Disney’s Last Hope NEW SERIES- Season 1

So Ive been thinking of a Story for a while but Ive never posted it so Now I’m going to do that!


Episode 0: Prologue

In the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Game Dev- Lets make a game for our heroes that save us every single day


Game Dev- Thats probably nothing but a glitch it doesn’t really matter



Episode 1

-A few months after the Virus Spread-
Sulley- Theres to many we’ve got to run Mikey… Mikey?!


Sulley- Oh no! Boo let’s go!

Sulley & Boo run away and find another survivor from the virus

Sulley- Geez that was close who are you and are you alone?

DarkWing Duck- I am the Terror that Flaps in the night, I am one of the best Resistance Members around! I am DarkWing Duck! And you are?!

Sulley- Im Sulley you could’ve just said you were DarkWing Duck
Sulley chuckles

DarkWing- Well after 4 years of crime fighting it gets stuck in your head

Sulley- Well you said there was a resistance? Can you help us and take us to it?

DarkWing- Sure thing Sulley!

DarkWing, Sulley, & Boo all go to the resistance base

DarkWing- Here we are!

Sulley- So do you have a place where I could place Boo?

DarkWing- Yes over there the Healing circle

Sulley- Thanks DarkWing

Sulley goes to the Healing Circle

Sulley- Whos the best with kids?

Joy- Me! I’m the best!

Sulley- Well then here take care of Boo so I can make sure she’s safe

Joy- Ok What’s your name anyway?

Sulley- I’m Sulley! Anyway who’s the leader of the resistance?

Joy- Well I’m Joy and the leader of this Resistance is Randall!

Sulley- Randall?! Wait out of all people Randall is the leader of the resistance?!?

Episode 2

Sulley- So… Where is Randall?

Joy- He is in the underground base looking for a way to keep us safe

Sulley- well thank you I’m going go talk to him

Sulley walks down stares and trips over falling on his face right in front of Randall

Randall- Sullivan?

Sulley- Yes Randall it’s me

Randall- You know since the virus Outbreak I’ve been looking for a way to correct my past mistakes I’m very sorry for what I did to you and Mike… speaking which where is that little guy

Sulley-… He’s infected

Randall-… oh well I guess I’ve got to put you in one of our teams we have three of them

Sulley- Ok I’ll be happy to help

Randall- Yes, happy to have your help

Sulley- What are the teams?

Randall- Ok we have these three teams The Red Team which includes DarkWing, Gizmoduck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Hiro, BayMax, and Mickey then there’s blue team which includes Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Hercules, and Zurg then theres the team who help plan attacks with me to go against the creeps yellow team we have RobinHood, Merlin, Nick, Judy, Yax, Anger, and Joy I think you should be in my team Sulley

Sulley- That’ll be awesome

Randall- Well now that you’re In a team let’s see how we’ll get these creeps out of our world

Sulley- You said Merlin and Hiro were on our side right?

Randall- Yes… why?

Sulley- Well Merlin is a wizard he could do and spell, while Hiro is very intelligent so he could probably invent something to help us out

Randall- Thats Genius!

Sulley- Well after you have Mike as a best friend you start to think of better things to do than just attack

Randall- Mike was always the actual best scarer

Sulley- Yea… to bad he’s infected now

Randall- Don’t worry maybe Hiro could make a antidote

Sulley- I hope so

Sulley leaves the underground base to find out the resistance is under attack by tons of creeps

Episode 3

“What Happened,” Sulley Screamed “Lock Down the healing center NOW!”
Sulley then scratched up a couple of the corrupted resistance members so he could get through, then Sulley made it to the Healing center

“Who’s still here, here?” Sulley asked.
DarkWing, Scrooge, The three triplets, Nick, RobinHood, Merlin, Hiro, Mickey, Woody, Zurg, Gizmoduck, Joy, and Baymax all stated “We’re still here!”

Then Sulley said “Great, but how do we get out of here?” Then DarkWing Shouted “To the ThunderQuack!” Gizmoduck said “I could carry Mickey, and Joy to where we need to go” Scrooge said “The sunchaser is the only way we’re all getting out of here lads”
“How bout we just go in each?” Sulley Said.

