Disney’s Last Hope Season 2

This is the follow up season to Disney’s Last Hope NEW SERIES- Season 1
If you haven’t read season 1 yet then go to the link and read it! Hope you enjoy Season 2!


Episode 9

“What?! One of us have to stay behind to set off the bomb?!” DarkWing asked, shocked by what Hiro had just said. Then, Hiro said “Yes, see I won’t be able to activate it through my tech, because the bomb was built to be set off with someone attached to it.”

Then, the groups started to go get the ingredients Hiro needed, Sulley’s group went to a Huge tower in the woods, in looks for this golden strand of hair, while DarkWing’s group went to the UnderWorld to get a bone from down there, which BayMax joined them just so they wouldn’t get hurt while down there

Sulley’s group

“From what Hiro said, there should be a Golden haired girl in this tower, but we don’t know if she’s alone, infected or even alive.” Sulley said, as they made it to the tower, “So, Unca Scrooge how are we going to get up there?” Huey asked. “Well, I think we weren’t intended to get inside the tower” Scrooge told them.

Then, the heroes got a tree, where RobinHood shot a arrow, that extended into a cable line, then the heroes zipped line into the tower

DarkWing’s group

“Gee, DW don’t you think this place is a little to dangerous?” Launchpad asked, which DarkWing said, “Ha! I eat Danger for breakfast this shouldn’t be that dangerous”

Then all of a Sudden there was a person with Black robes, and he came out of the shadows

“Names Hades, Lord of the dead, and what might you be doing?” Hades asked, which then Zurg said “We are here to obtain a bone done here, so we can vanquish this virus!” Which Hades then sounded disgusted and said “Oh, really?! This virus, is helping me greatly! And you second rate heroes aren’t going to get in my way, to cure this virus! Not if I have anything to say about it!”
Hades was very angry, which then he calmed down and said “Let the fun begin!”

Back with Sulley’s group

“Ouch! Unca Scrooge you could’ve thought of a better plan! That hurt!” Dewey said. Then, each of the heroes heard foot steps in the corner, and saw golden glowing hair “Are you Rapunzel ma’am?” RobinHood asked politely, “Yes, but why do you care?” Rapunzel asked, “Why, madam we’re here to get a strand of your hair, that’s all” RobinHood said, then, there was someone who walked into the room, “Leave my Rapunzel alone!” A woman said, “Mother, they don’t mean any harm” Rapunzel told her, then Mother Gothel said, “well I do!”

Mother Gothel, then pulled out a dagger, and tried to stab RobinHood with it, which he was slightly cut is tge arm, nothing to bad for him to have to rest or anything but then, Huey, Dewey & Louie put down bear traps all over the floor near the window, Snapping at Mother Gothel’s feet, she then fell out the window, to her death

They then took Rapunzel out of the tower, setting her free, which she then gave them a strand of her hair, as she left, to go see the lanterns she saw every year

Back with DarkWing’s group

Hades hit the heroes with fire multiple times then a demon walked in and said, “Hades, you’re having a party? Well I might as well throw my own” then he left, Hades paused for a few seconds, enough time for Baymax to tackle him into the lava bank right by where they were fighting, As BayMax slowly drowned in lava he put out a hand, made a fist, then waved his fingers, and said Balalala

“Well, that was a close one” DarkWing said, then Zurg picked up a bone, and they left to the base

Episode 10

DarkWing’s group left the underworld to tell the others the bad news, Everyone was saddened by this outcome, but they all knew it had to be down to bring theur world back

Now, Megavolt is experimenting with NegaTrons & Positrons, while the pther group headed to Halloween Town to get Frog’s breathe

In Halloween Town

“Oh, why this place is dimmer than a rabbit hole” RobinHood said, then the heroes saw the Boogie Boys, They were bout to rat the heroes out to oogie boogie, but then all of a sudden a plane came crashing down squishing, Shock, & Barrel, while Lock ran away

“Why was that Launchpad?” Scrooge asked, confused because the others were all experimenting on NegaTrons & PosiTrons, then came out a Bear in a pilot jacket and hat, a Monkey in a Hawaii shirt, two tiny chipmunks, a tiny rat with goggles, a Tiger hopping on his tail, & a blue anteater with a Jumpsuit

Minutes before the crash

“Only blue skies for miles” Baloo said, King Louie at the moment was reading magazines relaxing trying to go to sleep. Tigger then said “Ooh wow! What’s that blue blur in the sky!?” Which Baloo saw, it hit the plane and it started going down.

