Damage Hero Guide (PART 3)

This is PART 3 of the complete guide to all the Damage Heroes in the game. As the “Damage” category would suggest, these characters specialize in causing a lot of damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. As it is largest category of roles, the heroes featured here also happen to have the greatest variety in functions. Each of them has a place in the game, so this guide will provide insight to each Damage hero’s value.

Disclaimer: This Guide will always be under construction, either through updating information or adding more content as more new heroes are released in the game. I will be doing updates accordingly for as long as I continue to play the game.



+High single-target damage
+Good synergy
+Lots of crit tech
+Useful Friendship Disks

-Highly susceptible to CC
-Vulnerable positioning
-Below average Reality growth

Elastigirl was the original Damage hero of the game. Introduced to the player at the very beginning, Elastigirl teaches players the importance of offense, showcasing a skillset that puts an emphasis on high pressure and intense focused damage. More so than most heroes, her skills really specializes on doing incredible amounts of damage to just one target at a time. “Iron Fist”, “Element Of Surprise”, and “Roundhouse” are skills that do respectable Fantastic damage. While this does mean that she will compete against other Fantastic damage specialists, her highly focused offensive skillset does give her a unique niche. She tends to heavily compete for a team slot in Arena, but she has plenty of chances to shine in Coliseum and Guild Wars. She tends to compete with Quorra for Red Invasion Teams, but she differs herself by having a strong push back and anti-Reality tech.

Friendship Disks:
Both of Elastigirl’s disks put a strong emphasis on her damage potential while still keeping herself useful to her teammates. Vanellope’s disk changes the attack preference of her Iron Fist. Normally, Elastigirl is supposed to use Iron Fist on the closest target. But with Vanellope’s disk, she reaches all the way to the backline, now sniping the target that’s farthest away. This disk also increases Skill Power, so this does give Iron Fist the potential to KO a backline target. The ability to potentially wipe a (typically) frail backline target often bears a significant strategic implication, making this disk the popular choice for PvP almost all the time. Jack-Jack’s disk gives Elastigirl a unique, exclusive talent; the ability to shred Reality. Overall, it is the more flexible disk. While it does mean that she loses the ability to threaten the backline, she can get away with using Jack-Jack’s disk if she partners up with heroes that can snipe the backline for her. The sheer value of Vanellope’s disk is hard to ignore, but you might be surprised by the strength of Jack-Jack’s disk if given the chance.

Team Options:
It should come as no surprise that Elastigirl works very well with her family. Her single-target focused damage puts a balance to their AOE attacks, promoting an aggressive tempo of intense pressure. Genreally speaking, Elastigirl works quite well with other Fantastic Damage specialists. Quorra is particularly strong, especially when they work together in Invasion week. In PvP settings, Elastigirl can be considered a strong pick when facing teams that have important backline targets. In particular, she is a high-value counter against teams that rely on Meg. Kevin makes for a good support for her. His cleanse helps her overcome her inability to resist disables. On a similar note, Goofy(Mi) is great for blocking disables for her, but he cannot remove them if they do connect. Along with Kevin, Joy(An) is a great ally who can provide lots of Reality and may also block disables occasionally too.

Being a midline hero with no Tenacity or Evasion is tough. Elastigirl finds herself struggling to get any value from her skills if she is being frequently interrupted by disables. Huey, Dewey, and Louie can completely exploit this with their traps, strongly oppressing her very quickly and easily. Many powerful CC can come from backline heroes. Maleficent and Elsa are quite notable in that respect, but they do have to watch out getting sniped by the Iron Fist. Mad Hatter doesn’t typically have to worry about Elastigirl’s Iron Fist though, and he can even charm her if she’s close enough. Unless she’s getting protection from Joy, Ducky & Bunny, Jafar(Sc), and Anger can almost cleanly delete her very easily. To a lesser extent, Jack Skellington(MH) can deal extra damage to her, especially when he is working together with Mike. Although they must also watch out for Iron Fist if their team setup wasn’t optimal.




Emperor Zurg






Hector Barbossa




Nice. Can’t wait to seem more! :+1:

Really excited to see Barbossa. Been wondering if I should invest in him or not. :grin:

Barbossa is one of a few old characters remaining in my War team, even with his stats he is still pretty strong to fight against meta :fire:


Same, I love using him, especially with Tia’s Disk. My Merida can easily wipe out teams with him :grin:

@Aurora_Veil Will you be needing any help with Barbossa?

I’ll help as well

It’s okay, y’all. I won’t be needing help, but I appreciate the offers.

Emperor Zurg is very frail with no tanks role hero or any other heroes that protect him. He is also very vulnerable if he’s by himself

Update: Elastigirl’s overview completed!


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