DHBM: Reborn (Story Series)

DHBM: Reborn

Welcome to the new series, DHBM Reborn.


It was a normal day in the world of DHBM, everything seemed normal as always, until the realism took over the world, it’s currently unknown what The Realism is and what possibly caused it, was it caused by a hero or villain in DHBM or was it caused by something way stranger in the world? Though the origin is unknown it definitely took the DHBM world by storm, The Realism had everything it touched turn realistic and totally different from how it looked originally, all the heroes, villains and even creeps tried to avoid and evade The Realism, but soon it had taken over everything, building, heroes, villains, creeps and much more. After the realism took over the city, DHBM was turned into the City Of Disney, and all the heroes and villains and creeps had turned into actual civilians of this city The Realism had made up, all the people who were once heroes of the DHBM world had forgotten everything, their skills, their lives as heroes of the DHBM world literally everything…
Though The Realism was strong enough to turn the whole DHBM world into something entirely different, it soon lost control of the world, allowing civilians who had enough clues shown to them to realize who they really were once, this could cause good and kind civilians to rise up and try to reveal the truth and find a way to break out of the realisms world, but sadly the truth would also give bad, untrustworthy civilians an advantage in their evil ways and unfortunately their was way more bad than good…

Season 1 :candle:

DHBM Reborn: Devotion

Chapter 1: Great Again

Year: 2016

Lucy woke from a deep sleep after working on her work project all night

“Today’s gonna be another great day!” Lucy said to herself tired, yet excited

Lucy got up feeling Slightly dazed and strangely nauseous…
“Maybe it was all the caffeine and left overs I had last night” Lucy thought

Lucy managed to walk to the kitchen and grab some medicine for herself and went straight to her room, she went into her closet and grabbed herself some comfortable clothes and changed into them almost immediately, today was thankfully a Saturday meaning Lucy had all day to rest and finish the last touches needed for her work project

before Lucy would go to the gym she’d take a little jog and would always see the same things happening on her street, Lucas, Lucy’s Best friend would most likely always be watering his lawn, Lucy would then see her other friend Emilia, who was most likely gonna be walking her dog.
But today was a different story, Lucas as always waved at Lucy as he watered his lawn and of course Lucy waved back, then she was expecting to see Emilia and her adorable German Shepard, Hardy but they were no where in sight, Lucy was honestly not surprised since Emilia had been acting really strange lately, not wanting to hang out, even being hostile at times.

Lucy stopped thinking, as she began feeling dazed and nauseous again, but this time she vomited on the street, feeling horrible Lucy tried to run back home, but she just kept feeling worse, soon passing out.

As Lucy’s head hit the concrete, Lucas noticed the ill Lucy on the concrete floor and immediately ran over to help her, Lucy, even though she was basically paralyzed saw a van stop behind Lucas, their was Emilia, a man and 1 other woman.

The man and woman ran out ready to grab the unsuspecting Lucas, and Lucy who was paralyzed on the ground…

10 Hours Later

Lucy slowly regained consciousness but still couldn’t move and either way she was strapped down but then…

“Welcome back, Joy…” said a voice in the distance
As soon as Lucy heard that word, Joy, A blast of memories came into Lucy’s mind but before she could begin thinking of what she had heard, Lucy heard footsteps coming near her…

Chapter 2: The Queen

Lucy awoke
“Welcome Back, Joy” A voice said in the distance, Lucy tried to move but failed multiple times

As Lucy tried to move she heard footsteps coming near her.

When the figure finally reached Lucy it was easy to see that the figure was Emilia,
Lucy slowly regained her energy, got up and looked around only to see that she was in some kind of hut

“Where are we!” Lucy yelled, desperately hoping for an answer

“We are home!” Said Emilia, smiling.