Present time
“Well… oops wrong target…” Gonzo said awkwardly. Then, all the heroes went and found Jack Skellington King of the Pumpkin Patch, then Sulley asked “Hey, Jack do you have any Frog’s breath?”
Which, Jack Said “Why yes, this is the last vile” The heroes then asked if ge would join them, which he said yes.

But right before they got in the Plane, they saw a shadow man, and that shadow man, took the Frog’s breathe vile

The heroes didn’t know this, so they flew to the resistance base

Oogie Boogie’s layer

“Oh, so the heroes destroyed the other two Boogie boys?” Oogie Boogie asked unimpressed, “Well, I was planning on replacing them anyway with these Beagle Boys!”

Then the Beagle boys came in

Megavolt’s experiment

“NOW! I shall FINALLY! Solve This PROBLEM! With this MACHINE!” Megavolt yelled, then he putted the machine at DarkWing, zapping him with it.

DarkWing was then split into two beings, NegaTron & PosiTron

Megavolt quickly, Sucked the Positron into a device, then the NegaTron part destroyed the lab he was in

GizmoDuck, marched in and fought the NegaTron half of DarkWing, which then NegaTron zapped the whole building shaking it, The Positron DarkWing quickly hugged the NegaTron half, making him stuck, then Megavolt sucked a NegaTron in the machine, and refused DarkWing back into one being

“Well, I don’t want to do that a third time” DarkWing said, which Megavolt made a joke “You know what they say THIRD times a CHARM! HAHAHA”

Episode 11

DarkWing’s group and Joy then, go to Atlantis, to get the Pearl of the high seas! Meanwhile, Sulley & the rest all go look for Dr. Facilier

DarkWing’s group

“So… how are we going to survive in the water!?” DarkWing asked, then Joy formed a Orb that the heroes could go in without drowning.

The heroes then dived in the water, and swam to King Triton’s palace

“Hello, heroes what brings you to the high seas of Atlantis?” King Triton asked, then Zurg said “We are looking for a way to vanquish this virus! A pearl of the high seas is what we need to acquire!” Then, King Triton said “Oh, that virus, well it’s been causing big trouble here, I’ve told Ariel multiple times not to try to leave the castle, but she wants to explore”

A Infected shark, then tried to bite the orb the heroes were in, but it shattered the shark’s teeth, and it swam away

“Gee, if there’s going to be abunch of Infected Sharks and stuff… this won’t be as easy as we all thought” Launchpad said, then the heroes saw Ariel, go out the palace into a suspicious looking cave. “Why That’s Ariel King Triton! The heroes need to go get her before she gets hurt!” Sebastian said, then the heroes swam into the cave.

Sulley’s group

The heroes looked for Dr. Facilier all over Halloween Town, then Jack knew exactly where he was

“Eureka! I know where he is! He’s plotting away with Oogie Boogie!” Jack told the heroes, the heroes then made their way to Oogie Boogie’s layer.

Inside the layer

“I can’t believe my eyes! How could it be the heroes? I can’t believe my eyes!” Oogie Boogie said, then he told Lock to take care of them, as He, Dr. Facilier, and the beagle boys ran away.

Lock then go into a tub, trying to hit the triplets, who got on their skate boards, and threw bear traps at Lock’s tires

“Augh! No! You can’t defeat me!” Lock yelled, then he took out a mace, and threw it at RobinHood, who shot Arrows at him, then Lock said “Nuh-Yuh! I’m not losing so easily!” Which then he aimed to hit Scrooge with a sword, which Scrooge just tripped him over with his cane. “No fair! You cheated!” Lock yelled as Woody tied him up.