The heroes each go into a plane or get carried by Gizmoduck to DarkWing’s Hideout where they meet up with Launchpad

“Hey Launchpad, do you know if Gosalyn’s safe with the babysitter?” Darkwing Asked, “Gee, DW I think the babysitter knows how to take care of kids her whole house is just a death trap for them creeps” Launchpad answered.

“Hey can she take care of Boo then?” Sulley asked. “Yes she probably could,” said DarkWing “but we shouldn’t be flying all over the city Sulley what if more of us get infected?”

Back in the Resistance Base Randall walks out of the underground bunker to see all the creeps, then he turns invisible and sneaks away

“So they leave me for dead huh, well I’m going to show them who’s going to be dead after this!” Randall screamed, “Sullivan you don’t know what is coming for you, you’re going to end up a creep like you’ve always been”

Randall then laughs maniacally

Back with the Resistance

“Curse Me Bagpipes my lucky dime has been stolen !” Scrooge yelled, “Where’s Boo” Sulley asked, “Oh No you know what that means” The triplets said, “It means we’re all going to have to make sure the person responsible doesn’t unleash you know who” Scrooge said

The triplets gulp

“Yea unca Scrooge” The triplets said

Episode 4

After the heroes all awoke Scrooge planned out three teams

“Ok lads we need three teams one for saving the baby and me dime, another for getting new recruits, while the last one stays here” Scrooge said.

The teams began to form the teams were Scrooge, Sulley, RobinHood, Woody, Huey, Dewey, and Louie to rescue the Boo and get Scrooge’s dime.
The second team was DarkWing, Launchpad, Zurg, Nick, and Baymax to get new recruits while Hiro, Joy, Mickey, Gizmoduck, and Merlin researched/protected the base

The group to get the dime and Boo headed out in the Sunchaser while the recruiting group went in the ThunderQuack

DarkWing’s group go to a pyramid looking for something or someone…

“From what this tracker is telling me they’re somewhere around here!” DarkWing declared.

two creeps come by

“PURGE THE ERRORS FSKXGJ” Alladin and Jasmine screamed!

“Oh there they are… Run!” DarkWing screamed

Our Heroes ran into the pyramid then it closed

“Who dares come in the pyramid of Jafar!” Jafar yelled! “Uhhhhhh we’re trying to save the world here do you mind!” DarkWing screamed at him, “Yea, and you villains shouldn’t just let these creeps rule the world last time I checked that’s what you’re supposed to do” Nick remarked, “So, You just want the genie lamp huh? Well I’ll give it to you if you make me Sultan of this land when the virus is cured also you got to defeat me first HAHAHA!” Jafar yelled.

“Oh come on!” DarkWing screamed

Our heroes have found themselves in a tight situation but I’m sure they can get out of there

DarkWing grappled up to Jafar’s platform and kicked Jafar in the chest, Zurg then shot his gun multiple times at him knocking him over

“I am the Terror that flaps in the night I am the broken milkshake machine at your Favorite restaurant I am DarkWing Duck!” DarkWing Yelled

DarkWing then threw down a Gas Bomb blinding Jafar, before he then kicked him off the platform

“Oh dear looks like I have been defeated or have I MUHAHAHA” Jafar said, then he disappeared in thin air dripping the lamp

The heroes picked up the lamp and headed out of the pyramid back in the ThunderQuack and fly back to the base

“We got the lamp Guys” DarkWing said.
“We vanquished Jafar!” Zurg told them

Then they Rubbed the Lamp freeing Genie

“I’m Free!” Genie yelled
“Look Genie right now we’ve got a serious problem at hand with this virus outbreak could you possibly Help out with researching” DarkWing told him
“Sure thing pal!” Genie answered.

Episode 5

Back with Sulley’s group looking through the city

“So RobinHood you’re good at stealing things quick?” Sulley asked. “I sure am” RobinHood said. “Well then, you should be the one going to steal me Dime and that baby, while we distract the creeps and whoever stole them” Scrooge said.

