Damage Hero Guide (PART 2)

This is PART 2 of the complete guide to all the Damage Heroes in the game. As the “Damage” category would suggest, these characters specialize in causing a lot of damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. As it is largest category of roles, the heroes featured here also happen to have the greatest variety in functions. Each of them has a place in the game, so this guide will provide insight to each Damage hero’s value.

Disclaimer: This Guide will always be under construction, either through updating information or adding more content as more new heroes are released in the game. I will be doing updates accordingly for as long as I continue to play the game.

Darkwing Duck


+Extremely mobile
+Incredibly efficient skillset
+Reliable backline counter
+Useful Friendship disks
+Good synergy

-Terrible Reality Growth
-Susceptible to AOE attacks
-Generally ineffective against frontline targets

Ever since his introduction as one of the very earliest heroes of 2019, Darkwing more or less foreshadowed the rising power creep of every new batch of heroes that followed after him. Darkwing was greatly coveted due to his highly efficient skillset which focuses on stealth and agility. Much like certain other vigilante heroes who wear masks and capes, Darkwing is specifically designed to be really good at slipping past bulky frontline enemies so that he may reach the frailer, more vulnerable backline. Even backline targets with a strong defensive response like Elsa and Animal will have a difficult time pinning him down thanks to the utilities of “Shadow Stalker” and “Knockout”, providing himself with plenty on opportunities to do lots of damage without fear of retaliation. Indeed, Darkwing is a Damage hero who executes his job with a lot finesse, but recently he finds himself competing against other heroes who can achieve the same results through brute force rather than subtlety. Still, he remains a force to be reckoned with, especially in Coliseum and Guild Wars. He can very good in City Watch and Invasion Breaker Quests, but he will greatly struggle against Mama Bots.

Friendship Disks:
Both of Darkwing’s disks further add to the efficiency of his execution in combat. With Nick’s disk, Darkwing becomes yet another shield punisher, slowing down shielded targets he attacks. He gets a generous boost in his Basic Damage, Skill Power, and HP, making this disk very useful even when he doesn’t have to deal with shields. Mr. Indredible’s disk on the other hand punishes critical hits instead–specifically those that are directed at him. The first four times he suffers a critical hit, he counters by stunning that enemy in response. This disk was one of the earliest ways to counter Merlin before the introduction of Timon & Pumbaa. To this day, having Darkwing equipped with this disk is still an effective alternative response for countering Merlin, especially in Coliseum where you may need Timon & Pumbaa to deal with a different team and so you can’t have them to deal with Merlin directly.

Team Options:
Since Darkwing has such a highly efficient skillset, he does tend to play well with just about anyone. As such, consider him a strong pick especially when you have to face a team with key backline threats. Still he could use some help while he’s at it. Mickey(Ja) is a great support who gives Darkwing an incredible power boost. While this may be considered overkill against most backline heroes, the power boost and healing he receives does ease his match ups against tougher frontline targets. Of course, Meg can be linked with Darkwing for the same effect, and Darkwing’s invisibility and stuns usually means Meg will take a little less passive damage than usual. However, be wary of how this affects the rest of the team synergy, as you would be restricted in your choices of heroes who cannot be more front than Darkwing in order for him and Meg to link up. Besides a few notable mentions, Darkwing will generally enjoy the speed boosting of allies like Goofy, Woody, or Animal.

While it’s true that Darkwing is meant to elude brawny frontline targets so that he can get to the backline, he will definitely struggle against such targets should he be forced to face them head on. Hercules, Beast, and Miss Piggy are a just a few examples of heroes that can beat him at close range. He struggles even more so against teams that are creative enough to not need vulnerable backline heroes as much. For example, Hercules(Ma) can lead a multi-tank comp with invincibility that’s nearly impossible for Darkwing to even scratch. Though not really direct counters, Finnick and Mad Hatter can cause slows that are absolutely debilitating for Darkwing to deal with. In a similar sense, Rex and Timon & Pumbaa can peel Darkwing off the backline to make things a little harder for him in general, but they also can’t really shut down Darkwing by themselves. The presence of Hakuna Matata will greatly mitigate Darkwing’s specialty of Normal damage though.




Ducky & Bunny



Duke Caboom




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Can’t wait to read them, Aurora!

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Update: Darkwing’s overview completed!


I think you mean Nick’s disc, as 2 friends DWD has are Nick and Mr.I :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. Thanks for pointing that out.

What does AOE exactly mean?

It means Area Of Effect. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

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