Lucy got up ready to leave the hut

“Lucy don’t go! You aren’t ready” Emilia warned Lucy as she ran out of the cramped hut

When Lucy ran outside she saw multiple huts and houses, farms and wells and wagons holding pounds of hay

Emilia finally catches up to Lucy

“T-tell me where we are and what happened to Lucas OR ELSE!” Lucy words echoed though the land disturbing the peace of the colonists

“Lucas is okay! He’s one of us now…”

“What do you mean by, One Of Us!Lucy said trembling with uncontrollable anger

“We showed him who he truly was, what he was meant to be! You have to trust me Lucy, please.”
Emilias words came out in a stutter as she was becoming frightened by Lucy’s rage

“I’ll trust you when you show me where he is…”

Emilia told Lucy to follow her in a scared tone and together they went off to Lucas

“This is i-it” Emilia told Lucy whole pointing at a big two-story house

They both entered unannounced

after a couple of minutes, they had found Lucas sitting on a throne

“Oh my gosh, Lucas your okay!” Lucy screamed happily as she ran to to give Lucas a hug

Lucas stared into the distance conveying no emotion when seeing Lucy

“W-whats wrong with him…” Lucy said frightened at the sight of the emotionless Lucas

“We showed him his true self, his meaning, after that most people just feel strange, feel nothing, why? Because it’s like they have been lied to about everything…” Emilia explained as she began to tear up

“Hello ladies” said a voice in the darkness

“I’m sorry, Lucy” Emilia said as she ran off


“No need to scream my dear child, this shall only take a moment!” said the mysterious figure

“Who are you!” screamed Lucy

The figure ignored Lucy’s question and blew dust into Lucy’s face

“This will get you right to sleep” said the strange woman, laughing

30 minutes later

Lucy awoke once again in a chair and in a much bigger hut than she first woke up in.
Lucy noticed she wasn’t strapped down she then looked in front of her, their she saw a simple wooden round table with a metal dagger and sitting right in front of Lucy was the same woman from before

“Hey there Lucy! You probably noticed that you can’t talk or move, haha you basically can’t do anything!”
Said the woman laughing
Lucy noticed the woman was skinny, wearing a purple dress and had a tight bun for her hair style

“You probably have a lot of questions, and well I have answers!”
“You May call me The Queen, or by my real, real name… Ursula…”

Lucy began having strange visions when she heard the word, the name, Ursula

Lucy slowly began to get the energy to speak
“What is this, p-p-place” asked Lucy exhaustedly

“Glad you asked! I’m pretty sure you know the story of the Walton colony? I mean you must it’s so popular among you normals”

“Everyone in the city of Disney does…” Lucy answered in a confused voice

“Well…” The Queen said preparing to tell the story

“As you know way back in the year 1634 a group of citizens that settled in the now City Of Disney left and became colonists of a new land far away slowly the colony grew and became
The Colony Of Walton”

“The colony prospered, they had crops grow insanely quick, they had multiple animals, they had houses built, everything a colony needed to succeed.
The Walton Colony had everything because of one reason, The Power, one colonist at The Walton Colony was gifted greatly, he had the power of healing which allowed him to grow crops instantaneously and of course cure all colonists of disease, He had energy power which allowed colonists to work quickly and he had the power of Strength, he could increase the strength of all the colonists easily which would give any enemy 0 chance of winning against any of the colonists!”

“The name of the gifted colonist was, Mike Anderson, at first he kept his powers secret but he slowly began to share how he got these gifts with the colony leader and her sister, Thomasin and Moira Oldenburg, Their real names being Elsa and Anna Oldenburg, and soon the whole colony got these certain powers, and their was only one price to pay.”

“Mike got his powers from the land itself, So in order to keep these powers, one colonist had to be sent to the wilderness, if they didn’t survive the land would allow all colonists to keep their powers for longer but if the colonist did survive They would become worthy and would be able to keep their powers permanently.”

“One horrid day, a colonist was sent to the wilderness and survived, because he had cheated he brought supplies and food, this angered the land causing the land to fight back, all the houses were destroyed crops became dry and animals had escaped the farm, and every colonist disappeared, they didn’t really disappear though, they had actually traveled to the City Of Disney once again but due to harsh conditions colonists didn’t stay long.“

The Queen took a breath

“That is the true story of The Colony Of Walton”

“No it isn’t, their was no magic, no powers, it was just a colony that got lucky with their land then mysteriously disappeared” Lucy said, still exhausted

“Your wrong, young lady!” The Queen said in a angry manner

”You know why that story is important to us? Because we’re on the exact spot where all of it took place, and we’re continuing what The Walton Colony began!”