The group then went to the old resistance base where they saw someone holding Boo in front of creeps

“Oh so it took you this long to find me huh?” Randall screamed. “Randall, we all thought the creeps got ya” Scrooge said. “Well the creeps are bout to get a fresh serving a baby stew!” Randall screamed, throwing Boo into the creeps.
“Boo! No!” Sulley yelled.

Sulley scratched up a few creeps, while Scrooge through bags of money at them, so that Huey, Dewey, Louie, RobinHood and Woody sneaked through to get the dime, Randall saw them and approached them

“You really thought it would be this easy huh” Randall said then he laughed. “I’ve got this Partners, you guys go get the Dime” Woody said. “Oh no they don’t!” Randall yelled.

Randall ran at RobinHood and the triplets, then Woody caught him with his lasso

“There’s to many creeps!” Sulley screamed, then Boo Laughed blasting all the creeps away from them, “Well there they go I guess” Scrooge said.

Sulley, then picked up Boo, and went in the Sunchaser to wait for the others in case creeps came to infect them

“Im going to go and get me Dime” Scrooge said.

Scrooge ran to where the Dime was where he saw Huey, Dewey, & Louie terrified, while RobinHood was fighting a shadowy figure, it was to late

“Oh no she’s back” Scrooge said. “I sure am!” Magica yelled.

Episode 6

Just then Boo giggled teleporting everyone back to the new base

Back with DarkWing’s Group

“We’re going to the castle of The Beast” DarkWing said, “Ive heard most of the remaining uninflected were sheltered there since the out break happened, because of the ancient cursed barrier”

The group then flew to The Beast’s Castle

“Hello, Visitors” Beast said as they got out the plane, then Belle said “You came to help didn’t you?”

“We sure did” DarkWing said

The group then went into the castle

They saw multiple heroes gathered there, “Now this is a army” Darkwing said. “You shall assist us in our journey to conquer this virus” Zurg said. “Well then, why don’t we introduce ourselves!” Someone from the crowd of heroes yelled.

Someone then walked up in front and started to speak again

“We are going to join in this quest of conquering the creeps Just let me adjust my bulbs” The person said. “Oh Gee DW, it’s Megavolt!” Launchpad screamed. “Well then Let’s Get Dagerous” Darkwing said.

DarkWing then looked at Megavolt’s group, which consisted in a few other familiar faces, A Drummer, a guy on a motorcycle, A Baboon, and a Red outfitted Super Hero

“That’s a good team you got there Megavolt, follow us to the ThunderQuack” Darkwing told them.

The heroes then all went into the ThunderQuack

“We hope you learn how to defeat this virus, we really do worry about the outside world behind the barrier” Belle said.

Just then a Infected candle leaped at Belle infecting her and Beast

“Noooo!” DarkWing yelled “Now we have to fix this problem!”

The heroes then got out of the ThunderQuack, and started to fight the infected People, Luimiére and Belle were easily defeated they just had to worry about Beast

“I’ve got this!” Megavolt shouted.

MegaVolt then shot a massive spark of electricity at Beast frying him, then the heroes threw the infected out of the barrier, then they left and went back to the base

Episode 7

After the heroes got back to the base, DarkWing recommended to go get the four kids at Edna Mode’s, then Launchpad, Mr. Incredible, And DarkWing flew to her place

“So, DW, how do you think all the kids behaved?” Launchpad asked. “Uhh, they probably completely wrecked the place.” DarkWing said. “That sounds like Dash and Jack Jack, but not Violet, she’s probably having the time of her life” Mr. Incredible said sarcastically.

Then the Three heroes went inside to see the place was actually quite tidy, amd clean, then they saw each of the kids sitting on a couch

“Wow, how did Edna pull this off?” DarkWing asked. “I have no idea” Mr. Incredible said. “Gee, DW where is Edna?” Launchpad asked.

Then each looked around and didnt see a trace of Edna any where

“Ahem!” Edna said.

