Create the new DHBM Banner! Competition!

Some of you have seen the lovely banner I have at the top of my Forum -

This banner is the same as the one that we’re displaying on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode ( - the Disney Heroes subreddit page.

However, as many people have pointed out - it’s old!! :weary: Elsa’s costume is out of date, and some of the heroes in-game are… well, they aren’t very heroic.

So - We want you to create a new one for us!

There are only a few requirements:

  • The size of the banner should be around 2000x220px (or a larger version in a similar or longer ratio). Don’t put important stuff too close to the sides, it might get cropped off!

  • You should use the DHBM logo on the banner - I’ve provided it in Hi-Res below.

  • Be Creative! :paintbrush:

Hi-Res Logo (click to expand)

Existing Banner - in case there are bits you'd like to copy (click to expand)

The deadline for entries will be Easter. Hopefully that gives everyone plenty of time to come up with something awesome! Please either post your banner in a comment on this thread, or send it to me directly via PM.

Once Easter has come & gone and we’ve had a chance to look through all the banners people have made, we’ll make a post with some of our favourites & why - and which of them will be going on the Reddit page as the new banner! There may even be prizes… :eyes:

Thanks all - we look forward to seeing some fantastic entries! Even if you don’t think you can win, it’s a good chance to get creative with some artwork & practise your editing skills :grin:

– Pip


visibly interested

Warning: if kermit or kim is not on there I’m going to scream


I like this, I´ll definitely participate!
I´ll leak HDL in there

I wish to join this fellowship of buttkickory

Visible confusion

invisible understanding

it was a quote from Raya and the Last Dragon

Okay, thanks

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Okay, Kim and Hiro at the sides!

Excuse you?! (/s but not really)

It was a joke, Hiro is important

Anyways, I’ve never used any sort of photo-editing software before, so Idk if I’ll participate, but I’d love to watch!

If you are in computer or laptop you can download “GIMP (version that it is now)” for free
I´m doing it there and I don´t use it a lot so I´m still figuring out how some things work.

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If anyone’s more of a drawing artist than a computer graphics one, you’re welcome to submit a hand-drawn/coloured effort - if we like it enough and you can scan it accurately, there’s no reason that wouldn’t make a great banner too!

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Can I post my banner here?

Yes or you can send a PM to @Pipsqueak.

Here it is!


It looks cool!
Where you made it?

Why do you want to know?


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