CW banning system + Heist impossible level + New collections

CW banning system

Banning system, in other words eliminating chosen character from showing more than 3 times during all 15 fights in single CW.

Player can block up to 3 characters before starting CW.
First ‘‘ban’’ is free, each other cost 50 diamonds (or also is for free).

If player ban [Randall], [Joy] and [Hook] those characters will show in fight as enemy only 3 times (or less) during whole CW run.

The system will search for other lines which won’t include chosen characters.

This will helpful to reduce frustration of players during playing in CW where broken characters appear almost in every fight, making CW slightly easier and additionally add new feature.

Heist - impossible difficult level

We just receive 3 new levels in heist, and last one give R4 135lv creeps, which is still far away from making fights hard.

Impossible level will give Power-Up to enemies, same as in invasion.
Each won battle will increase Power-Up level by 1 (of enemies only), up to 50/100.
Rarity and level of creeps will be always at current cap on the server.


After won battle player can get (30% chance) 1-3 skill chips, if hero on fight had red skill and rarity of hero is +R0. Player in single heist can get up to 20 skill chips, but only 10 for single character.
After succesful heist player will additionally receive 3 epic keys, but only if white circle was reduced 5 times or more.

New collections groups

DuckTales collection; Player receive +1% more gold from won battles for each character from this group in your team, up to 50% more gold.

Muppets collection; Characters in this collection have 1% chance to silence enemy on basic attacks (for 6 seconds).


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Not sure about first two, but new collections will be good, as a main reason to play Invasion breaker fights.

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For me, the CW character repetition isn’t the problem. The problem is that I’m being matched with teams far over double my own team power. They just need to fix their number scheme so that our opponents are at least remotely close to our own level so that it’s possible to complete.

But I think the second and third are good!


The number of power does nothing now, Randall mostly is reason why battle ends with failure.

Randall may be a problem, but the number scheme is completely broken. Doesn’t matter if I’m paired up with Randall or Ralph at this point; both end in failure because I’m paired with teams that aren’t remotely close to my own level.

Look here for what I deal with not halfway through Easy.

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