Disney’s Last Hope Season 3: Next Gen

Set 10 years after Season 2, This season will definitely be different from the first 2! ENJOY!!!


Episode 17

10 years after the Cure
Our heroes see theirselves all being productive though there was a lost in this time Merlin, who had a huge wizard duel with Maleficent, now for us to check in on each of these heroes

The Lab
“So, Fenton, you say we should improve your suit with my nano bots?” Hiro asked, then Fenton said “Yes! The Nano bots are much more durable than my flimsy suit” then Hiro began to build some technology for Fenton Crackshell. “I see my interns are off task as usual, I told you two that our bosses want us to make OmniBoards, and ZeroG trains” Gyro said as he came into the room, “Oh alright Mr. Gearloose” Fenton said.

Archer Competition
Here, we see five archers get into a competition to declare who the best archer was, the competitors were, RobinHood, Merida, Gaston, Cassandra, and a new face QuaverWing Quack! “Remember all I taught you young one, because this is no longer about luck” RobinHood told QuaverWing with a smirk, then each archer shot a arrow, the first to be eliminated was none other than Gaston! Then, the archers had to shoot a small apple out of the sky, QuaverWing & RobinHood shot it down easily, while Cassandra slipped and missed then she too was out. Then, there were three, Which they had to face each other in a archer duel. QuaverWing & RobinHood teamed up on Merida, getting her out then fought each other. RobinHood tried shooting QuaverWing, but each shot missed, then she jumped up behind him & landed a shot perfectly hitting him. QuaverWing had won the tournament!

Trisome ducks enterprises
“Guys! I have idea! Why don’t we go explore the moon! Or better Mars!” Dewey said, at a meeting then Huey said “Well, we need to plan all the variables of this first” They could hear Louie snoring in boredom of the meeting. Then, the brothers ended the meeting.

The airport
“This is pilot Mcquack how may I help you?” Launchpad asked his passengers before he began flight. Then Launchpad took each of his passengers to their destination. “Uhhh, this job is tiring, I miss the old days, of crashing, being a hero, and adventuring” Launchpad said as made it back to the airport.

The Kingdom
“Goofy! Stop sleeping! King Mickey said for us to go and see him!” Donald told Goofy trying to wake him up. “Gwarsh! The king wants us?” Goofy said, then the duo went to King Mickey. “Donald, Goofy, I need for you two, to find the old resistance members, I have something to inform them all of” King Mickey said, to the duo, then the two ran off to search for each member.

Episode 18

“Ummmm Donald… who are the resistance again?” Goofy asked confused to who they were. “Well Goofy, do you remember that virus that happened 10 years ago? You probably hardly remember since you were one of the first to get infected, but look the heroes of that virus, were the resistance, most the group split up and went their separate paths, but they’re probably still keeping in touch with the others” Donald told them, then the two went to Risktakers smoothies and bowling shack, they’re favorite place to go.

At the Risktakers smoothies & Bowling Shack

“Looks like our favorite customers are here Gonzo!!” Louie said as the two came in the shack, “Wowza! You two should know that we plan to go on a little road trip soon, so we’re closing shop down in a couple of weeks” Gonzo said, then the two owners called for a employee “Oswald!!!” They yelled, then a Rabbit flew by and asked “Yes sir?” Then Donald & Goofy looked confused “You look familiar, do you know King Mickey?” They asked, then Oswald said “Ohhhhh, my younger brother… of course I know him” Goofy and Donald then asked “BROTHER?! Wait, do you know anything about the resistance?” Gonzo, Louie, & Oswald all looked shocked the two brung it up “Yes! We were all apart of it!” The three workers said, Donald and Goofy were both shocked that people like Louie & Gonzo were real heroes, that cured the virus, then the two left and brung them to the castle. “Goofy, our next stop will be at Threesome Ducks enterprises, my nephews…” Donald told Goofy then, they were off!

At Trisome Ducks Enterprises

“Aw Phooey! My nephews became rich trillionares!” Donald said as they walked up to a massive mansion, then they knocked on the door and Huey answered the door. “Uncle Donald?” Huey asked, then he welcomed them in the mansion where they sat on the couch with Louie, “Sup, Uncle Donald” Louie said while switching the channel on the TV. “What brings you two here?” Huey asked, then Donald said, “Well, the King asks for all the old resistance members, and you three, and your scientists were all in the resistance right?” Donald asked, then Huey called for Dewey, Hiro, and Fenton. “blathering blatherskite" Fenton said, then the Gizmoduck suit attached to him, and he said “Gizmoduck is here!” And the heroes went to the kingdom. “Gwarsh Donald, I heard there was a Archer Competition earlier, and the king talked about a legendary archer in one of his stories named RobinHood” Goofy said then the two went to the Archer Competition.