Each of the Three then jumped up startled

“Okay, then we’re recruiting members for the resistance, and wanted to know if you wanted to come?” Mr. Incredible asked. “That’ll be splendid!” Edna said. Then, the heroes and children each went back into the base.

Back with Sulley’s group

“Curse My bagpipes! They released Magica De Spell! Now we’ll just have to make sure to find a way to beat her!” Scrooge said. “Well, DarkWing’s group is recruiting more and more people in the Resistance, we could rearrange our groups, think of more plans, because now we have more possibilities with each hero’s abilities” Sulley said, then the group also went back to planning in the base with the others.

Episode 8

The groups mostly stayed the same, but a few people were added in, Dash, Mr.Incredible, Megavolt, and Duke Caboom joined up with DarkWing’s group to find uninfected survivors. Mean while, Dash and Gosalyn went with Sulley’s group to try to fight off the creeps nearby, the rest of the heroes all stayed at the base making sure the base didn’t get attacked

Sulley’s group

“Ok guys let’s go get this Reptile” Sulley told the group, then Scrooge said, “Yea, but none of will be able to defeat Magica, but we can definitely take done that no good Reptile Randall!”

Then, the heroes went through the city, they were quickly ambushed by creeps right before they got to Randall’s hideout

“I got this, after all Im the best archer through and through!” RobinHood said.

Then, RobinHood shot tons of arrows, each hitting the creeps

“Wow! That was the coolest trick I’ve ever seen!” Gosalyn said.

Then, the heroes went inside Randall’s base

“Oooh! I’ve been expecting you!” Randall said as the heroes came in, “But, you won’t be able to get me!”

Randall then went invisible, and ran off in the base, all the heroes confused they started to wonder where to go

“I bet’cha that creepy lizard went this way!” Huey said. Dewey then said, “Just look at these huge footprints he left!”

Then the Group followed Huey, Dewey, & Louie into a room

“Blast! Hmmm I’ll just have to make this more interesting!” Randall said, then quickly before Randall could move Woody lassoed him, then the triplets tied him up with the lasso

Then the heroes left, and Randall was attacked by the creeps who were just outside, then Randall was infected

Right before Randall was infected he screamed, “Help! Please Help Me! No! No! Nooooooo!”

With DarkWing’s group

“Ok, since we have to fight Magica De Spell I know exactly who we need to recruit!” DarkWing said, then Launchpad landed the plane in a very eery building, with dead creeping trees, this was the house of Morgana Macawber

The heroes them left the plane, and knocked on the door of Morgana’s house

“Oh, Wing! You came!” Morgana said. “Yep, yep, yep, Of course I came, after all Morg, we need your help stopping these creeps and Magica De Spell!” DarkWing told her. “Oh, why of course I’ll help stop that evil witch, After all Ghoul magic is more powerful than Witchcraft” Morgana said.

Then they got back in the ThunderQuack, and left to go to the Resistance Base, they were quickly informed that Randall was defeated, and infected

“Then, if Randall is infected, then our only real problem is Magica De Spell!” DarkWing said, “And, now we have the exact person who will stop her, Morgana!”

Then the heroes prepared for a all out attack on the Shadow Queen!

Dash ran in the front of the attack stopping every creep in their way, then they made their way into Magica’s Cauldron, where everyone’s shadows quickly got up and started attacking them

Which then Morgana, turned off the lights of the Cauldron room making every shadow disappear, all of a sudden Magica came and started to engage in a magic duel with Morgana, but then not only was Magica there attacking her but so was the old hag Madam Mim! Which Merlin, quickly saw this attack from Mim, and joined in the magic duel

“Abra-Duckabra!” Magica said, she then turned the lights back on, making the other heroes fight their shadows. “Let’s get Dangerous!” DarkWing said as his shadow tried to hit him, which he dodged the attack.

