Don't Get Scared Stiff, Luigi! Luigi and Gooigi Unlikely Hero Concept

Luigi and Gooigi


The scaredy-cat Luigi and his gooey doppelganger, Gooigi, use Professor Elvin Gadd’s ghost catching inventions to suck up the creeps.


Alternate costume: Blue Luigi and Blue Gooigi


Starting Stars:



Trials Team::red_circle:


Through all these animations, Gooigi remains in an idle position.

Luigi enters in the Pixelator and sends Gooigi out of the Poltergeist G-00

Polterpup jumps onto Luigi, making him fall down. Luigi then starts petting Polterpup.

Luigi falls down and goes to “sleep” like in the games when he runs out of health. If Luigi was the last hero standing, “Good night…” appears on the screen.


Basic Attack:
Either Luigi or Gooigi stuns the nearest enemy for 1 second with their flashlights.

:white_circle:: Poltergust G-00 Suck
Luigi and Gooigi will will use the Poltergust G-00 to suck in the nearest enemy, stunning and draining 20% health from them over 10 seconds.

:green_circle:: Suction Shot
:fist:Basic damage: Either Luigi or Gooigi will shoot the suction Shot at a random enemy, dealing X basic damage, applying a 15% purple skill power decrease for 25 seconds and a 20% armor decrease for 15 seconds.

:large_blue_circle:: Dark Light
Once per wave, either Luigi or Gooigi will use the dark light on an invisible enemy, making them visible again, gaining five stacks of hardy, and applying a 30% reality decrease for 20 seconds. Even if there is no invisible enemy, all the effects will be applied.

:purple_circle:: Game Boy Horror Scan
At the start of each wave, Luigi will scan a random enemy with the Game Boy Horror, studying them for 10 seconds and applying a 20% tenacity decrease for 15 seconds.

:red_circle:: Look Lively, Luigi!
Poltergust G-00 Suck now applies a 15% move speed decrease for the duration of the skill. Game Boy Horror Scan now applies
a 20% attack speed decrease for 20 seconds.

+X Blue Skill Power
+X Armor
+X Max HP


Friendship 1

Luigi and Gooigi/Oogie Boogie


Scared Easily? I Think Not!

Oogie accidentally sneaks up on Luigi and scares him. He apologizes and Luigi talks about how he catches ghosts and has faced the scariest things in the world. Oogie takes him to the scary part of the City and tests him.

Mayor, Hades, Cheshire Cat

Luigi’s Nightmares

Disk Power:
+X Fantastic damage
+X Move Speed per level
The blue skill stun now stuns for X seconds.

Friendship 2

Luigi and Gooigi/Fear


Avoiding Danger at Every Turn

Luigi and Fear meet each other at Town Square and share… similar characteristics to each other, so they decide to go to the City’s local pizzeria. They decide to take the shortest route, unaware of the creeps there.

Anger, Rex, Mike Wazowski

Always Scared

Disk Power:
+X Basic Damage
+X Reality
White skill now applies a X% basic damage decrease for 10 seconds at the start of each wave.

Whew! Thus starts S2 of my concepts! That took a while. I hope it is at least an almost perfect concept with little to no changes. I have decided my account will be mostly for unlikely concepts, not just concepts in general. Plz take this poll to see who will be next!

  • Isabelle (Animal Crossing series)
  • Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up)
  • Michael Jackson (White suit and fedora)
  • Luke Ross (Jessie)

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Not a bad concept I like it I think it’s very good

How much health?

What if there is no invisible enemy? Does is this skill worthless if so?

Usually disks increase with star value. For example, star 1 has a 3 second stub. Try to use X instead of specific things when you have something like this in a friendship disk.

Same for this

Overall, pretty good concept, but could use improvement. Make sure to go over and fine spelling and grammar errors. Also, try to make your skills more realistic and precise. Can’t wait to see what you make next!!


Fixed it! :slight_smile:

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Alright, Isabelle has undoubtedly won! I will get started!

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We’re looking forward to it!


Completely agree with you

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