Back in Atlantis

“Please, can you let me out of this place? I want to go explore!” Ariel asked Ursula, then Ursula said “Why of course dear.” Then, all of a sudden the heroes swam in “Stop there! Evildoer!” DarkWing said, then Zurg shot at Ursula with his gun, but then two Eels swam in, “Stop!” One of them said, “Fight us instead!” The other said, then Zurg shot at one of them, knocking them out, while Megavolt sent a shock wave towards where the other was swimming, electrocuting it, Then Ursula, went out of the cave, to the palace.

*The heroes and Ariel, followed, when they got there they saw a Beaten King Triton a giant Ursula, DarkWing then gulped, but all of a sudden a Spear came down hitting Ursula straight in the stomach, knocking her unconscious, this spear came from Kida, who joined the heroes, she had the pearl of the high seas in her necklace, which the heroes then went back to the base and began to plan how to fight The Beagle Boys, Dr. Faciler, and Oogie Boogie.

Episode 12

“Now all we need is that Titanium and Frog’s breath!” Hiro told the heroes, then he said, “Titanium is a rare metal, which can only be found in one small town in Oregon, while as the Frog’s breath was stolen by Dr. Facilier”

DarkWing’s group then went to Gravity Falls, a strange small town in Oregon, Sulley’s group searched for The Beagle Boys

DarkWing’s group

“So, why is this place so special anyway? It’s just a small town!” DarkWing told the group, then Launchpad told him “Well, DW Hiro said this placed is where all the paranormal activities occur since it has a weird barrier capturing to paranormal or something”

Then the group stopped at a shack where they saw two kids and their uncle fighting a robot looking dragon,DarkWing quickly whipped out his grappling gun and shot it at the robotic monster tripping it up, you could say the Resistance strikes back

“See, Dipper I told you Grappling gun are awesome!” Mabel said, “Ok you win this time Mabel” Dipper said sarcastically. “Hey kids, you want to help us save the world?” Nick asked them, then Dipper and Mabel said “Yes! We’ll help!” Then Stan told them “Kids, I’m coming with you, just so you won’t become one of these creeps!”

Sulley’s group

“Hey there’s the Beagle boys!” Gosalyn said. Then the Beagle looked scared and pushed a boulder down where the triplets were located, “No! Kids!” Scrooge said, then he quickly rushed pushing them out the way looked up and said, “Bah Humbug!” Then the boulder squished him. “Unca Scrooge!” The triplets yelled crying.

The heroes then saw the Beagle Boys running, which RobinHood quickly shot one pinning him down, the other two kept running though, then the Triplets jumped on their Skate boards and setting bear traps in front of them, after all the Beagle Boys were knocked out, Woody tied them up, then they went to the Base to keep them from going back to Oogie Boogie and Dr. Facilier

The base

Hiro heard a knock at the door, when he opened it he was hugged by four old friends, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon, and GoGo, then Hiro informed them of Baymax’s death, then the rest of the heroes came in which Sulley’s group informed them of Scrooge’s death as well, over all the Resistance wasn’t doing so good, they lost two heroes, but those two heroes won’t be forgotten

Episode 13

There was a huge eery silence in the room for minutes until one of them spoke up

“Well, we still need that Frog’s breath” Hiro told them, then Sulley’s group with King Louie, headed back to where they fought the Beagle Boys, and saw a shadow on the wall.

Sulley’s group

“What’s that?!” Gosalyn said, as a shadow went towards a jungle. The heroes, then heard a gun shot, they quickly ran towards it. Where they saw a Man with a Shotgun fighting a shirtless man with a spear.

Clayton, saw King Louie and tried to shoot him, then Tarzan tackled Clayton down. The heroes then ran deep in the jungle away from Clayton

“Why thank you for saving my life! Uhh… what’s your name?” King Louie asked, then Tarzan grunted “Tar-zan” After that Sulley said “We’ll have to fight that guy to save the other gorillas Tarzan”

Then the heroes went up the trees and swung on Tree vines to get a view on where Clayton was

DarkWing’s group

“Yep, yep, yep, now we’ll run quick surveillances around cities and towns, our first stop is St. Carnard” DarkWing told his group, then they got out the ThunderQuack. Then, there was a Jester that jumped up and saw them and took Megavolt. “DW Megavolt is gone…” Launchpad said.

