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If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the roadmap, here’s the place! If you have bugs that you think should be added to the roadmap, please post them in #feedback-corner:bug-discussion :bug:


So, will the new rarity have something new like @ChristmasKimtasticSeason’s idea or will it be purely cosmetic like Orange?

It’s much better than the previous one. :cat:

And I am VERY happy that skill chips from CW will be (finally!) increased. :slightly_smiling_face:

And as mentioned above, would be nice to know if new rarity will bring something new.


Great to see this. I probably have the suggestion for Red Skill Chip Scaling.
I would say there are 3 main properties to look on:

  1. After how many runs devs want players to have maxed red skill (at current rarity) for a lineup of heroes
  2. How many skill chips a maxed red skill currently needs
  3. Number of the lineups the heroes can currently make (127/5 = goes up to 26)

So, overall: (maxed red skill skill chips amount / number of runs wanted) x roundup (heroes/5)

Personally I would base the first variable at 5 levels a day, so:
(max level skill chips (MLSC) /(90/5)) x roundup (127/5) = MLSC/18 x 26 at the time of writing

So, roughly 1.5x worth of a maxed red skill for skill chips per run.

As for the Guild Perks - it would be very handy to have campaign double drop item on 28d cooldown and lowering the cooldown of Badge Booster crate to 24h or 48h and lowering the cost by roughly 2/3.

Maybe orange and red item for Drops, Recharges, Credits, …?

To investigate:
Error when equipping a Mod given at Tier 4 in Invasion.


Cool stuff.

Assuming that this thread is for feedback on the roadmap itself, and not the changes outlined in the roadmap -

Once reproduced, will any & all bugs get added to the board, and will they get updated / removed as & when they are fixed? It seems that there are a fair few bugs that get reported, but often we don’t know if the reports have been reviewed or confirmed & are pending a fix, or if they’ve not been noticed / been ignored, or dismissed, etc etc.

I hope the board continues to be actively maintained with a decent amount of ‘stuff’ - I doubt most casual players will be too interested in venturing into Trello to read it, but for those of us more invested it’s really interesting.

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My intention with the bug section is for those bugs that have been around for a while but we haven’t been able to track down the cause. It won’t be an exhaustive list, but somewhere for you to keep track of those annoying issues that hang around. It isn’t that we don’t want to fix it, but that we haven’t found the problem yet.

The Invasion revive is a great example. We get reports of this every invasion, but our QA teams haven’t been able to reproduce it and the Devs don’t see why it’s happening. Sometimes with these pernicious bugs, it’s a player who gives us a video or screenshot or walks us through how it happened that gets us on the path to fixing it.

Things that pop up after updates, the known issues thread will continue to track those issues, and they’re usually fixed within the next couple updates. Those won’t go on the roadmap.


2.7 Update! Planning so far ahead already! But I can’t wait to see the new crates, rarity, and map!

Also what’s the significance of 250 in Polaris250? Was it just because Polaris1 - Polaris249 was taken lol?


Now that I am thinking about it, I have an excel sheet of the most occurent deals that appear in the game @Polaris. There are also some parts that could probably scale while they remain still (crates or badge tokens for example).

I am also tracking the raises in GMS and free stamina for a second or third month and most of the bundles.

We had even plans to figure out all the white, green, blue, purple badges needed to craft a single red badge and so, but it proves to be a bit too difficult.

First of all, thank you for making and sharing this roadmap with us and yeah overall really helpful and interesting I would say :-).
Secondly, thank you all so much at PerBlue for deciding to bring back the Friendship Mission story content, super appreciated ^^.

With that said I got to say that the things detailed in the roadmap is looking pretty good and really looking forward to getting them live in the game :-). In terms of the bug related post I see and yeah, thanks for telling us and clarifying things in terms of the bugs :-).
I have heard about technical debt and wondering if the Invasion Revive bug issue could be due to technical debt. Could be a possibility as the team has problem finding it.

