Dolores Madrigal Concept (#141)

Dolores Madrigal

Description: From the sound of a pin drop falling, a whole chorus from a lengthy radius of ground, to even a slight twitch of the eye, Dolores has the incredibly attentive gift of super hearing. She will utilize this gift to eavesdrop on her enemies and warn with her allies ahead of time.

Quote: “Tonight… he wants five babies…"

Role: Control
Position: Back
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, Dolores will squeak, healing herself for X HP and will cleanse all of her debuffs. Dolores is also immune to all silences, and will direct the silences to the enemy that tried to apply it to Dolores and also add in an additional 2 seconds.

Entrance: Dolores will walk in and twirl to her spot.

Victory: Dolores puts her hand on her heart and smiles

Defeat: Dolores will panic and lose control as she spills out all secrets.


White Skill:
Dolores will listen closely to every enemy and will relay back what she learned from her allies, giving them 2 stacks of hardy and determination. The enemies will also be shattered for 6 seconds and gain 6 stacks of weakness.

Green Skill:
“Music to the Ears"
Dolores will listen to her allies excitement and joy, healing herself and her allies by X HP and duplicate their active buffs onto herself. When Dolores uses this move, allies will have their remaining cool down reduced by 100%.

Blue Skill:
“Sensory Overload"
When Dolores falls under 50%, she will freak out and cover her ears as she gains a shield of X HP, 5 stacks of hardy and 5 stacks of determination. She will then accidentely reveal a secret onto her enemies, dealing X damage, and silencing them for 10 seconds. Dolores will be untargetable during this skill.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Purple Skill:
“Betrothed to Another"
When an enemy tries to silence one of Dolores’ allies, they will have their basic damage and skill power reduced by 50% and will be stunned for 8 seconds. Dolores can use this move every 10 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Hear me Out"
When Dolores uses Music to the Ears for the first time, all allies will become berserk and will have the duration of their next disable be reduced by 3 seconds. Also, Dolores and her allies will be immune to decay stacks for 8 seconds when they get hit by a crit.

  • +X Healing from Music to the Ears
  • +X Damage from Sensory Overload
  • +X Reality

Antonio Madrigal

Disk Name: “Sounds of Nature”
Disk Effect: True Damage on Silenced Enemies

Other Effects:

  1. When an enemy is silenced, Dolores and her allies will deal 15% true damage to them (+15% per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage for Dolores and her Allies
  3. +X Skill Damage for Dolores and her Allies

Campaign: (Dolores’ hearing may be far superior than most people, but it does come with its fair share of drawbacks. The overlapping sounds of the city are definitely a far cry from her remote home in Encanto, and it is more than overwhelming for Dolores to take in. Fortunately, Dolores can find comfort in her brother Antonio, her new boyfriend Mariano, and the rest of the Madrigal Family guiding her through thick and thin.)
Allies: John Silver, Chicken Little & Kirby, Huey Dewey & Louie

Sarah Sanderson


Disk Name: “Hard of Hearing"
Disk Effect: Decrease Enemy Buff Durations

Other Effects:

  1. For the first 15 seconds of combat, Enemies will have their buff durations reduced by 10% (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Armor
  3. +X Reality

Campaign: (Dolores has been hearing a rather haunting melodic sound throughout the city alleys but she can’t quite put her finger on who it could be. It isn’t until Antonio goes missing that Dolores fears that the voice may have something to do with it. Her fears are made all the more true when she and a few heroes she brings along for support finds Sarah Sanderson and the two witches planning to consume his life force.)
Allies: Piglet, Hopper, Sasha Waybright


Nice Concept!


Great Concept :+1:


Cool concept dude!

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