Lucy saw her chance, The Queen was distracted

Lucy Got the dagger from the table and attempted to stab The Queen

“No!” yelled the queen who had begun to become greatly infuriated

Lucy froze in place and couldn’t move a muscle due to The Queens powerful magic

“Your one of us, and that will never change, you have to admit it, Joy…”

Lucy heard the word again, Joy, Lucy was remembering something she just couldn’t think clearly of what!

“The only reason I don’t take you out right this second is because, my power is fading, Joy, a New Queen needs to take charge…”

“That’s why we have to put you to the test”
“Against the land itself…”
Lucy knew what was gonna happen, she was gonna be left in the wilderness, alone…

“It is time for someone new to take my place…”

The magic of The Queen wore off of Lucy but she was still weak…

“Looks like we have a new candidate to sacrifice to this sacred land.” said The Queen as two other colonists came to take Lucy

Lucy didn’t know what to do or what she was gonna face but she knew she wouldn’t go down without a fight…

Chapter 3: Emotion

Year: 2022

“So you knew Lucy, as a friend before all of this right? Do you believe she was crazy?” The officer said hoping for a answer

“Everyone said she was crazy, but I know she wasn’t, at least now I know…”

“It happened, I went there, she’s still there!”

“I swear I saw her, she’s not missing. All of you know about the people with the powers, you just don’t want anybody to know, so you can have power over the city, I’m not stupid…”

Michelle took a breath tired of talking

“Look, you may believe all of those conspiracies but I’m just a officer wanting to go home after a long day of work, we’ve searched everywhere there is nothing there! You need to believe us, we searched ever single patch of grass for clues, looked behind every tree! Nothing.”

“I’m sorry miss…”

Michelle began to tear up… She began thinking that Lucy was actually crazy

Year: 2016

Lucy who was very weak tried to escape the grasp of the colonists taking her into the wilderness
Lucy was finally thrown into the wilderness

“You will stay there for the next week! If you survive then you become the new queen! If you get sacrificed then sorry for you”

said one of the guards laughing while the other one smiled

the gates closed and Lucy was left to be sacrificed

“NO! Let me in! I have done nothing, please let me in…”

Lucy said crying as she fell to the ground

after hours Lucy got up feeling terrible, she ran through the woods looking for some kind of food, looking for materials

“Someone, ANYONE! Help me…”

Lucy screamed once again, scared and alone

back at the colony

“Why are we doing this? Their hasn’t been a new queen or king in years…”
Emilia said worried for Lucy

“She’s special, her power is special!”

“I haven’t felt such a surge of power like that from a hero for years”

“She’s the perfect candidate…”
The Queen said as she drank a sip of a potion on her table

“What if she doesn’t survive…”
Emilia said

“Well we get an extra year of our powers and I stay the queen, either way we win don’t we?”
The Queen said happily

“But she’s my friend…”
Emilia said shaking

“Your the one who told me about her, so then it would be all your fault!”

The Queen then began to laugh

Emilia pretended to giggle then ran out of the hut crying, thinking of what she had done

Back in the wilderness

Lucy kept running, she had found berries but finished them quickly, it had been hours, she was doing well just her panic had her thinking many things…

10 hours later

Lucy had finally given up and passed out, before she hit the ground she heard a strange noise, she wanted to run but it was to late, she was already passed out on the ground, to scared to try to get up…

Year: 1998
Michelles diary

Today Emilia fell off the swing and started crying! I didnt want to laff laugh but I did it was hilarious! Lucy gave her a band-aid though!
Also we have verrrry hard homework today! It’s on a story made by someone named Elsa? Elsa Henderson! Famous author, Supposedly the ancester ancestor of Elsa Oldenburg who we also learned about! Right now when I’m writing Lucy is helping me with my homework!!! I’m very happy that she is cus its really hard! Glad to have some of the bestest friends!