Each hero was equally as powerful as their shadow so, it was hard for any of them to actually land a blow on one another, but the heroes are way smarter than the shadows so, the heroes started to attack other shadows

DarkWing took down Megavolt’s shadow, While Megavolt took down Gizmoduck’s shadow, who took on DarkWing’s shadow and so on and so forth

Then, Surprised by this Magica, stopped in shock, which gave Morgana a opening to hit Magica with her magic

Morgana then, hit Magica with her Magic, and then she zapped the dime with her magic, trapping her once again in the dime

Merlin, then zapped Madam Mim, changing her into a kitten, which, she was then stuck as a kitten

“Oh boy! That was one battle!” Sulley said, then he started to frown “Now we need to find out how to cure everyone who has this virus!”

Then every hero went back to the base, and they discovered Hiro, with a small flask with Blue liquid in it

“What’s that Hiro?” DarkWing asked, then Hiro said “This is the antidote to the virus, but I only have this much, you guys need to go get the ingredients.”

Then there was a moment of silence because each hero was shocked

Then, DarkWing asked, “And, the ingredients are?” Which Hiro said, “Negative energy, Positive energy, Titanium, Frogs breath, a pearl from Atlantis, a strand of golden hair and” Hiro paused for a few seconds then continued “someone to stay behind to set off the bomb, of the cure so the whole city will be cured and we don’t have to wait for each creep”


Episode 0.9 “To The Moon!”

A few days after the virus outbreak

“I’m Rootin Tootin Ready for Wreckin” Ralph Said. “Let’s Fix these creeps up!” Felix announced. “Whatever you do Don’t get to close to these things guys” Calhoun informed. “Aw come on Calhoun you’re such a party pooper” Vanellope said.

Ralph Hit back 3 creeps, Calhoun shot down 8 creeps and Vanellope glitched away to the internet to check if it had the virus also

In the Internet

“I’ve got to go to slaughter race to see if Shank’s ok!” Vanellope exclaimed.

Vanellope glitched to Slaughter Race

While in Slaughter Race

“Shank, Shank, where are you Shank?!” Vanellope started to worry and question.

Then Vanellope saw Shank in her car

“Hop in quick kid the virus is spreading faster in here” Shank told her

Vanellope jumped into the car, then Shank began to drive

“So Shank, how’s it been in the internet… Shank?!” Vanellope yelled.
“Purge The Errors ZCHEASKA” Shank Yelled.

Vanellope was then Infected by the virus, then they both went back to the arcade

“Kid you ok?” Ralph asked Vanellope.
“PURGE THE ERRORS VSKCDGJ” Vanellope and Shank screamed.
“Kid! No!” Ralph Yelled.
“I can Fix It” Felix Said

Felix Hit both Vanellope and Shank with his hammer UnInfecting them

“What Happened” Vanellope asked.
“I don’t remember,” Shank said “last thing I remember is you getting in the car”

Then a creeped jumped up at Felix Infecting him

Calhoun yelled “NO! He was the only antidote”

Ralph was then infected and then he Reinfected Both Shank and Vanellope

“Aw shoot I’ve got to go” Calhoun yelled.

Calhoun got on her Hover Board and Glided away to a space ship

“Now I’m getting off of this planet it’s ground zero for the virus” Calhoun said

Calhoun went into the space ship and heard two people eating and laughing

“Who’s there! I have a weapon and I’m going to shoot it!” Calhoun yelled

The two people walked out of the shadows

“Whoa, Whoa Whoa, Lady we’re not a infected creep we’re just trying to go to the moon!” Ducky & Bunny said.

“Well I guess I need some company” Calhoun said

Then Calhoun activated to Robots

“Wall-E” Eve said
“Eve?” Wall-E asked.

Calhoun Started the ship and then they were in Space

“Hey, Ducky How do Mermaids exercise?” Bunny Said.
“I don’t know what do they do?” Ducky asked.
“Aerials!” Bunny Answered

Ducky & Bunny then continued making jokes and laughing

“Ok we’re at the moon now here you go good bye!” Calhoun said irritated

Ducky & Bunny get thrown on the moon

“Whoa! Easy on the fabric lady” Ducky said. “Well at least we’re on the moon now” Bunny Assured Ducky.