Sulley’s group

“Those gorillas can’t hide forever” Clayton said, then Tarzan jumped out the tree and the heroes started to fight Clayton. King Louie told Tarzan “Go Tarzan! Take this banana colored Hunter out!” Then Clayton knocked King Louie off the tree. Angering Tarzan, Tarzan then Tackled Clayton down a waterfall, both off them falling to their demise. But, unlike Clayton, Tarzan died saving others.

Sulley’s team then looked and saw a giant shadow in a close Desert

Where Megavolt went???

“Oh Why! This is a surprise! Old friend!” A voice said to Megavolt, this voice was very familiar to Megavolt. “QuackerJack?!” Megavolt asked, shocked that he wasn’t infected. “Indeed! And oh boy! How could you join the heroes?” QuackerJack asked him. Which Megavolt said, “Well, I can’t commit crimes when there’s creeps everywhere!” Then, QuackerJack thought about that statement and said “Oh why That’s true!”

Then, QuackerJack and Megavolt found the hero group, and rejoined it

Sulley’s group

The shadow went into a cave, a cave where Jafar is lurking

“Foolish heroes! What makes you come here?!” Jafar asked as they came in, the heroes then told him “There’s a evil shadow man causing trouble everywhere” Jafar then remembered this Shadow man, and he said “You’re foolish if you think I’m going to help you”

Jafar then used some of his magic to freeze the kids in place, but he couldn’t attack the other heroes at this time, RobinHood then shot a arrow at him, knocking him down, While Jafar was down, He teleported farther in the cave

“Well I know how to stop him!” King Louie said, the heroes then found him, and King Louie threw a Banana peel right under where he was standing. Jafar, then tripped over falling on his face.

Jafar tried to teleport again, but woody threw his lasso at him stopping him from being able to use his magic, then The Triplets threw bear traps around him, then Gosalyn jumped up with a hockey stick and knocked his staff to the floor breaking it

“Well, if you seek this shadow man so much, then go to Halloween town” Jafar told them, “He is no where near Agrabah, therefore no where near me!”

Sulley and DarkWing’s group went back to their base, and planned a attack on Oogie Boogie and Dr. Facilier

Episode 14

The resistance are planning on defeating Dr. Facilier & Oogie Boogie

“Chip, Dale, & Monterey Jack we’ll need you three to spy on Oogie Boogie” Hiro told them, then DarkWing jumped in and said “My group will be recruiting more members, Launchpad, where we’re going we might as well neverland” them DarkWing laughed at his own joke.

The rescue Rangers

“So mates, how are we going to run this business?” Jack asked Chip’N’Dale, which the mischievous duo told him “Well, we might as well have fun while spying, we’ll prank him every now and then!”

“So, both the Beagle Boys & and Boogie Boys failed me, it’s time to turn it up a notch then, you’ll deal with them next” Oogie Boogie told Dr. Facilier, then the two villain left the room.

DarkWing’s group

“All I see is Ocean DW, there’s absolutely no land” Launchpad told DarkWing, then DarkWing told the others “Well keep a eye out for a giant ship, we need to crash right into it”
The heroes then searched for a ship, they then saw two ships off in a distance shooting at eachother, Zurg said “We have ENTERED a Ship shoot out, we must ELIMINATE one of them” Launchpad then Crashed into a Red ship.

The Rescue Rangers

Chip’N’Dale ran off while Monterey Jack stayed up on the ceiling of the room they were in
“Come on Dale! I have a perfect prank for Oogie Boogie!” Chip said, then Dale caught up to Chip, as they made it to the next room they looked down and saw the Frog’s Breath container. “One second Chip, we need to get that, first, take out the rope Chip” Dale told him.

Chip, then took out the rope, & threw it down to the frog’s breath, Dale quickly snatched it up, and they gave it to Monterey Jack, who ran back to the resistance base.

DarkWing’s group

After crashing, a Red Outfitted Pirate walked out and swiped his sword forward

“Who might the be?” Captain Hook asked, then Nick told him “We’re the heroes that will end this Virus forever, but why would you care, you need to worry more bout that ugly hat you got on more than anything” this angered Captain Hook. “Smee! Take these fools to out to the bottom of the ship!” CapTain Hook said. “Oh, why yes sir” Smee told him, then he threw the heroes down to the prison and locked the door.

