State of the Game - February 2020

I do, it’s good method to 5* disk quickly with mission speed-up’s.
But single skill cost 15M to max, and this is a problem.

And invasion
I would like to see new backgrounds in fights, it will make battles more fun, keep seeing 3 types is boring after a year. And new backgrounds as Bonnie’s room, Agrabah, Black Pearl and other backgrounds are really good.


Umm… like, the bot in the chat, is like… needs improvement. I can tell cause it like blocks it thinks it is bad but it is not though…
No offense but that is like my suggestion.


Maybe a possibility of mulan characters

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I’m hoping for Belle and Lumiere to be added. And please consider adding Lightning McQueen even though he’s a race car.


Imagine if in City Watch, you could “exile” a character. An exiled character would be unusable by either the player or the computer controlled enemies. If the computer decides on a team with that character on it, that character is not used (so the computer controlled enemies only get 4 characters on their team…or the missing character could be replaced by a generic creep like the blue brute).

That way, if the player doesn’t want to fight Yax*, then they could go through the whole city watch without ever encountering him.

*by Yax, of course, I mean Randall.

That’s only a bandaid until the next overpowered character shows up (which might already be a well-supported Piggy or Hook), but it would at least make city watch a bit more fair.


Already suggested this before


I may fall into the minority here, but I don’t have a problem with level increases - the constant promotions however have become outrageous, especially with ongoing releases of new characters. It would help if we could keep badges that are maxed in some sort of inventory vault so that we don’t have to keep obtaining the same badges and the releveling then.


Yeah I think when people complain about the “level increases”, it’s the badge rank increases the majority are actually unhappy with - keeping up with the actual Team Level is not that difficult, but the badge ranks & hero levels are.


Please add some Gravity Falls characters!


It becomes a problem, though, when even the host abandons the heist, something I’ve experienced multiple times.

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So everyone is excitedly talking about this but I’m more excited about this:

As a fan of obscure anything even if I haven’t seen it, I am EXTREMELY excited.


So… Timmy Failure, when? :grin:

I agree. I can’t get Red Skills because I die too easily in City Watch on easy mode, even with 6 Red Characters with power levels of 100k-117k.

Can you stop with the difficulty increases in there? Or help us figure out better ways to make that work?


You only get them on super hard mode…

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Sounds like you have a bad team then. You need a team that compliments each other well and defends each others weaknesses one of the members of my team isn’t even at 100k and I’m doing great.

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No offense but guarding gems shouldn’t be a punishment if you make it so which your suggestion do then no one will guard anymore.

Now for my suggestions.

1: slow down level and badge increase or better yet settle on a Max and slowly build towards it. Example level 200 Max and now slowly get there with your 5+ level increases. For bade red 10 get there with your r1+ increases.

2: in heist give people who defend gems with 5 heroes something to do. Allow us to leave a heist. Stop those who just kick for no reason.

3: stop with new heroes till you fixed all the old ones aka red skills and a update so they can compete.

4: start actually listen to your player base because you aren’t doing that right now.


In general, the fact that this is happening is promising, but I should warn you about something.

You’ve opened a metaphorical door to communication, just by a crack but still, and if you just shut it, then people WILL knock it down.

Still, hopeful that this’ll all lead to a much more pleasant experience overall.

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Hi @Polaris, @Matt_PB, @Leaf,

Many thanks for this State of the Game Post. Here are my comments:

Having recently played a total of 5 other Mobile RPG games that have launched since DH:BM , I can confirm that in general the cash cost of progressing in DH:BM is far higher than these other newer games.

Whilst I see it possible to spend a lot more $ on these other mostly Asian RPG titles (some have a never ending hero fusing mechanic), they are fully viable f2p and progress doesn’t feel sluggish at all, even after the initial weeks bonuses are done.

The game that I think makes f2p most viable at the moment is AFK Arena, I highly suggest your team look into some of it’s features as possible options for DH (Resonating Crystal for e.g.)
In 2 weeks of completely f2p playing AFK Arena I’ve earned over 40,000 free diamonds (these carry the same value as in DH) and have a Tier S roster and what’s more is the time investment for my dailies is like 10 minutes (vs 2hrs in DH)

I just started a fresh DH account on S1 this w/end to get a feel of DH as a new player and it’s pretty daunting, with so many resources tied up in cash deals the feel is totally different to other RPGs I’ve recently tried.

My guild mates said it best , “If one stops spending $ in DH, one stops playing”. I cant count how many players in my guild have gone f2p only to quit the next week.

Surely at the late stages of the game, when a player has invested $100s or $1000s on in game offers and possible 1000s of hours of play time they shouldn’t HAVE to buy resources to keep a portion of their roster fully viable ?
This is the biggest problem, generosity of free resources.

Thankfully we see you addressing this issue at long last. I do however have a point on this.

You provided us 3 new Heist difficulty settings but instead of following your pattern of rewards (+1000 DP + 5/5 tokens) you decided to half the extra bonus (+500 DP 5/0 or 0/5 tokens) effectively giving us 1.5 heists worth of extra loot in 3 settings.
Not cool… and takes us back to my first point - the biggest problem is generosity of free resources. Would PB consider reducing the cost of levelling up disks?.. I think not, then why is it OK to reduce rewards?

Friend system needs proper mission sorting but please don’t spend to much time/resource on this area - at this point there are many areas that need Qol like this. For eg. we need a text field for searching heroes when we compile a team, this text field should also filter on collections.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about the story but that’s just me. I know there are a lot of players that like it.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thank you.

I will say that many players are upset at what you have done with Perks. We can all see very clearly that you’ve used the last 3 months to boost lower guild perks by capping perks all together.
Is it really fair that my guild who spend maybe $1000 a week should have the same perks a a mostly f2p guild?

If you want to better balance Guild Perks then untie them from spending money - what you have done is HIGHLY IMMORAL and really upsets your spending players.


@Emitz And you still want the guilds to be divided into f2p and p2p ??? There are enough bonuses for paying players (20 vip levels with a bunch of bonuses and 10 times more offers for money than for diamonds). We need improvements for free players. That’s who is truly suffering now.


You are taking one item out of context, please don’t do that, what you said is incorrect anyway.

I am asserting that if PB want to link Influence to Stamina/Cash then they shouldn’t cap perks.

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