Ducky & Bunny then just jumped and floated all over the moon while Wall-E, Eve, and Calhoun prepared a Space camp to make sure they didn’t go to the moon for nothing

Episode 4.8 "Negative, and Happy! Not to mention Warm Hugs!"

“Everyone run!” Elsa yelled as creeps continued to crowd the Ice castle.

Olaf hugged a creep but some how he wasn’t infected

“Olaf? Why are you not getting weird and glitchy like all of the others?!” Anna asked. “Uhhhhh… I don’t know…?” Olaf said. “It must be my magic” Elsa said.

A creep then ran up and tried to attack Elsa from the back, then Anna jumped in the way

“Anna No!” Elsa screamed, then she too was infected

The creeps then threw Olaf to a mountain

“Well Now i feel lonely” Olaf cried.

So then Olaf went on a Adventure of his own discovery 3 friends, A a Duo of two silly animals and a Blue Koala-ish Creature

A few Months later/Where our story begins

“So, Olaf where we going next pal” Pumbaa Said. “Yea I was thinking The Bahamas, or maybe ooh yes maybe even Switzerland” Timon replied
“Ohana, we should go to the uhhhh, Oh yea Stitch remember now we should go to The Negaverse!” Stitch said.
“NegaVerse? What’s that” Timon & Pumbaa asked. “Well when we were in The Pride Lands I bumped into NegaDuck and hey said it’s a alternate universe where no one is infected!” Stitch answered. “Well why don’t we go there?” Olaf asked “The people will probably except our hugs right?”
“Well kid word on the street says that NegaDuck isn’t a very good person to rely on but ok let’s go to this Negaverse” Timon said.

The Group heads to the pride lands to get into the Negaverse

“So you want to go in the Negaverse heh?” NegaDuck asked “Well Then I guess I’ll let you guys go… But then again it’s a place for tougher people than you! HAHAHAHA!”

“See I told you he’s not Good!” Timon interrupted

“No good huh? Well I’ll show you no good” NegaDuck said.

NegaDuck then grabbed Timon and threw him into the portal to the Negaverse

“Timon! We’re coming!” Pumbaa Shouted

Without thought Stitch, Pumbaa, and Olaf all went into the Negaverse

“Wow this place looks very dark” Olaf said. “Dark, ugh more like Pride lands when Scar was Ruler” Timon said.

“Well This place still doesn’t have creeps, So it’s still great” Olaf said, “Now I guess we can go find a place to stay”

The group head to a Town then they found a empty house and went inside

“This place is Perfect!” Timon & Pumbaa said “it has bugs everywhere”

Timon & Pumbaa started eating multiple bugs

“Now we’re all one big happy Ohana!” Stitch said Stitch then hugged everyone

“Ooh I can finally relax and not run from creeps” Olaf said.

Then a Helicopter came, and lifted up the house and flew it to the middle of no where

“Hey what’s that Ruckus!” Timon shouted.

Then they saw that they were getting carried by a Helicopter and it had just dropped them off in the middle of no where

“Oh what a good start right friends?” Olaf asked

Episode 0.1 "The Night Of The Virus"

Tis the night of the virus, and every hero was out and about, all at a concert from their favorite boy band the DuckStreet Boys, while all characters made some noise!

DarkWing, Scrooge, Donald, Gizmoduck, Launchpad, & all the triplets were singing, no one even heard a loud scream that came from down town

So, the band sang all night until the Christmas party, at the house of Mouse, where that’s when some hero started to feel strange, and then the first hero fell, during the party, the hero that fell was Kim Possible, oh how every hero thought it was impossible, then she started to attack the heroes, some ran some tried to fight bout all was not right.

Kim Possible tripped up three heroes Elastigirl, Sally, and Miss Piggy infected each of them

“Purge The ERRORS! JDJSJGSL” The four infected heroes screamed. Then, Mickey, Goofy, and Donald each ran out of the party, which goofy tripped over a sandwich someone had dropped, “Gawrsh!” Goofy yelled as he fell. “Goofy!” Mickey yelled for him as a creep jumped on him infecting him, while Donald just kept running, then Mickey was swept away by a Giant purple lizard creature into a darkly lit shed.