And yeah, given that the Guild Perks is in the testing category I assume new guild perks will come to the game in the next update or next month, which I got to say is really exciting as it is such a long time since we had new and interesting Guild Perks now ^^.
Looking forward to the next color rarity, campaign expansion and the late game crates, maybe Platina or Prism Crates or something like that? The rest is things I look forward to as well, but yeah not affecting me as much excitement wise in the same way.

While I am not sure if this is the best place to discuss it or not, but yeah in terms of the Hero Manganment I wondered if we players could maybe collaborate with the design team a bit in order to have the Hero Management refresh be as good as it can be.

In my view what kind of Hero Management are mainly needed are a sub-role if not tag search, like being able to search up on Healer as there are healers that aren’t necessarily Support characters like Sulley with his Woody disk who is actuality is a tank yet can heal.
Tags could be like status effects, disables, attack type, type of action(heal or buff removal ect) and that way it being more easily find out what characters does what.
A name search option included with the tag search option would also be good now that we have over 100 characters.

So yeah, looking forward to the future content and wish you and the team Polaris the best of luck and hope you all have fun while creating content for Disney Heroes ^^.


Eh? Technical Debt is fancy jargon for smashing something out quickly / rushing, rather than taking the time to do it properly, resulting in something that’s bad quality.

… not saying this doesn’t happen with DH (not saying it does, either…) but idk how it applies in this context

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I heard about Technical Debt in this Extra Credits video, so I don’t really know all that much about Technical Debt beside what is in the video.

I don’t think the Disney Heroes team has likely rushed necessarily, but maybe just didn’t catch something and that causing some difficulties/inconvenience.
And yeah, I don’t think Technically Debt necessarily apply either, just one potential logical explanation for the Invasion Revive bug.

Anyway, still it is great that Polaris has informed us and pointed it out in the roadmap, so hopefully we can help Polaris and the team get more bugs under control :-).

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Been wanting a road map for a very long time.
I am excited to see the team get those stories back!!!

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2.5 looks promising from the looks of it :eyes:


Finally an update on the diamond crate. I was suggesting a new crate for years now.


Honestly, it wouldn´t really matter if the diamond crate costed like 1-5 diamonds instead of 288 a piece (or 88 via a crate bundle).
For how awful the drops are in it… and no, they aren´t even that good for new players either, let alone late game.

Overall bundles and stuff to be bought with diamonds would have to be reconsidered all over.


There is a bug with rapunzels red skill where she doesnt clear debuffs on allies

@Polaris I wonder, would it be possible for PerBlue to share their beta plan for big Quality of Life improvements such as the re-inclusion of the Friendship Mission Story content and the Hero Management overhaul with us players in order to give feedback on the ideas and help overall.

I thought it could be an idea as it would help ensure the Friendship Mission Story content and the Hero Management improvements are as good as they can be, as well as ensuring that the community/us players like how they are handled.

I understand if wanting to limit the amount of people who get to see like either only the Leader Chat or Regulars, but yeah I think at least it could be good to have the ideas beta tested idea wise for feedback.
And yeah, another thing in terms of the Leader Chat is that only the 50 best Guilds Leaers (from each servers?) got access to the leader chat at the time of the creation, however Guild Leaders who since then joined top 50 at least server wise doesn’t seem to have access to the Guild Leader chat and I wondered if that could be fixed or at least considered what to do in terms of it.

I understand if this isn’t possible and no worries if so, but yeah I at least wanted to ask and hear as I think it could be potentially beneficial for Disney Heroes in the long run.
Either way, looking forward to the re-inclusion of the Friendship Mission Story Content and the Hero Management overhaul, and best of luck to the teams :-).


@Polaris where is Lightning ROB and Emerald credits on the roadmap?:thinking:


Just was thinking @Polaris about the extra story content will there be a way to view all the stories whenever for all players because high VIP players do not get to see the first chapter of every friendship
I also wanted to discuss about red skills and the cost in terms of hero chips… will there be an easier way to get them to max red skills?

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