Year: 2016
Lucy awoke to the sound of birds chirping

Lucy was surprised to be ok and safe, until she looked down to her shirt and hands, they were covered in blood, she touched her face, their was no blood, except around her mouth. She looked in front of her, only to see a wolf of sorts covered in blood, from what it looked like the wolf was dead before Lucy ate it so she didn’t kill it

But either way Lucy was ready vomit at the sight

But then Lucy felt energized, she felt great! She noticed that the blood on her began to disappear, she then lost her disgusted face and began smiling, she felt strong and overfilled with power… she somehow knew the path all the way back to the colony…

she wanted revenge… it was like she wasn’t Lucy anymore… she knew it now, she was Joy…

Year: 2022

“They don’t believe me…”

“Well it’s their loss, you know what has to be done…”

Chapter 4: Michelle

Year: 2022

Michelle sat down playing with the pasta in front of her, her fork slightly scraping with the plate making a small yet tingling noise.

“So, Michelle how was it, at the station…”

Michelle hesitated, then began speaking.

“They asked me a couple questions, then they left me alone.”

The man went on his phone for the rest of dinner leaving Michelle alone, until she finally said something to break the strange silence

“Did you hear those rumors about the end of the world, they say that there is possibly missiles being built, possible war, crazy, hope it’s not true.”

“Yeah I heard about it, it’s clearly some rumor to scare the crap out of people, don’t believe it.”

The man then took his dish to the sink and washed his hands leaving Michelle at the table.

Year: 2016

Lucy walked dripping in blood, fixated on something she didn’t have control over.

the animals cowered in fear when they saw her, the wolves would run, the rabbits would shake in fear…

Blood slowly started dripping off of her quickly, basically cleaning her making her look just as she was before she was put into the wilderness.

“When someone wrongs you, just remember to ignore them, and know you’ll be better than them, always…”

Lucy remembered the words that her her best friend Michelle said to her that night…

Lucy kept walking until she saw the wooden gates, the guards watching the grounds, Lucy slowly walked into view, the guards noticed and watched in disbelief as the blood slowly floated off her and onto the ground, the guards ran as the wooden doors which were locked and bolted opened easily and quickly.

she walked inside the colony, people ran as everywhere she walked the land would shake, rage filled her with other powers other than her own, The Queen and Emilia watched as buildings fell, Emilia began to run to Lucas’s home, The Queen watched in fear, as the colony’s work was destroyed…

Year: 2022

“Do you love me?”

Michelle said to the man, Logan.

she hoped for an answer, but Logan didn’t hear her due to being distracted, watching tv…

Michelle got up angry and went to the bedroom, she sat down on the bed and went on her phone, hoping to distract herself, until she heard the loudest scream outside the bedroom…

She grabbed the glass of water near the bed and dumped the water on the floor hoping to use the glass to defend herself

Michelle grabbed her phone and opened the door, only to see Logan, knocked unconscious on the floor… then she saw her after so many years…


“I’m the only one that can save you from what is to come… follow me or stay and watch the city turn to ruins.”

Lucy stood there, awaiting a answer…

“What are you talking about? What is gonna happen!”

“I’ll tell you if you come with me, to safety”

The lights then went out and a sound so loud hit everyone’s ears.

“It released, we have to go now…”

Michelle followed Lucy as the lights around them began to slowly flicker back to life

Year: 2016

“You have grown, with great power… that you are finally finding out for yourself”

The Queen said as Lucy stood still in front of her, causing the chaos to come at a stop…

Chapter 5: Royalty Rising (Coming Soon!)

The final chapter of “Devotion”, Stay tuned!

About The Realisms World.

How do things work in the world of the Realism?


In the world of The Realism time is really strange, their are different districts in the city that take place in different time periods for example in one district it can be the 1500s while in another it’s 2016, once a person enters a different district their memories are erased and start a new life in the decided timeline.
— Unknown


Districts are not only different timelines but also cities and places for example two districts can be the same timeline but each different places. Districts can also affect many civilians in different ways like having certain skills in one timeline and different ones in the next timeline.
— unknown

The Realism

Who 000201299222nsxdk was it???2920

…WH0 d1d th15???7?^

Lore Stories

Stories that tell of things that happened in the beginning of this new world

Flower Child

Year: 2022

“Lucy, Lucy?”

Bloom woke up having another vision, she was tired of having them, just she knew she had things to change.

“Why am I doing this! I’m tired of hearing them! Who are they!”