Archer Competition

The two had just got there, after the competition ended. “Where’s RobinHood?!” Donald asked, then a gentleman spoke up “Well, I be right here sir” it was RobinHood, then QuiverWing Quack and RobinHood walked up to Donald and Goofy, “Well, who’s the other archer?” Goofy asked. “I’m QuaverWing Quack! I’m also, RobinHood’s prodigy” QuaverWing said. Then, the two heroes were informed of the meeting, and left. “Ok Goofy, we’ll need to go to the Airport for our next stops!” Donald said.

At the Airport

“Hello gentlemen” Launchpad said as they came into the plane, “Where would you like to go?” He asked. “Well, Donald and I need to go to this Halloween Concert” Goofy said, then Launchpad immediately knew where they needed to go, the Powerline concert in Halloween Town.

Halloween Town

“Seein’ it eye to eye Eye to eye
For the first time” Powerline sang at the concert, Donald, Goofy, & Launchpad all watched in aw as he sung. Then, Animal hit his drums, while QuackerJack was handing out Balloons. After, the concert was finished Jack came out, and greeted people. After, all of that Donald and Goofy told Powerline, Launchpad, Animal, QuackerJack, & Jack all about the meeting, then all the heroes went to the Kingdom to have the meeting.

The Kingdom

“Ok, resistance, now that we’re all here, I must tell you all that I’ve discovered hints of some evil organization, that is planning to take over our worlds as we know it” Mickey told the heroes, then the heroes all heard a huge boom coming from outside.

Episode 19

“Well, sorry to say it friends but that will be our exit… bye!” Louie said, then he grabbed Gonzo and the two ran away.

Then, after Louie and Gonzo left the other heroes ran out side, to see a group of villains. Don Karnage, BushRoot, Liquidator, Shere Khan, BellWether, Glomgold, and NegaDuck. The heroes then charged to battle the villains

“Here comes a nice cold punch from Liquidator©” Liquidator said, as he punched QuakerJack. “Oh come on! No fair! Bushy and Liquidator are trying to fight me, well here goes nothing!” QuackerJack said, then he tagged Liquidator electrocuting him, and knocked BushRoot into a weedkiller.

RobinHood began to battle with NegaDuck, while Jack, Powerline, and Animal fought against Don Karnage and Shere Khan.

“How bout we rock these two out to our routine bros!” Powerline said, then He Got out his birthday boom box and blasted out a loud song while Animal loudly hit his drums, which hurt Shere Khan’s ears, then Jack threw pumpkins at Don Karnage, “This Skellington fellow is being really annoying, huh Shere khan… oh no, welp, strike, strike, strike, then.” Don Karnage then, Sliced up the pumpkins, which then out of no where King Mickey bursted out the castle with a Keyblade and easily defeated him in a duel.

RobinHood wasn’t doing to good against NegaDuck, who slashed his chest leaving a massive scar. QuaverWing saw this and shot right at NegaDuck tying him up

“Louie, throw down a beartrap, dewey sling shot the shrinking seeds” Huey said, then his brothers did just that knocking Glomgold out. “Huey, shoot the sheep with the gun now!” Dewey said, then he shot the gun at Bellwether, shrinking her down into a tiny little speck.

Then all of a sudden there was a massive robotic mech that stabbed right through RobinHood who was at the entrance of the castle, right before he took his last breaths he pushed a button putting a barrier around the castle, then the Robot ran away to a unknown location

“No, RobinHood…” QuaverWing cried out, in horror, she then began to cry, she then had a flashback to 10 years ago.

10 years ago: “QuaverWing Flashback”
“Gosalyn, I know that one day, you’ll be as great a hero as me, or maybe, just maybe a even better hero than me, can you promise me, that you’ll continue to save this city, and the citizens, for as long as you can?” DarkWing asked his daughter right before having to leave, to set off the bomb. “I promise dad, I’ll be a great hero! I’ll try to do everything I can, but no one can ever replace you dad. No one will ever be the next DarkWing Duck” Gosalyn told him, then the two hugged eachother. “Goodbye Gosalyn” DarkWing said, with a tear droplet falling from his cheek, “Goodbye dad” Gosalyn said, crying tears all the way down her face. Then, DarkWing patted her head “I believe in you” he said, and then, he was gone.

Episode 20

RobinHood had a funeral, and was buried right infront of the castle, then the heroes planned on finding out who controlled the mech

“Mickey, I know exactly who built that robot, at least I think I do!” Oswald shouted, then he whispered to Mickey the name, “Oh my, Resistance, you’ll need to go to wasteland immediately!” Mickey told the heroes. Then, they were off. But then, Goofy asked, “uhhh Mickey how do we get there?” Then, Mickey revealed a map across a table, “Jump through, you’ll be there in a jiffy!”

The heroes then all jumped into the map, into a whole new world, that looked quit abandoned

“Ok guys, we’ll find out who this is real quick, we’ll just ask the greatest detective in town! Horace Horsecollor!” Oswald told the others, then they went into the shop. “Oswald! What might bring you here? Boy has it been a long time friend! I thought you forgot about wasteland! And, who are these new friends of yours?” Horace asked. Then, Oswald told him everything “Well, these are the resistance, we’re here because King Mickey sent us, and we want to know, if you know who this person controlling this mech is bud” Oswald gave him a photo of it, then Horace examined the Robot, “hmmm interesting I’ll need more time to find out who this is, you could bring more evidence for me, that would be a big help in this investigation” Horace told them.

The resistance then left, to find that giant robot

“Well, that robot should be around here somewhere” Oswald said, then Huey said “Well, I think that this robot is right there…” Then the robot jumped down ready to fight the heroes

Episode 21

The resistance members prepared themselves as the robot let out a horrible screech and tried to claw at the heroes but they jumped out the way and started to fight the robot with jack skellington throwing flaming pumpkins and Donald casting explosive spells on the robot

All of a sudden, louie and his group ran up to where they all were and stared in shock at the fight that was going on “holy banana splits” louie yelled, kim possible and gonzo wasted no time in joining the fight.

Jack tried to avoid the swinging arms since his thin and nimble body allowed him to avoid stuff like that…but unfortunately, he got his head chopped off by a swinging claw attack, but luckily he was already dead so it did not affect him, meanwhile gonzo fired himself at the robot and took out the left arm meanwhile goofy and gizmoduck are shocked at the Fact Jack was missing a head but all of a sudden, speedy gonzales tried to trip up the robot by taking out the legs with his speed but unfortunately he got kicked away and then animal then drums a soundwave at the robot which manages to tip the robot…but unfortunately the robot fell right onto poor animal.

After the fight, louies team ran off towards Olympus “yeah we succeeded and that’s the facts” huey said in victory “but…we lost animal”.

The whole team went silent with sadness knowing that they just lost one of their members in the fight but they were determined to continue on with their mission.

“These robotic parts make sense to me now!!!” Horace said as he looked at the parts “these are blotworx parts and only one man can be responsible for this!!!” Everyone looked confused at what horace was trying to say but oswald knew who he was talking about
“He’s back” Oswald said.

Episode 22

After destroying that robot the heroes all found themselves going into a restaurant for a pit stop, where they met Linguini & Remy

“Where’s my lasagna!” An orange cat in the crowd asked, then Linguini said, “In a minute!” Then the orange cat said, “Let’s go home, Odie” then the Cat and a dog left the restaurant.

The heroes then, ordered a nice long meal, after they all ate they left the restaurant to make their way back to the kingdom, since the projectors from Mean Street brought them to france

Back at the Kingdom

“We’re back!” Mickey, we know where that robot came from!” Oswald told him, then Oswald whispered something in his ear. “Of course! You’ll need tp split into teams, some of you will need to stay in case in of those giant robots attack the kingdom, while others look for clues, and fight the threat head on!” Mickey told the heroes

Gizmoduck, Hiro, Donald, Goofy, and what’s left of Jack’s head stayed with King mickey while the rest all looked for clues to crack this mystery for good!

Episode 23

And so the team splited up to go find clues about the location of the man who was responsible for the robots attack so they ended up deciding to split themselves up to go search in different worlds.


“Hurry up sulley…we are having a laugh shortage today” mike wazowski said nervously as he was rushing to find his stuff “calm down mikey…your the top laugh collector” sulley said chuckling

After all that, mike and sulley walked into monster’s inc where they were greeted by Powerline and quackerjack searching through several files “golly…I can’t seem to find anything!!!” Quackerjack said before he was cut off by mike “hey!!! What’s the big idea!!!” Mike yelled out “ah-ha…a clue” Powerline said with a smile

Sulley was confused “what do you guys mean by a clue??”

Powerline and quackerjack told sulley and mike the situation and the duo agreed to join them…although mike was unsure about it.

Hundred acre woods

Oswald and launchpad searched through the woods for any clues about the possible hideout but was unsuccessful at first…but all of a sudden, a familiar face pounced on launchpad “well…aren’t you fella’s sights for bouncy eyes” tigger said in a proud voice “your breaking my ribs” launchpad said, after tigger got off he decided to show the duo to his friends and they all welcomed them with open arms.

“You want a clue right” a voice said near poohs howse, “um yeah…who said that”.

Then all of a sudden, a very familiar face appeared “did you strangers forget that I can absorb electrical powers…electricity can’t kill…who are you guys…and who am i” megavolt rambled on


“The pridelands are save from the darkness for now” simba said “by sir…there are strangers down their”

Huey duey and louie were checking out the pridelands in order to find a clue but with no such luck yet “ugh…when are we going to find this clue” louie yelled “eventually calm down” duey said.

Simba and nala came down from the rock to investigate them “excuse me…what you all doing here” huey spoke up “well sir…we are looking for a clue to a hideout” Zazu flapped down “oh…you mean this machine part right here” huey and duey were amazed “yeah that’s the one…thanks”

“We’ll come with you…zazu!!! Watch the pridelands while we’re gone”


Quiverwing quack and horace were exploring st canard but were not searching for clues since they saw a shadowy man entering the city and they wanted to know who he was but they were shocked by what they found

In the center of town, stegmutt, neptunia and woody was cornered by a shadowy man with a gun “we gotta help those people!!!” Quiverwing quickly jumped into action and shot arrows as the man tried to run away but horace trips the man up and woody lassos him but…

The man and woody fell into the freezing ocean below…they both died but woody died trying to help his team again.

“Operation blot…we got to find mickey…now!!!” Horace yelled as the team went off to go find the town and meet back up with the others.

Episode 24

meanwhile back at wasteland

hiro managed to put jacks head back on his body as king Mickey’s group waited for the other teams to come back with clues of the whereabouts of the one who was responsible for the robot attacks “garswh!!! I see horace and quiverwing coming” goofy spotted the two running towards them “mickey!!! mickey!!!” Mickey noticed the two running at them frantically “whoa what’s going on fellas!!! Did you guys find the hideout??” horace handed mickey a mysterious file “we found this while we were in St. Canard…its worse then we thought”

hiro looked into the file and gained a shocked look on his face when he was finished looking through it “this…is bad”.
The other teams came back just as hiro said those words “whats bad dude” powerline said confused. Mickey saw that hiro’s expression meant something was wrong, “hiro…what’s with that look on your face?”.

hiro was about to say something but then all of a sudden, they heard a huge crash coming from near the castle, “what is that sound!?!” everyone ran towards the castle to see what was wrong.

“Is that a blot??” Gimzoduck asked “not just any blot gizmo…a phantom blot” mickey said as they witnessed a fearsome blot destroying wastelands castle and the pieces of the castle falling to the ground.

“oh boy…here we go again” goofy said as he got out his shield

Episode 25

Each hero attempted to fight the blot to no prevail

“This foe is much more powerful than expected…” GizmoDuck said as none of his lasers manage to harm the blot. “Awwww, that’s no fun! I can’t harm this thing at all!” QuackerJack complained as none of his destructive toys worked. The heroes continued to fail to defeat the blot, as it continued to destroy the kingdom.

Mickey looked at the blot and drew out a keyblade, he jumped up and shot a beam of light bursting the blot all around into tinier blots

“Now for us to attack!” Gizmoduck told the others as they ran over to fight the tiny blots. “Aha! This is much easier” QuackerJack boasted out as he destroyed five blots. “Take this!” Donald yelled as he fired a fiery beam towards the blots burning them to ash. There were only three blots left, all shot down by QuaverWing’s arrows. After the battle, the heroes told Mickey all of the clues. Then Mickey questioned Hiro again “What is it pal?”

Episode 26

“What is it pal?”

Mickey asked hiro this question after the resistance defeated the fearsome phantom blot, hiro at first said nothing…looking like he knew something that they didn’t “hiro…are you ok bro?” Powerline said confused “…mickey…i have a confession to make” hiro started off as the other resistance members looked at him in confusion, hiro looked at everyone for a second…and then finally spoke.

“Mickey…i…i had a part in help with building those robots that tried to kill all of you” hiro confessed, everyone was in shock at what hiro just said “hahahaha good joke hiro…your funny…is that a joke?” Tigger said “I Don’t think he’s joking” goofy said sadly.

“I mean no harm though…i was convinced into doing it by bad guys…they said if I helped in creating a new virus…they would bring back baymax” donald was mad and tried to run at hiro “TRAITOR TRAITOR!!!” Donald yelled as goofy held him back “but…they must have inserted their own evil chip into him…because now…he’s a vicious killing machine who feels no remorse and is more stronger then the other baymax…im sorry” hiro said in a remorseful tone.

“Hiro…you can still help us…tell us who the villains are” mickey said in a calm yet saddened tone.

Before hiro could answer, the now evil baymax(with red glowing eyes and purple and black armor) bursted through one of the castle walls…holding a white rabbit in red overalls by its neck before throwing him down and then flying and grabbing hiro in order to silence him and take him away.

“Hiro!!!” Everyone yelled except for Roger rabbit…who was hiding behind goofy “i-i-is that evil giant marshmallow gone” roger said…before then looking up to see the same thing they were all looking at.

The Resistance
•QuaverWing Quack
•King Louie
•Jack Skellington
•Daffy Duck
•Horace Horsecollar
•Kim Possible

•Shere Khan (Side)
•NegaDuck (Side)
•Bellwether (Side)
•BushRoot (Side)
•Liquidator (Side)
•Don Karnage (Side)
•Glomgold (Side)

Lost Episodes

The Wizard Duel

Ok, remember that wizard duel we were talking about? With Merlin & Maleficent? Well, this is the whole thing

“Merlin, you must deal with Maleficent, and fast! If not she’ll take over our kingdom, and turn everything into eery darkness!” King Mickey said, then Merlin asked “Well, your majesty, why mustn’t any other sorcerers aid me on this journey?” Mickey told him all the reasons, “All of them can’t come, we don’t know Morgana’s location, Yen Sid has to help out around the castle, and the rest are mostly evil”

Then, Merlin searched for Maleficent, he only found her once he saw a massive Green Blast off fire come from the ground up, then all of a sudden Chernabog was summon

“MUHAHAHAHA! Fool, you should just let me take over the kingdom! Instead you’re here wasting your time!” Maleficent told him as he came up to prepare a Duel with them.

Then, all of a sudden there was a zap, it came from none other than Zummi Gummi, who joined Merlin in the Wizard Duel

“I’ll take Maleficent Zummi, you take Chernabog” Merlin told Zummi Gummi, then Zummi Gummi went “Uhmmm, sure thing uhmmm I’ll do that”

Zummi Gummi then shot a massive of Magic, freezing him into stone.

“No! You fools! You’ll pay for that!” Maleficent told the two sorcerers. “Zummi Gummi, you shall run, I’m bout to use the strongest spell I have against Maleficent” Merlin said, then Zummi Gummi teleported away.

Maleficent then became a massive Dragon and shot out Green fire right at Merlin. Then, all of a sudden, there were small light particles swarming towards Merlin’s wand, until he was ready, he stood there getting shot with the fire. Then, all of a sudden Merlin released all of his Energy vanquishing both Merlin & Maleficent in the explosion of light

GuildTales Pt.2 “MegaloVirus”

On a normal day Blue22 was walking downtown then as he was turning off his phone from talking to Spy-D on Discord.

Later he saw a portal three buildings away ahead of him, as he stood there not surprised that Creeps came running out to circle him.

Blue22 stood there in an angry way, wanting to not do any fight he said, “Listen i know you want to kill me but can you do it tomorrow? I’m not feeling in the mood to fight today.”

Before anything he noticed about One- Hundred, so he was annoyed.

Right after one of the creeps sliced at him, as he dodged with no hesitation.

Blue22 annoyed and mad at the creeps finally, he said, “Wanna fight, then fine, i’ll do this for as long as you want, even if it takes until the end of the year.”

Right after a sword appears and it hits the creep right into the forehead.

With no hesitation five more creeps swing at him and he dodges, again throwing swords into all of their chests.

Blue22 looks down, then showing a purple fire in his eye, he looks up to say, “I’m in that mood to fight again, so good luck.”

A new circle forms closer to him of ten creeps ready to shoot at him, right when they shoot he jumps very high up so fast it was like teleportation, or was so, Blue22 then makes ten 22 blasters all around him and shoots down to get rid of the creeps.

Blue22 looks at the creeps and then uses Blue Hearts, Sword Slices, 22 Blasters, and his Techno Scythe to take down all the creeps.

After a while, Blue22 notices only Twenty-Two left, with a smile he says, “ Twenty-Two left huh, well if that’s so this will be very fun, after all, i am Blue22!”

After he uses a 22 Blaster on one, then the next coming after him, the Creep Swordfighter Master, comes after him, who was supposed to be the last so,and causes Blue22 to use his Scythe for a sword as they have a very long fight.

After a while Blue22 gets barley sliced, but still, sliced on his body, and now he looks down saying, “Well, you hit me, but it’s not enough to get rid of me.”

He says as he then he looks up where his other eye is now Orange, a Purple and Orange set of eyes.

He then shoots many swords into his chest then raises him up, shoots gaster blasters at him left, right, up, and down, all direction, then he hits the floor, as now the Swordfighter master, gone.

After that, he’s weak, he spawns a radio and sets off some kind of music for a game, then as a creep shoots at him he teleports away, as then one of the creeps find out it’s the Sonic Theme for Green Hill Zone, and they look on top of a building to see a , a penguin? Okay i guess, then they see that the penguin has an AK-47, well it seems to be Sanic, crazy.

At Blue22’s base he is on the floor, glitching out, then from a mile away you can hear a loud Zap from the base, Blue22 stands up to see himself in a mirror, looking like a glitch, or, an Error.

An Error Sans, but as him, an Ink Sans, a Gamer sans, an Original Sans, but now added…

An Error Sans.

To the moon! Pt.3

Coming soon!

Lost Heroes
•Zummi Gummi
•Sanic (Not the meme)

Crew Members!
@SpiderHog - Producer/Writer/Creator
@GingerbreadCT - CoWriter/SidePlot creator
@BrodyBoi22 - Reviewer/Brainstormer
@Bunny_Cat - CoWriter/SidePlot creator


Episode 3 of this season is out now!

Episode 19 of the series!

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Spiderhog studios presents

A motion picture by here to stay

Louie and gonzo in…

part 1

Louie and gonzo were best friends who both were part of the resistance who cured the whole city…although they both were not very prominent in that story.both heroes thought the story was over and they were now working at their very own smoothie shop and they were on good terms with everyone in the city so they had no worries…until the city got attacked by villains and they got outta there.

“Phew that was close…we almost got split up like bananas” louie said “but what do we do now” gonzo asked “we go on that road trip we talked about…you know…to Olympus”.

Louie and gonzo’s roadtrip was planned from the start. They would follow pathways and go towards the mighty mountain Olympus where gods live on the top past the golden gates on the top of the tallest mountain.

“So how do we get there” gonzo asked “we’ll get there…but first…a song”

“Oh jesus christ”

We’re on our way
The others will be there to save the day
Oh, no villains?! Well we bailed
Now for a grand ol’ tale!

Here we go
Going to the city
Treasure and adventure awaits
Far away from home

Only two of us
But what can they really do to us
Olympus is calling
For too long we been stalling


Here we go again
Start the show again
Another quest
Probably another brawl fest
I can’t believe that he talked me into this

Can’t we just turn around and go back
Be with the allies that got our back


C’mon gonzo don’t be a coward


Louie I don’t think this will go so well


That’s what makes it fun
Cause our journey has already begun

We’re on our way
The others will be there to save the day
Oh, no villains?! Well we bailed
Now for a grand ol’ tale!

This will be our tale!!!


Love that you included Oswald


He’s one of my all time favorite characters in Disney’s Archive! So we just had to include him!!!

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part 2

Louie and gonzo had been walking through the woods for day’s and were pretty much lost at this point as they looked for a way towards the path to mount Olympus.

“Louie…it looks like were going in circles!!!” Gonzo and louie in fact were going in circles and louie looked at his map he got and he finds out that the pathway was leading into a weird looking portal “hmmm a portal…don’t see that everyday”

Louie and gonzo were getting ready to enter the portal but then all of sudden…a black duck in boxing gear and a robe jump up from behind a bush and started swinging at the air.

“Put them up!!! Put them up!!!” Louie and gonzo tried to calm him down “whoa there feathers…we ain’t here to be threats” louie said “oh…well you caught me on a bad day” the duck said with a scowl “what happened to you that caused you to scare us like that”

The duck introduced himself as daffy duck and explained that a wolf stole his newly won melody award and threw it into a furnace which sent daffy into a rage as he swore revenge.

“Wow…that sucks” louie said “yeah…I heard wolfy was going to a portal in the middle of nowhere so I decided to wait and then jump out to punch his teeth down his throat” daffy said proudly “do you want to go with us” gonzo said “to get revenge on that stupid wolf…count me in”.

With the fight ready daffy duck in their team, louie and gonzo decided to go into the portal…unknowning what will be lying within.

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What daffy duck doing in disney disney unless its crossover betweem warner bros and dos disney

What’s lmao

It’s basically lol

part 3

The portal led the trio into a city filled with folks that seemed to be black and white and other colors too…it was wasteland!!! A world of forgotten toons where oswald the lucky rabbit was their technical king.

Daffy was stunned to see such a beautiful city hidden within a portal “wow…I never knew about such a land” louie and gonzo decided to ask around town about the whereabouts of Olympus meanwhile daffy was chilling out until he saw a familiar face.

“Hey!!! Your that wolf that tried to destroy my legacy!!!” The big bad wolf stopped in his tracks and looked at daffy with a hungry look on his face “whatcha gonna do ducky huh” daffy quickly charged at the wolf who blowed him away with a strong wind from his mouth, sending him flying into a box of props and costumes.

Louie and gonzo quickly came to fight the wolf who kept blowing them away with strong gusts of wind “we need to shut that mouth up” louie said then all of a sudden, daffy rose out of the box wearing a new costume “stop there evildoer in the name of justice…for I am…ummm” louie then whispered something in his ear “that’s good!!! I am…scarlet pumpernickel!!!” Daffy said as he charged in with his sword and swung at the wolf, knocking him back.

Then all of a sudden, a tiny fast streak tripped up the wolf then a grappling hook came out of nowhere and tied him up “victoria!!!” The streak stopped and standing there was a tiny mouse in a sombrero “hola amigos” daffy knew the mouse right away “speedy gonzales!!! What are you doing here” then all of a sudden, a teenage girl dropped down and stood up “he’s with me…my name is kim possible…and I’m gathering people to help me in taking out the new evils of this world…before bedtime” speedy nodded “sì amigos she found me and we became amigos”

So kim and speedy led the way as they moved towards a rumbling sound near the center of the city and they were determined to find out what it is

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part 4

So, after fighting that robot with the other heroes Louie, Gonzo, and their team decided to make their way to Wacky Woods to recruit more heroes on their road trip to Olympus.

“Here we are Gonzo! Our first pit stop!” Louie said as they got into the woods, “HELLO! Anybody here?!” Gonzo asked, then all of a sudden Trolls rolled up and said, “yes, indeed there all countless of people here, you just can’t see them.”

Then, the group went and split up, looking for hidden heroes in the woods.

Gonzo thought he saw a hero similar to Baloo, so he tried to talk to him, after all he kinda still needed to pay for the damage of his plane 10 years ago.“Baloo? Uhhh, sorry bout the plane” Gonzo said, then the person turned around and knocked Gonzo out it was known other than, The Big Bad Wolf again!

While Gonzo got knocked out, LIKE ALWAYS the rest were still looking for heroes, Speedy & Daffy had found a certain Rabbit while on their search

“Bugs? Bugs! Wait Bugs?! How he get here?” Daffy asked, then Speedy was also confused, then Bugs looked at them, and he had a very scared look on his face. “Guys, you gotta help me, that hunter guy is gonna kill me!” He said, “and he found friends!” Then Daffy & Speedy brought him to the others who had found, Kermit and Rex.“Where’s Gonzo?” Louie asked. “I don’t know” everyone said, then there was a shadow that swooshed through the bushes. “I have him! MUHAHAHAHA! And now I’ll blow you all away!” The big bad wolf said.

The wolf then blowed massive waves of wind, blowing Louie, Kim, and Speedy away. Then, Daffy swung his sword at him, while Bugs threw a small explosive at him, the wolf fell dropping gonzo, and ran away into the unknown

“Next time I’ll see those heroes I’ll be prepared, especially since I’ve found this! MUHAHAHAHA!” The Big Bad Wolf said with a huge grin.

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What happened to part 4?

Accidentally put part 5 instead of part 4

Its changed now

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Spierhog Studios presents…

While the heroes are in Wasteland, what is going on in the city? Let’s find out…

Part 1

Meanwhile in another dimension, A Pikachu was walking around the city, trying to find something to impress his crush…Pikachu Libre. (I can’t think of anything), Pikachu thought, (I guess it will wait till next time…AGAIN). Pikachu had a crush on Pikachu Libre since he saw her battling pokemon in the arena.

Pikachu sat down in the arena, waiting for the show to happen. “Now…the moment you all been waiting for…,” came the announcer, “I give you… THE SMASH TOURNAMENT!!!” And the crowd goes wild! The Nintenverse loved the Smash tournament. “First up,” the announcer said, “iiiiiiiissssssssss Captainnnnnnnnn Folconnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!” The crowd cheered as Captain Folcon stepped out of his ship. “And the moment you all have waiting for…the famous pokemon wrestler…Pikachu Libre!!!” Millions of fans cheered loud when Pikachu Libre appeared for battle. (Yes. There she is…), Pikachu thought, (my true love. I wish I could have the courage to ask you out).
“Now battle stage is Pokemon Stadium 2!” Yelled the announcer as the arena turn into Pokemon Stadium 2. “Ready, set,…,” said the announcer, “Go!” But before anyone made a move, there was scream! “Huh?!” Said Pikachu as turn to see Princess Peach being attacked by…CREEPS! “What the?! That’s my job!” Yelled Bowser as he approached the creeps who were inffecting Peach. Peach turn blue with ghost white eyes. “Uh, Peach?” Bowser said as Peach yelled out “Attack! Attack!” As millions of creeps appears, infecting people.

Pikachu jump on the Stadium trying save Pikachu Libre and Captain Folcon. “What you doing?” Pikachu Libre ask Pikachu. “I’m trying to save you.” Replied Pikachu. “Well don’t need saving,” said Captain Folcon, “I am perfectly fi-” then a creep throw a bob-omb at Captain Folcon, sending him into a bunch of creeps who infect him. Then a creepy guy landed behind Pikachu Libre and kicked her to ground. “And so ends the Nintenverse,… and the Disney Universe!” The creepy guy raised a metal Stick when Pikachu headbutted him off the stage when an egg bounced off the creepy guy’s head. Pikachu caught the egg. “Now what am I going to do?!” Pikachu said as chaos unfolds around him. Then a portal appeared beside him. Pikachu looked at Pikachu Libre who was lying down weakly. Then the egg. Then the arena. (Well, it’s now or never!) Pikachu thought as he grabbed his crush. Then he jumped into the portal along with Pikachu Libre and the egg as a creep ran toward them. The portal disappears leaving the creep on the stage. “Master,” said the creep, “they have escaped.” The creepy dude got mad. “Well find them! We mustn’t have any survivors!” Yelled the creepy dude. “Yes master…” said the creep.

Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, and the egg appeared on a tall building. “You-you saved me!” Exclaimed Pikachu Libre, “but why?” “Well,” said Pikachu, “I had crush on you since I saw you battle in the Pokken tournament. And I loved every since.” Pikachu Libre walk over to Pikachu. “Listen,” started Pikachu Libre, “I was always interested into strong guys, but you…” then she kissed him on the lips. “You just saved my life.” Said Pikachu Libre. (This can’t be happening) thought Pikachu who was both happy and surprised. “Now where are we?” Asked Pikachu Libre. Pikachu looked down the edge. Then his eyes got wide open. “Uh Pikachu Libre?” Asked Pikachu, “Have you seen Ducktales?” “New or old? Why?” Ask Pikachu Libre. Then she looked down the edge. Then her eyes got wide open. They were on top of Scrooge’s money bin! The they looked over the horizon and saw they were in the Disney Universe! “Aw Crudmonkeys.” Pikachu and Pikachu Libre said.


Maybe you should make your own individual post…

That’s what I was thinking, but it’s fine

MegaloVirus is what i’m waiting for, boi send in the Script, i made it, also this is an alt.

It is uploaded boi

part 5

The team continued to walk through the woods in order to find more heroes to join their cause.

Kim possible took the lead while Kermit played his banjo and rex was trying to be brave, “AHHHHH!!!” Rex screamed as he heard a noise behind him as it turned out…it was a strawberry-blonde haired woman in a purple and magenta long vest and a black gown looking fearful.

“Who are you young lady” Kermit asked “where is my sister” the girl said “who is she talking about” louie whispered to gonzo.

The girl introduced herself as anna of Arendelle and she explained that her sister named elsa went missing one day and she headed out to find her.kim understood Anna’s situation and invited her to come with them to find her sister.

Anna nodded and they went off towards the exit to the woods and ended up at the docks where multiple ships were parked.

“Good grief” kermit said “hey bubs…how are we suppose to find more members now” bugs said with a frown.

“Looking for a way to the forest of hope” a voice said out of nowhere “where did that voice come from” gonzo asked “I don’t know gonzo but I’m sure they are not voices in your head” kermit said

All of a sudden, a orange octopus appeared from his camouflage with a coffee pot in his hands…that had a blue tang inside.“names hank…if you want to find more people…then I suggest you go there”. the team looked at each other and made up their mind “if this helps me in finding my sister…then we’ll do it”.

Hank and dory decided to go with them and they were off again to go to the forest of hope to find elsa…and more people.

Unknown to them, something sinister was following them in the shadows.

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