Economy changes with 1.7


So lets be clear… perblue made 1.7 patch notes writing X thing in it… then some players here and there pointed out some other changes that werent declared: the large reduction of shank elastigirl disk (-70% to damage negated, dropped from 4.300 to 1280 at lv60) ; the fact that video crates raRely show up (and now you say “max 3 by day” …

So basically with 1.7 you:

Nerfed tia baymax and quorra
Partially nerfed maleficent since curse has been lowered to 50%
Dropped shank disk by 70%
Capped at 3 by day max number of video crates
Rised gold needed for skill over lv85 by 30%
Rised xp needed after level85 by 30%
Reduced % of completing friend missions

And god only knows how many other things have been changed AND YOU DIDNT SAID THAT FOR CLEAR IN THE PATCH NOTE.

Every time someone notice something strange you just create a new thread saying “yes we also changed that but forgot to write into the patch note” like “yeah i drinked last beer in fridge and forgot to buy more” too bad this way you are doing shady things in a game played from thousands of people all over the world…

Good job guys… really a good job…


If that is the case, we need a rush through of re look oval for off duty heroes. I have chosen which heroes to upgrade all along and have changed as the game has. Currently in heist, 6 of the 12 off duty heroes (1/4 off all heroes) are in my top 10. I am constantly having similar issues on war.
How can you say we shouldn’t max all heroes, yet debilitate us so heavily?


What a ridiculous response @Polaris . You didn’t say anything new or in the least bit encouraging. The spending boycot will continue and everyone we know will one star this game in the App Store. One way or another this game gets fixed or it crashes and burns. If it weren’t for my in game buddies I’ve made i would leave completely.


Polaris, your players have spoken. Honestly, if our opinion is important for Perblue, you will change these high prices pretty soon


Agreed and don’t forget missions, we have to work on toons we don’t want to use just to raise success rates


You say we should focus on a select few heroes and then you nerf those heroes after we spend months on them… either nerf them right away or get your story straight.


We need a donation system that “people with too much gold” can donate their money to all other players evenly, which solves all problems.


No I know onw of them isnt a Perblue employ ee. One other posted here. Idk about the last guy.


You say you like us being vocal but you lock. All the post when we start giving our opinions


There are a few things I don’t understand and I hope @Polaris you can help me with them.

  1. You increased the cost of skills and xp needed by heroes because there were players complaining about not having ways to spend their gold.

I haven’t seen a single person complain about the gold. In my case, I need to save around 16m gold to max a hero from zero and sometimes I’m left without a single coin to spend.

  1. You say you added ways to win gold on Heist and War, the amount of gold earned from War barely lets me upgrade a skill like 3 times, and I haven’t seen how Heist gives us gold.

  2. You state that the game is developed to max a few heroes and not all, then why did you add a game mode that forces you to max 15 heroes to stay competitive and be useful to your guild? And you added extra attacks, so you either learn to save heroes or max more.

You keep adding more characters and friendships for those characters, you need to upgrade the heroes to certain level so you can complete the campaign, not only that, you increased the success rate on frienship missions, so it’s now based on the rarity of the heroe for it to be successful.

I have my Quorra at full, a great Zurg, a decent Buzz and bad Flynn and Jack because I can’t upgrade heroes I don’t need and won’t use.

It makes no sense to do these changes since it’s forcing the players to upgrade heroes for missions to be successful, you keep adding ways to make us work on every character, and we are running out of gold and XP bottles.

Currently I’m level 97 and only have 9m gold that I’m using for Baymax, but I can’t work on my other heroes’ skills because I run out of gold, I leveled up Ursula and Zurg today, and I lost more than 20 XP bottles and 1m gold, and they were 96.

Please consider at least give us the skill upgrade previous coast back and fix the missions, too many badges needed and too little gold and stamina to make it work for most of us.


What a ridiculous response, you keep adding more characters and new skill levels, as well as more orange badges which increases enhance cost - that is the extra location to put the increasing amount of gold in the game.

That kept things in balance, now your just breaking the balance to force players into tunnel vision (which kills variety, especially frustrating when you nerf toons) or just force us to spend even more than we did before.

Yeah, nar. That confirms it, not spending another cent on this game. I’m VIP 11, sure as hell don’t feel like it.


I’m waiting on pins and needles to see the response from @Polaris and PerBlue to everyone who refuted every reason that was given in the original message. It took days for them to respond the first time and only hours for your dedicated players to refute everything that was said.

I left my 1 star rating the app. Wish I could rate this response 1 star as well


Guys, we should be alright with dis, it’s just like the 6th stars announcement, everyone didn’t like it but now nobody is even talking about it. @Polaris gave us a good explanation just like the 6th stars. Lets just be one happy community, wot do u guys say? :grin:


Anyone else laughing at the idea of rebalancing the economy in a game that has no economy?


Sorry but their ain’t no avoiding this issue. It’s either listen to the community or you’re not going to have a community to listen to.


I’m in a top 10 guild on server 6. The worst thing about quitting a game is the social part, it’s hard to say goodbye to your fellow guildies. That helps you keeping your game alive. So what we have decided is to make a mass move to another game, so we won’ t miss anyone at the guild. And of course we won’t miss you.


What game? Hundreds (possible thousands) of us are now looking for a new game to play and spend our money on.


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For the moment, Looney Tunes, already created a new guild, the game makes fun and we’re waiting to see if it’s worth spending. The strategy is nice, graphics, sounds and fights very funny and looks good. With Coyote fun is taken for granted!


You say there are “many” players who have so much gold, they can’t spend it.

My question is . . . So what?

How does the fact that some players have too much of an imaginary resource affect the gameplay of others? A resource that you, as a company, offer to us for our (non-imaginary) money day after day via bundles.

If someone is hoarding gold, increasing the cost for those who actually spend it aren’t going stop others from hoarding. They’ll hoard even more gold now since they had an issue spending it when it was cheaper! I simply don’t understand the LOGIC behind the explanation.

If players AREN’T SPENDING, then increasing prices WON’T AFFECT those individuals! It only harms everyone else!

I haven’t spent a dollar on this game since I read the patch notes and I’ll continue not to until this is fixed, or better explained.

But I won’t let my guild down! I’ll keep right on playing and using up this server space. I’ll get myself something nice with all this money not going to you guys anymore. :wink: