Economy changes with 1.7


Seriously @Polaris, what’s it gonna take to fix this. How many supporters do we have to get together to reverse this? Your explanation was a total contradiction for the way this game is played. You do need to progress all hero’s in order to move on, so whoever you have in charge of PR writing this “explanation” needs to rethink there story. Keep making those polls folks, I’ll vote all day.



I totally agree with you.



What an incredibly disappointing response, @Polaris. Total cop out.
What you all have done is completely unfair and is causing people to quit. Balancing economy!?
Not true. You guys are just trying to make more and more money. This is going to backfire and blow up in your face. Never spending another dime again until you fix this mess.



Keep XP and Gold cost increase introduced in 1.7 or Revert it?

Let’s make this clear as day.



Childish response. I boycott. Fix it or else hundreds will quit. But ofc no response to comments. Well played, @Polaris.



Or if they don’t like your comment they just hide it :shushing_face:



I bet all the “Has too much gold” voters are from the company. Me being a money spender, I never have too much gold. That’s one of the major issues I have upgrading skills and enhancements, not having gold!



So my first post on here ever was flagged and I didn’t even use any profanity, which is surprising considering how furious I am with this new update.

I’ll try to repeat what I said without using some key words which I think got my post flagged.

This new update with gold has ruined the game. One of the major complaints from my guildies is that they are always running out of gold. I am currently in a top 10 guild so we are money spenders. I personally have spent a lot of money keeping my toons strong. Your unreasonable explanation of wanting us to concentrate on a few characters is umm how do I say this nicely…a horrible one. Since the update, I have only spent $4.99 and the only reason I did this is to show you that it will be my last purchase until this is fixed and PerBlue will feel this horrible decision in their wallets.

I have played numerous games where the game was killed due to greed and unfortunately, this really fun game is headed in that direction faster than I can say “Please save this game”.

Listen to your players, revert the price of skill back to the way it was and give your players a compensation to show that you are sorry and you appreciate our financial support. As far as you collecting data, I would like to see raw data, not edited data because I think it’s a load of bull.

“Change it back!” “Change it back!” “Change it back!”



I’ve been such a fan of this game and company, but this latest update is a mess. You can’t say we should only be focusing on some heroes while off duty heroes and friendship campaigns go against that mindset.

Lower the cost of skill increase!!! (Please!)



Better remove these changes or "things will get out of control" and nobody will play this game



And xp potions. I never have enough to go around.



Still continuing the boycott because both xp pots and gold is why we are boycotting.



One of the things I liked about this game was that the ranking system was achievable. That as a singular player, I could rise up the ranks and have that opportunity to reach top player. Or as a group of players, my guild could go from just created and with hard work, become a top guild. It didn’t matter that someone had played since the beginning or if they were new, the time invested in didn’t rank someone in, there had to be strategy and smarts about how to rank up.

Now it isn’t possible to be at the top. This update locked those people in. They will stay with their maxed out superheros and everyone else will continue to be stuck in that sludgy slowdown trying to catch up to where they are now, as they sludge through trying to reach the upper limit again.

It’s like every other game where the top people get the opportunity to raise up higher, and the rest of us try to catch up and never come close to being at the top.

Everyone else has highlighted the contributing factors of the impossible task of building up now, I just wanted to point out where exactly the fun went away.



Video ads - barely give 50k gold per day, not even one skill upgrade! After nerf even 0 gold per day.
Video ads on port - that’s great feature, but still not enough gold
Diamond crates - ?? 290 diamonds = 50k gold, really you even count this?
War - there are choices, and amount of gold is not good, most players prefer memories.
Heist - where the hell gold came from here??? Its just heist tokens
CW - Woooow 550k gold per day, 5 skill upgrades, amazing (no).

There are few sources of gold, yes, but even together is too small!!



@Polaris What you said don’t excuses those changes that not only no one needed aside from the top 1%, but also hurts the rest of the players. According to all the polls that were made in the update chats, the vast majority (me included) claims they never have enough gold. Also, the amount of gold that I get (and I’m in a top 5 guild, in level 97) barely reaches 1.5 million, which is pretty low for this level.
Also, the amount of exp needed to level heroes are ridiculously high, with over 100k exp per level once you reach level 95. Most of the players also run out of exp potions as well because it’s very expensive to keep up. Especially with new heroes coming and level cap increase every month or so.



That’s bad too, everything is perfect only these skill upgrades cost hurts so much.



What a load of garbage.



I agree that the initial design of the game was to decide which heroes to focus on. But, unlocking the Colosseum quickly shows us that the number of heroes to focus on should at minimum be 15. With patch 1.7 economy changes, I can add one level each to almost three heroes per day. I’m nearly VIP 10.

Your argument for leveling select heroes also holds more weight when the number of heroes is finite. However, we know the design of the game is to release heroes from many franchises to reach as many players as possible. Being able to comfortably level 15-16 heroes out of 49 doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. If it is, when does 15 heroes become reasonable? 15 out of 60, 70?

Yes, there are several ways to earn gold, but there are (especially now) some very expensive ways to spend gold. For example, the new, fancy 02 badge enhancements. They are a major expense.



Guild wars shows that we need at least 20 heroes well upgraded, while heist show we need ALL heroes good upgraded.



So lets be clear… perblue made 1.7 patch notes writing X thing in it… then some players here and there pointed out some other changes that werent declared: the large reduction of shank elastigirl disk (-70% to damage negated, dropped from 4.300 to 1280 at lv60) ; the fact that video crates raRely show up (and now you say “max 3 by day” …

So basically with 1.7 you:

Nerfed tia baymax and quorra
Partially nerfed maleficent since curse has been lowered to 50%
Dropped shank disk by 70%
Capped at 3 by day max number of video crates
Rised gold needed for skill over lv85 by 30%
Rised xp needed after level85 by 30%
Reduced % of completing friend missions

And god only knows how many other things have been changed AND YOU DIDNT SAID THAT FOR CLEAR IN THE PATCH NOTE.

Every time someone notice something strange you just create a new thread saying “yes we also changed that but forgot to write into the patch note” like “yeah i drinked last beer in fridge and forgot to buy more” too bad this way you are doing shady things in a game played from thousands of people all over the world…

Good job guys… really a good job…