

Next look forward to changes in the arena and coliseum system.

@Polaris Please tell PB to increase the amount of keys you get from defeating each wave in Hard CW! It is hard enough as is to get Red Skill Chips to get the heroes Red Skill when level cap increases keep coming!

Once again I feel the need to ask the question, "Can You Share Any Information On Characters Who Were Planned To Release But Did Not Ever See Release?

… Like Captain Salazar?"

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@Wave9Nut you already asked that last time.

@Matt_PB said that in “Behind the game” last time:
We can’t really show art or other artifacts for heroes who didn’t make the cut because it has (by definition) not been approved by Disney. I can say that Anna and Belle are two characters who we’ve made some attempts at kitting out, but they’ve both proven difficult to add combat abilities to.

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I am wondering if there is a possibility that we can see Tarzan characters at this game.
Because I heard that Disney doesn’t have Tarzan rights.

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I am aware of that. I literally said so.

Has there been a costume decided for Kim Possible ? @Polaris

Next contest when?

Friday is the next contest! It is every Friday to Monday!

  • I enjoy this mode as it’s the only real guild competitive mode we have

  • I don’t like the matchmaking system it doesn’t seem to be in a good place currently. My guild is stuck in the middle we’re we are not powerful enough to compete with the top 6 guilds in the game but are too powerful for the guilds below us. We can lose 3 fights in a row but we still get matched with a guild who has a higher mmr rating than us which would mean we struggle to reach legendary rank but guild who are way down the bottom are reaching legendary seems unfair.

  • the Cars need changing currently the main tactic is to KO the opponents roller diva as that car holds the most points which means in most battle which ever guild KO’s the opponents roller diva will end up winning the war match. We need more tactics in the game to keep things interesting

  • someone is my guild suggested all your opponents
    are selected before the war season begins. Can you deny this or is this what is happening ?

  • can we change the matchmaking so that you only get matched with guilds that are in the same division as you ?

  • can the game recognise that your guild has maybe lost a few matches in a row so matches you with a guild with a lower mmr the next time around.

  • can we reduce the amount of points roller diva has at the start of war matches so it isn’t the clutch car that means win or lose ?

  • can off duty heroes also mean they can not be in the defence teams aswell means more tactical match ups

Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you

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