The Rescue Rangers
“Ok, so now we have all the ingredients! So let’s have fun Dale!” Chip said excitedly, they both then put down a bear trap in Oogie Boogie’s seat, Put marbles all over the room, and rolled toilet paper everywhere, unknowingly To the duo,Dr. Facilier’s friends from the other side saw this, and grabbed the two, and took them down to a basement, where there were Creeps everywhere. Chip’N’Dale were then quickly Infected with the virus. “Oh why, I can’t believe my eyes, I can’t believe them, there were two pranksters trying to spy on me? Spy on me? And the ingredient is gone? It is? I can’t believe my eyes!” Oogie Boogie sang.

DarkWing’s group
While in the room, the heroes saw a young looking boy in a green tunic

“Why now I have company! I’m Peter Pan, will you help me defeat Captain Hook?” Peter Pan asked, “Well first, We’ll need to get out of here” DarkWing told him, then all of a sudden the door opened as a pixie flew in, the heroes then went up to see Captain Hook fight Captain Jack Sparrow, The heroes then joined Sparrow, and fought Hook.

DarkWing shot his Gas Gun at Captain Hook blinding him for just the right time for Jack to put him on the plank, Hook then looked down and saw A crocodile

“No please, don’t let him take my other hand” Captain Hook pleaded, then he was knocked off the plank, and he ran for his life trying to get away from the crocodile, Peter Pan then Joined the resistance, and they were completely prepared to defeat Oogie Boogie, Dr. Facilier, & cure the virus now.

Episode 15

“Ok, since the whole groups here, you guys should probably all go after Dr. Facilier, while me & Dr. Finkelstein make the cure” Hiro told the other heroes, then Dr. Finkelstein said “Well, yes we’ll need someone making sure none if those creeps attack us while we’re mixing the ingredients” then, Tigger decided to stay and protect the two scientists.

The heroes all go to confront Oogie Boogie

“Oh, why I can’t believe my eyes! I can’t believe em’! The heroes have come! They have finally come! HAHA!” Oogie Boogie said, as the heroes walked in to the lair, then Dr. Facilier appeared “I have friends waiting for you all from the other side!”

Then, Zurg tried shooting at him but, Facilier shot a blast of magic blasting Zurg away, knocking him unconscious.

“You’ll have to try better than that heroes… now friends attack those small hopes” Dr. Facilier told the heroes, then his Friends from the other side came out and attacked the heroes.

“Well don’t fear, Gizmoduck is finally here!” Gizmoduck said, as he rushed in, then he put out a shield around each the heroes. “Light show time!” Powerline said, as he blasted a light-show at Facilier’s other side friends, destroying them. “How… did you… do that?” Dr. Facilier asked, then RobinHood shot a arrow knocking his staff out his hand, then Dr. Facilier backed out slowly. Then, Woody threw his Lasso around his feet tripping him up. After this, Dr. Facilier’s necklace fell off shattering, and his other side friends dragged him to a fire abyss.

Hiro then contacted Gizmoduck to inform the heroes that he had finish the bomb-cure, so the heroes went back to the base

“So, the way we’ll decide who’s staying will be straws, who ever draws the smallest one… will end up going to set it off” Hiro said, then each hero pulled a straw, the one with the shortest one was… DarkWing who then said “WAIT! What?!” But then he accepted it because of Gosalyn’s future, which then Megavolt said “HA! I HAVE TO SEE THIS!”

Episode 16

After DarkWing was chosen to be the one to set off the bomb DarkWing, Launchpad, & Megavolt went to a tall tower, so the cure would spread through the whole world and not just the city, while the rest went to confront Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie’s layer
As the heroes got in Oogie Boogie said “I see, The doctor didn’t make it? Well, then he owes me since we betted on it! But you heroes will first have to deal with a fun little game! MUHUHA” then, he flipped a switch dropping the floor revealing a board game, which the heroes were thrown on the board. “Ok, guys, I think we have to stop the arrow to get back up and attack him” Woody said, then RobinHood shot one arrow at Oogie Boogie knocking him back, then Woody stopped the arrow with his Lasso. “Well, You managed to knock me back but how about I use the creeps now!” Oogie Boogie said then he pushed a button releasing creeps. “Well looks like we’ll have to multi task” Nick said, then, Nick, RobinHood, and Zurg took down the Creeps to let The triplets, Woody, Gizmoduck, and Sulley attack Oogie Boogie. “How bout I make a sweet potato pie?” Gizmoduck asked then he launched a pie at Oogie Boogie, then Gizmoduck saw the other heroes having trouble fighting the creeps and joined in their battle.