“Wow where am I?” Mickey asked. “You’re now part of the resistance, Mickey Mouse” Randall said. “The resistance?” Mickey asked, then Randall quickly said “yes, the resistance, we all found out about the virus before the party and quickly grouped up here” Randall said.

Then Mickey looked around, and saw each member of he DuckStreet boys band, except for Donald

“So what can we do to help out the infected?” Mickey asked, “Right now, we’re just planning out what to do against these quote on quote creeps” Randall told them.

Then, after this night, everything would change, after all this is Disney’s Last Hope, not all heroes will make it through our story, but they won’t be lost forever, only fate will decide how our heroes will overcome the virus until then, they will have to get through other challenges, and challengers but what will they be? Well stay tuned to find out

Sulley & Boo
Huey, Dewey, & Louie
Mr. Incredible
Duke Caboom
Edna Mode
Jack Jack
Morgana Macawber

Randall (A Main Villain of Season 1)
Jafar (Side Villain)
Magica De Spell (A Main Villain of Season 1)
Madam Mim (Side Villain)


Crew Members
@SpiderHog (Captain/Writer/Creator)
@Timelesss (Brainstormer)
@CMG4SpookMaster (Co-Writer)
@BrodyBoi22 (BrainStormer)

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And yes episode one did end on a plot twist lol Randall is the leader of the resistance the reason I did this was because I wanted Randall to have more of a redemption arc so yea you’ll see later on in the story

And yes I imported trial teams as teams in the resistance

And I said it took place the the KH universe because KH has all the Disney Series together

Oh yea Episode 2 ended with a plot twist as well lol


WOW!!! THAT’S is Very good Please do this again very very good!!! :heart_eyes::grinning: it very good. i wonder why its Disney’s Last Hope?


Episode 3 is planed for 12.7.2019


This sounds cool :sunglasses: I want to see what happens

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Can I have a role for the series crew?

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Interesting and should be fun to read the story :-).

Though, as you say it takes place in the Kingdom Hearts world I wondered where? I know Traverse Town is where people end up after having lost their world, but I assume this is more so meant to be like the City in Disney Heroes or?

I would be up for helping the story on the Kingdom Hearts side, or to say the story in general as I like coming up with ideas :-). Understandable if you have enough people, so no worries I am just curious on the project and looking forward to see what happens :-).

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I think we have enough people as of rn @Kira and I chose Kingdom Hearts because It combine all the Disney’s world so instead of all them being sucked in a app they just all get a virus from the place connecting all of their worlds

@SpiderHog I see, just wondered if you were going to have some actual Kingdom Hearts lore in the story as I would be up for helping with that :-).

Like for example the Creeps and Heartless were enemies of each other as both of them want the same targets to say, Creeps want to infect their targets and the Heartless want to take people hearts. Could say that the infected characters are immune to Heartless as the infected gets their hearts disabled to say, so could be some rivalry that way.

Just something I came with and yeah, don’t have to go this kind of route, I just thought I suggest as you said the story takes place in the Kingdom Hearts universe :-).

Sora will appear :wink:

Nice ^w^.

Looking forward to when he joins the story :-).

I started making Episode 3 which will be really just a big battle episode but Sora is planned for Episode 5 or 6 idk what episode he’ll appear in

Also @Kira The Heartless will appear in Season 2

Ok that’s good you mite want to do episode 3 and 4 for season 1 ok like you did for episode 1 and 2

I see and thanks for telling me :-).

Looking forward to what’s coming ^^.

Correct but tell it more

I’ll tell you one thing 3-5 people will get infected in Episode 3

Sounds exciting!

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I like your new name XD also it will be exciting and their will be some hilarious lost episodes that didn’t fit in with the story

I will still put the Lost Episodes in though I will also tell you guys what the first lost episode was about though

The first lost episode is about Ducky & Bunny escaping through a Spaceship with Calhoun, Wall-E, & Eve


Lost episodes will solely be an explanation to why some characters aren’t in the series

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