Grace Concept (#210)


Description: Pearl’s other cow on the patch of heaven besides Mrs. Calloway, Grace is a sweet and saccharine cow with a heart of gold. She loves to sing despite being unaware that she’s tone-deaf, and with the help of the other animals from the Patch of Heaven supporting her, Grace will have fun as she takes out the creeps in a ear-grating fashion.

Quote: “Let me guess, you’re a Taurus?”

Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow


Larry the Duck

Basic Attack:
-Passive- Grace is immune to all charms. Instead of attacking, Grace will call for Larry the duck to walk into the arena with an empty basket. When an enemy tries to hit Grace with a projectile attack, Larry will absorb the projectile and convert it into a 20% damage increase for Grace. When Larry reaches five projectiles in his basket, he will throw the basket, giving a 25% damage increase for each ally.

Entrance: Grace will skip into the arena humming out of tune.

Victory: Grace will cheerfully sing out of tune.

Defeat: Grace will look down and frown.


White Skill:
“Tone-Deaf Melody”
Grace will sing a song out of tune, dealing X damage over time to them, silencing every enemy for 9 seconds, and giving them 4 stacks of fatigue. She will also give her allies X evasion, and invincibility for 5 seconds.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Chicken Coup”
Grace will call on Audrey the chicken and her coup to trample on the enemy with the most amount of energy, dealing X damage, reducing their basic damage and skill power by 50% for 6 seconds, and giving three stacks of weakness.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Blue Skill:
“Goat Bash”
Grace will call on Jeb the goat to ram into the closest enemy, dealing X damage and knocking them back through the enemyline and stunning them for 5 seconds. Enemies behind the closest enemy will also be dealt X damage and lose two of their buffs.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
“Sing Your Praises”
When Larry absorbs a projectile in his bucket, Grace will gain a shield of X HP, and will grant her allies X basic damage and X skill power, as well as one stack of hardy.

Red Skill:
“Peacemaking Cow”
When one of Grace’s allies gets K’Oed, she and her remaining allies will gain a 100% chance to supercrit on all of their attacks, as well as gain a 75% attack boost in their basic attacks and skills. Also, enemies silenced by Grace will have their energy gain reduced in half, and they will also be limited if they try to use their white skills for 7 seconds.

  • +X Damage from Tone-Deaf Melody
  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Skill Power

Mrs. Calloway & Lucky Jack

Disk Name: “Tiny Half-an-Acre of Paradise”
Disk Effect: Chicken Coup Blocks Cooldown

Other Effects:

  1. When Grace uses Chicken Coup on the chosen enemy, they will block and reset their green skill cool down. They will also reduce their green skill level by 10 levels for 7 seconds. (+10 levels per star level)
  2. +X Damage from Chicken Coup
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (It’s another beautiful day in the patch of heaven, and Grace and Mrs. Calloway invite a bunch of new animals to the farm to spend the day in. With Maggie spreading the word, the two cows invite the new guests for the day around the farm. It seems as though each guest is a similar species to one of the other animals on the farm, from the ever so vocal Valentino, to the pig and chicken duo Hei-Hei and Pua, the cows do the best they can to keep the guests occupied in the beautiful farm of paradise.)
Allies: AUTO, Bruno Madrigal, Mama Odie

Dolores Madrigal

Disk Name: “Falling on Deaf Ears”
Disk Effect: Evasive Silence

Other Effects:

  1. When Grace silences an enemy, they will also lose 12% of their evasion, and will be dealt 50% more damage to them. (+12% per star level)
  2. +X Evasion to Grace & his Allies
  3. +X Armor

Campaign: (Dolores with her ears that never cease to catch a break from all kinds of sounds, has to hear the unfortunate sound of Grace’s tone deaf singing. Being quite the singer herself, she teaches Grace a thing or two about vocals and tuning the pitch of her voice. Grace still can’t quite sing to a reasonable level, but at least with Dolores’s advice, it’s a little less ear-grating for sure.)
Allies: Marco Diaz, Giulia & Machiavelli, The Great Prince of the Forest


Good concept :+1:

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