Woody stopped the arrow one last time then, The triplets threw a beartrap tearing Oogie Boogie’s body up, revealing bugs. The heroes then left and returned to the base finishing the shadow of the light of the night once in for all

Curing the virus
“Well, Gee DW I guess this is… goodbye” Launchpad said, as he began to cry. “I guess so… make sure to take care of Gosalyn for me, and Morgana… I’ll miss you all” DarkWing told his best pal, as he left to go put the bomb on the tower. “OH WHY WONT YOU HURRY UP?!” Megavolt asked impatiently, then DarkWing put the bomb on the Tower, and tried to turn it on, but then it wouldn’t turn on. “Uhhh this thing needs some sort of electrical power source…” DarkWing told the two in the plane. “ELECTRICAL? THATS MY KINDA BUSINESS!” Megavolt told them, then he came out unknowing what he was getting himself into. Then, Megavolt hooked himself up to the bomb powering it up. After that, Launchpad flew away, and DarkWing set off the bomb.

Launchpad in the plane
“I can’t believe he’s gone…” Launchpad said, then he saw the cure spreading, and saw that the virus was going away. “Wowza! It’s working!” He said, distracted by all the creeps turning back into citizens Launchpad crashed into the Resistance base.

The resistance
“Looks like we did it” Hiro said, every hero was amazed, then all of a sudden QuackerJack asked “Where’s my buddy Sparky?!” The room went silent, and Launchpad said “He charged up the bomb, and went down with it” QuackerJack, then was changed for the rest of his life by this event, no longer was he a villain, he chose to be a actual hero for good, since Megavolt went down one.

A few weeks later
The virus was completely gone, then, after this every hero attended the funeral for Baymax, Scrooge, DarkWing, & Megavolt. Mickey was declared king, RobinHood took Gosalyn as his prodigy, Huey, Dewey, & Louie became rich, smart, & adventurous Businessmen, while the others all had very peaceful lives, and most importantly all was fine in the world after this, until one day…

•Huey, Dewey, & Louie
•Nick Wilde
•Mr. Incredible
•Edna Mode
•Jack Jack
•King Louie
•Jack Skellington
•The Rescue Rangers
•Honey Lemon
•Peter Pan
•Dr. Finkelstein

•Hades (Side Villain)
•Mother Gothel (Side villain)
•Oogie Boogie (main villain of season 2)
•Lock (Henchman)
•Beagle Boys (Henchmen)
•Ursula (Side villain)
•Dr. Facilier (Main villain of season 2)
•Clayton (Side Villain)
•Jafar (Side villain)
•Captain Hook (Side Villain)
•Smee (Henchman)

Lost Episodes

Episode 0.9.2-16.1 "To The Moon! Pt.2"

We return to the Moon with Ducky, Bunny, Calhoun, Wall-E, & Eve, they’re setting up a camp at the moon, when all of a sudden Ducky & Bunny stumble upon the Moonlanders.

“Wow! There’s more people here!” Ducky said excitedly, then the duo went to check the civilians. “Why hello there uhhhh… Moonlander!” Bunny said, then the leader of the moonlanders Lunaris said “Well, welcome, a duck and a bunny hmmmmm” then, he brought them to a room where they met a female duck named Della.

“Look’s like I’ve finally got company!” Della said, as the two came in, then the three were all brought to a spaceship. “Well, Della, you’ll be leaving soon, to go to earth, you can take these two with you” Lunaris said, then the three were thrown onto the rocket, and launched to earth.

