Economy changes with 1.7


But they also lower the success rate of friend mission. And let’s not forget that the later Discs missions require the useful bit to start…

I have enough memories to evolve Friend Disc Merida get from Elastic Girl but because the bit they require for mission is so useful and I have very limited number of that, that I just keep those friendship at level 10 :slight_smile: therefore, can not evolve :frowning: what a shame :frowning:


That’s why I used “compensated”


Did a little math testing and checked how much I can get for gold that I earn naturally without bonuses as a VIP 0 person. While I am not 100% sure how much gold I earn naturally from in-game playing in a single day as a level 96 player, soon 97 today or tomorrow, but I at least earn over 500 000 gold and maybe closer to 1 000 000 a day or at least under 2 000 000 in a day I would assume.

So let’s say I get exactly 1 000 000 million and with the old rounded up value 75 000 I get about 13 or so skill level ups in 1 day of play, which is 3 characters of my best characters can get leveled up their skill 1 time on all 4 skills.

With the new value 95 000 it is only 10 main skills in a day, so 2 and a half character in one day of normal earning in-game. While 3 or so less might not be that much of a difference number wise, it will add up over time.

I for the moment wait it out and see what happens as I don’t really want to spend my gold before we know if the skill cost increase will get reverted or not, given the fact that my resource are pretty limited.

But yeah, hope it will go good in the end :-).


Anyone else still not spending any gold or xp until this is reversed? Edit: meant xp not stamina


Stamina don’t have nothing about this garbage.
But I slow down my gold using, veeery much.
This change is terrible, 48 heroes, each one need 12M gold to fully upgrade skills (now 16M). Also badges sucks a lot of gold same as ench. badges and evolving heroes. Too much gold needed but sources are very limited, now we even need to pay more for less sources. Terrible.


I started hoarding for the first time after that update. No joke. This game sucks now.
Lost another spender here.


We can’t just be standing around here doing nothing. There are some Heroes that need Skills levelled up…


I dont feel “right” with this game anymore…its lost its magic :dizzy::anger:


I wonder how it is for PerBlue to read all of this feedback.

I am pretty sure they tried to balance the economy in the sense that those who use real money on bundles which include usually a fair amount of gold, but the problem is that those who don’t use real money on bundles or spend relatively little don’t have the inflation issue and are unbalancedly hurt by the skill and exp cost increase.

I don’t know the best way to solve the the unbalanced gold situation, but of course stopping including gold in bundles should help stabilize the gold balance between players somewhat. An another thing would be letting cosmetic things like costume threads be purchasable for a fair amount of gold is also a good solution, and should be a good and healthy in-game gold sink for the game.

@Polaris I know you probably have it a bit rough these days, but I will say that I hope you are okey in real life and aren’t unhealthy stressed by all of this. Just know that we all want to support the game and be the best it can be, so I hope you are alright in real life Polaris :-).


Hmmm ironically enough, as new players join this game, they will not be aware that this is a problem. They will think it is normal. Perhaps they did want all the old people to leave…

I would leave this game but for some of my friends. Maybe we can all go play the dreamworks game together and leave this behind us when it comes out.


What dreamworks game?


Dreamworks Universe of Legends.

Their heads are A bit weird but it might work


This change in my opinion was really unnecessary. But got a question @Polaris. Is Perblue going to increase the number of events? Between Christmas until today if I ain’t wrong, all events opened by the 3rd time in a row.
If yes, got to say it’s nice and bearable. But hope you consider making some other changes, cause it’s really lackluster to read we are “supose” to choose a few heroes to play with, between 49 heroes (and more on new announcements). I enjoy progressing heroes in this game, but I also got to help my guild stay firm in the competition. At the moment since skill prices raised, I dropped from arena, and start levelling all my weak heroes to level 86 instead. I haven’t touched a single lvl 95 hero I got, knowing what awaits for me.
I understand we shouldn’t be able to lvl every single hero in a matter of weeks, which is why this economy change was not necessary and the gold hoard will keep happening regardless of it or not.
If the big spenders choose to just speed race and get to the top in a matter of weeks and end up with nothing to do, it’s their choice, and it’s because of this choice they will have millions of gold always in store. The update pace is fine but with the gold skill and xp increase, the lvl cap shouldn’t increase so often anymore to let players enjoy the current cap. Delaying it for 1 or 2 weeks more tops between updates, should be fine.
I love the game, and it’s still very F2p friendly actually believing it or not, non-competitive wise of course. We still can get all heroes with not that much effort, plenty of gold, good modes, silly and fun interactions with disney-pixar characters (cannot wait for invasion server wide release). Is just the hero progress became tedious.
If you ask me, the economy was fine the way it was.


It has lost its magic. PerBlue has done some major things to lower the playerbase…


You wanna make harder than this to upgrade toons? Why? We already spend thousand of dollars and hours on this game, making it more difficult Will only saturate it


Guess that got my answer from today’s event.
Much appreciated.


Don’t forget it’s bits are available only in 1 chapter.


It was me. And i quit …


Oh… that’s unfortunate… I guess PerBlue’s decision on this was the last straw, wasn’t it?


Exactly. Not going to waste my time with game with such developers . This update and this answer is like spit in a face to all people who spend money and time for this game