Disney Heroes Roadmap

You like to know what’s coming next in the game and what we’re working on, so we created a roadmap for you! This is not a full list of everything, but highlights some things we think players will be interested in knowing about.

We have tags that will show which update we anticipate the update will appear in the game. When things change, we’ll make notes to keep players updated! I anticipate the roadmap will be updated approximately every 2 weeks.

Here’s what each section covers:
In Design
Things that are currently being created by the Design Team.

In Development
Things that are currently being implemented by the Engineer Team.

In Testing
Things that have been implemented by the Engineers and are now being tested by QA.

Bug Tracking
Persistent bugs that we haven’t been able to consistently reproduce or track down what’s causing them. If you have a video or reliable repro for one of these bugs, please let us know!

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