On the rocket
“Ducky, didn’t we just leave earth to escape that virus thing?” Bunny asked, then Ducky said “Oh yea! They probably already dealt with that” Confused and concerned Della asked “… What virus?!” Which the duo said “About a year ago or so, there was a virus outbreak on earth caused by some wacky game developers, which then was spread across our worlds faster than light“ Della then said, “Well, I hope they dealt with that, and I sure hope my boys are alright”

*The trio then landed on earth, and saw a massive Explosion, with gas chemicals all over where they were, they saw creeps try to attack them, then turn into regular civilians, the trio then, made their way to the central point of the city where Della met Huey, Dewey, & Louie, her sons, while Ducky & Bunny hung out with King Louie & Gonzo

Episode ♾ "Opposite Day"


This universe was similar to the NegaVerse in some ways, but it had differences to that universe also, this was the ChronoVerse, where the whole world is divided, this universe has Cults running around, mad men causing havoc, no heroes to save the day, and no government this universe is utter chaos

“Peter, we should kill that old scum bag Hook” a lost boy said while all the lost boys and pirates were circled around the King of this Land, Peter Pan. “Then He shall beheaded at noon! HAHAHA!” Peter Pan declared.

Hobo Street
Now, this street was full of random characters who didn’t fit in at all, such as Louie, Gonzo, Lotso, Yax, The Big Bad Wolf, and more.

“Ugh, those other groups need to hurry up and go extinct!” The Big Bad Wolf said, then Lotso said “In due time my friend they will all perish”

DuckBurg:Clan McDuck
DuckBurg was taken over by a evil clan of McDuck family long ago, their family have been the rulers for centuries now

“These useless crooks don’t know how to actually commit crimes!” Dewey said, as he watched the city just look normal, then Huey approached him and gave a idea, “Well, brother Dewford, we shall be the ones to do actually crimes, how about war on the other clans?”

St.Carnard: Justice Ducks & Fearsome 4
“DarkWarrior, it’s time to in act the Armageddon device, the other groups are planning on war, so nows, the perfect time to kill everything and everbody in our world” Gizmoduck said, then, DarkWarrior said, “well, I can get Launchpad to fly me up there to the watch tower, and set off the Armageddon device”

The End of the World
So, as said earlier, all clans ended up going in war. All of some clans died in this war, such as the Monsters, and Toys, but after the war ended, DarkWarrior set off the Armageddon device, blowing up their whole universe, leaving nothing in it, the universe was complete darkness, no hope, no light, just plain Darkness

Episode 0.0.1"Guild Tales PT.1: Que The Beginning!”

“WELL, WELL, WELL, PT IS IT?” The virus asked his creator as he reached forward to grab PT, and take him as his hose. “THIS IS MUCH BETTER!” The infected PT said, as the virus took over his body.

“Blue, where’s PT?” Spy-D asked, then Blue22 said, “He said he was going to make a game for those weird heroes or something.” Then, the two heard a loud creek, as the infected PT bursted out of a nearby window. “WHY ISN’T IT GREAT TO SEE YOU GUYS!” The infected PT said, then Spy-D and Blue22 ran away, the chase was on!

Lost Heroes
•Della Duck

Crew Members
@SpiderHog (Captain/Writer)
@C-train (Co-Writer)
@BrodyBoi22 (Co-Writer/ Reviewer)


Was episode 1 crazy or not

Two deaths

Two ingredients found

Don’t worry folks, each episode will be even crazier then the last…with some few surprise rebellion recruits each episode

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Is the demon bill cipher? He is dream demon and baymax is dead?

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Episode 2 is out!

More heroes join the fight

And now things are getting more crazier

It’s time to spin it

If you added tigger why not adding winnie the pooh and piglet

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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! let see if season 2 is bettter than Season 1!

Do you think Winnie the Pooh & Piglet would be good at fighting creeps off?

Maybe they could be more of a supporting character like joy?

But they’re not planned for season 2…

Episode 3 is out now!

Also… I didn’t plan on Kida being added to the game when this episode came out… or even the whole series! It was always intended for Kida to join the roster in my series! :grin:

Anyways so far which season better has better episodes?

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Lost episodes
  • I can’t decide!

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I know, I was just saying they could still work, keep up the good work on the series btw

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Who are the rescue rangers?

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