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That Star Wars rip off

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So. Comes to Sneak Peek tomorrow, right?


Cringe face :skull:


I’m just skimming into the game, and THERE THEY ARE: Luca & Alberto!!!


I just saw them in the game and I have to say I’m excited


Can I just say that the fact that none of their skills not have a level cap shows how truely skewed new heroes are

Majority of older heroes require a ton of resources to get them to even remotely useful and bam they come along and can eliminate 100% of reality and armor without breaking a sweat
And then to top it off

Reduce 100% of evasion too
Loooool - but Zeus broke the game :eyes:


that sounds incredibly unbalanced :thinking: complete guaranteed removal of armor, reality, evasion, tenacity - plus some fatigue, friendly team hardy and a ton of skill power

all in a single skill combined with whatever other effects they can dish out. Presumably stun and slow at the least :neutral_face:

what’s the catch here, I can’t believe that passed balancing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You need to apply the slow, there is Flik and hardy stacks, even with these debuffs there is cleanse.

(Oh yes, yes, nerf that dumb Luca, muahaha!)

In my opinion the main issue is that new heroes have even 4 separate effects, each with few buffs and debuffs, while first sets of red skills have only ONE. Heroes like Yax, Miss Piggy, Zurg, Duke are in huge disadvantage because of how red skills evolved.



Zeus nerf was because of the crazy over usage compared to every Hero in the game. I let the team know about the balancing concerns I’m seeing here regarding Luca and Alberto though.


Appreciate that. :heart:
Can we know if his red skill and his energy steal will be nerfed or at least hard capped?

Or… how is the usage now, is he still the top 1? Top 3?

I mean, I think most knows that I hate this movie, but I honestly don’t see any issue, there is bunch of ways to get past this kind of things.


Haven’t had a chance to go over any more regarding him yet since we just came back from break. He appears to now be used as much as Baymax (so he’s gone down a good amount in usage) and we’re expecting other heroes to be used more with further seasons of Patch.


So, a lot I guess :joy:

It’s very good to see such amazing successful refreshes…

… and I only hope this will age well.
Can I know, if you pick the heroes to refresh, are you looking at suggestions by players (ideas) for refreshes like my or Zelkiiro’s thread on forum, and some other posts, I know Judy was requested A LOT across… since ever.

And I like how stat refreshes “evolved” Magica’s width of white skill and new effects on Scrooge’s and Maleficent’s disks are really nice to see, and I hope there will more of them in future. Some heroes desperately need Negation and Evasion/Tenacity, so now I can hope for these refreshes to give it to them.


I believe the team has been looking at Hero usage when it comes to the Patch refreshes. They do read the forum threads and look at ranking lists as well.

Baymax is going very high in usage at the moment. Baymax is the yellow/orange.



So the… blue line is Zeus?

So if he know the most used hero in the game, can we know the least used hero too? It’s intresting to know.


Yes, the blue line is Zeus. It’s just another section I screenshot of the same graph as the previous one
I do not have that info and as you can see from the first one everyone is kinda shoved together so I don’t believe there is a specific least used. Maybe Yak, but we all kinda know why he’s down there.


Yax’s refresh was… nice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not Miguel, but far away from trash :bug:
Maybe some players aren’t aware of them, oh.

I think it would be good idea to add some new bonuses/effects to the first sets of red skills, as I said before, this creates unfair gap.


Considering that Yax got a refresh he should be a lot more in use now.

If I am to guess one of the least used characters it would be characters like Gonzo who aren’t a start character or one of the main popular Muppets.

But yeah, really cool that you share the usage data with us Loutre, really interesing to see :-).


Yeah, we want to keep everyone on a similar scale that’s why Zeus was nerfed to bring him back down to more reasonable level.


The team has gotten back to me about Luca and Alberto! Their stats are not finalized yet! With all the craziness of coming back from 2 weeks off @Nugget and I just missed that. They should be finalized EOD today.


I just wanted to move them higher in tier list, sigh. No reason for the nerf, they aren’t even released.

Cinderella’s buff will be next week, or in 2?

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