Crazy Dave (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Crazy Dave (from Plants V.S. Zombies)
Description: HE’S CRAZY DAVE! Using plant artillery, he’ll show the creeps how he handles the zombies back in Neighborville.
Quote: “Why? BECAUSE I’M CRAZY!”
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Dave will fly in on Penny, before getting out as she flies away

Victory: Dave will shout out loud and his pan will flip on his head
Death: Dave will be in taken away by a Bungee Zombie and his pot will be left behind
Role: Frontline Damage

Basic Attack: Dave will hit the closest enemy with a mallet

White skill: Roll Some Heads
Dave will pull out one of three different kinds of Wall-nuts of the players choice and bowl them into the enemy line. On auto, Dave will bowl them in this order
Wall-nut: This will hit the closest enemy and ricochet of off it and hit up to three other enemies. Dealing X normal damage to each one
Giant Wall-nut: This Wall-nut deals X Fantastic damage to each enemy hit and knocks them back
Explode-o-nut: This Wall-nut will roll to the middle-most enemy and when it hits that enemy it explodes, dealing X True damage to all enemies

Green skill: Lawn Mower Man: Fantastic Damage
Dave will dash through the enemy line with a lawn mower, dealing X damage to all enemies and stunning them for 10 seconds

Blue skill: Explodinator: Fantastic Damage
Dave will throw a Cherry Bomb into the enemy line, causing it to explode and deal X damage to all enemies and knocking enemies back

Purple skill: Loonboon
Dave will deal 20% more damage to all enemies if they are stunned

Red skill: Home Lawn Security
Dave and allies will gain a shield with X health for the rest of the wave after “Roll Some Heads” is used. Any enemies hit by any kind of Wall-nut are either stunned for 5 seconds or have there stun time increased by 2 seconds


Crazy Dave and Chomper
Disk: Big Problems With Big Appetites
Dave’s basic attack power is increased by 30% for the rest of the wave when he hits all three enemies when they are stunned when he uses “Roll Some Heads”
Dave just arrived in the City but some of his plants are already there, they’ve been reeking havoc. Hypno-Shroom and the other shrooms have invaded peoples homes. And Chomper has been eating everything! Crazy Dave’s gotta get the plants under control.
Allies: Donald Duck Colette Swedish Chef

Crazy Dave and Bunsen and Beaker
Disk: Zomboligist
Dave’s skill power is always 20% stronger
Bunsen wants to know more about Dave’s plants and his experiences with zombies. After some talking they end up testing on Beaker at his expense
Allies: Minnie Mouse Rapunzel Captain Emilia

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so disneydude65 can you do marvin the martian (unlikely hero concept)

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