“They are people who need are help, everyone here have had there lives lost, this realism… whatever it is, we have to stop it…”

“We don’t even know what it is, people are after us, we have lost friends, we had to make a whole new life for ourselves, my name isn’t bloom! It’s ra-!”

bloom stopped talking when she heard her ally shush her

“Don’t say it! They are probably here already, we gotta go and quickly!”


Bloom said as she began packing angrily.

“Alright, I think we’re ready! We have to go, before it releases, we gotta reach the safe area.”

Sirens began to blare as a loud wave of sound shook the ground

“What is that!”

“It’s the infection, no more time for questions, let’s hurry up quickly!”

The girl and bloom ran to the truck as they drove off to the 80s…

“Turn the watch on! We need to start it! Hurry!”

Bloom turned the watch and watched as her ally drove into a portal…

Year: 1987

They both reappeared driving at a slower speed.

“Here we are, let’s go… we have no time to waste…”

Bloom and the girl left the car and ran to a nearby store, to meet somebody that could help them.

Serve & Protect

Year: 1988

Laurie walked through the empty fields of the farm as her friends walked beside her.

“Why are we here? This does not look like the site.”

“It certainly is, in the woods, that’s where we complete it all.”

They all walked past the fields and went into the wood, they went deeper and deeper.

After hours of walking Laurie and her friends finally found the site.

“Here it is, you guys have everything, right?”
Laurie said in a rushed voice.

“Yep the candle, the dagger a-and the umm vial…”

“Alright now we all get in a little circle and light the candle.”

Laurie lit the candle and grabbed the dagger.

“Remember to only cut your ring finger, ok?”

“Alright, understood.”

Said the rest of the group.

They all cut they’re ring fingers and dripped the blood into the vial.

“Alright now say the power you want, after doing so drink a bit from the vial, not to much”

“Are we sure this is safe? I have never seen anybody do this before!”

One of Laurie’s friends said in a scared manner.

“Melanie, my best friend has done this, it worked for her! It has to work for us, I promise you guys, it’s safe.”

After calming down they all said their wanted powers and drank a bit from the vial.

“You see? Now all we have to do is pour the rest on the candle, after doing so the powers will be granted at sunrise!”

Laurie drank from the vial and excitedly poured the rest of the blood onto the candle, removing the flame.

The wind got stronger and stronger.

“Alright let’s go! Quickly!”

Laurie and her friends ran through the fields to their car and drove off. Soon after it began to snow.

“Laurie! Hurry! I think I heard somebody in the fields when we were r-running!”

Laurie drove faster but soon came to a stop. Laurie saw a young man in white clothing smiling at them, when Laurie looked behind the car she saw a young woman in white smiling at the car.

“Laurie! drive! Hurry please!”

one of Laurie’s friends screamed when seeing the man.

Laurie prepared to run over the man but then she was stopped by a random force.

Laurie’s friends stopped trying to scream at Laurie and instead unlocked the car doors and ran away from the scene, Laurie still stuck in a trance state stayed in the car.

1 Day Later

“Help, help please!”

One of Laurie’s friends, Angie, said screaming at a cop car

“Please help me!”

The police men came out of the car and found Angie covered in blood, running towards them.

The police officers ran to Angie and called for backup.

Angie woke up in a hospital bed.

“What happened?”

“We got into a bit of trouble…”

Angie turned around to see who was talking, it was Laurie, seeming so much more different, way calmer and joyful.

Next to Laurie was a young woman. The woman next to Laurie then spoke.

“My name is Joan, but you can call me Ursula.”

The woman said with a slight smile on her face

The Castle Hotel (Coming Soon)

A new lore story coming soon…

Summertime Sadness (Coming Soon)

A new lore story coming soon…


Season 1:
Lucy = Joy
Lucas = ???
Emilia = ???
The Queen = Ursula
Michelle = ???

HUGE thanks to @Retro_84, @Pawpsicle, @Filadae_Djaq @Champion_David and @Phaldow and @TherMasterStitch for help and support with the story!
Lots more chapters and secrets are coming soon! So stay tuned! :shushing_face::smiley:


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Or, they could’ve been friends from DHBM so Olaf and…idk…

Or, they could be random people. This looks interesting. :slight_smile:


Infinity out of ten. I really like it. I’m glad to have helped you, and to continue helping you too.

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