Economy changes with 1.7


You really think this is a good explanation?


I must say that your guild is lucky to have someone so loyal to them as well as one of the better names I’ve seen in this game.


I’m sure when the game first came out, it was designed to where players should work only on a certain number of hero’s but let’s face it the game has outgrown that a long time ago, as you add new modes & toons you have to adapt new teams to keep pace with the game. Having new toons and new modes is part of the excitement of the game, we want to have more toons to use and play around with to try and find a dominating comp.

To say the game isn’t meant for us to work on a bunch of toons is outdated and extremely narrow minded. You have to change the way you think the game should be played as it progresses. Seriously, why would you think it would be a good idea to essentially say hey we just added new toons and upped the level/ badge cap but we think it’s best if you ignore that awesome new toon who seems so amazing and just keep on working on the older toons?!

Players constantly have to adapt to the changes that are made to the game and as the game evolves I think you should start thinking about the fluidity of the game rather than what can we jam into the game next… That is if the game does get to evolve after the shady stuff that has been done and is continuing to be done


Lol thank you! My name has turned out to be quite the conversation starter in-game as well! :sweat_smile:


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Hey bro, u don’t have to agree with me.


I rly interested to know what u developers based on to make such a statement that gold is at abundance. To u, max out skills of core team is sufficient, which I agree. However, my quesion to you will be what is your core team member size? 5? 15? 20?

If you based on 5, then you are naive.

Based on 15, then remove off duty heroes for war and heist.

Based on 20 (practical-put in account off duty heroes) is what most players are handling. Your increment hinders development of all the main heroes. I have yet to factor in cost of enhancing those costly badges.

Please think through before you decide to implement such clever ideas to enhance your pleasure rather than the players’ pleasure.


Dropping the success rate of friendship missions means you have to level up your heroes and their friends’ skills and promote them to have a higher success rate. This runs contrary to polaris’ earlier message about how the game is not about maxing out all your heroes. Given that friendship missions start at rather high levels, we will still need a lot of gold and xp just to level up the friends of the heroes to get the disk we need. Bravo, Perblue.


This change is only going to force me to START hoarding resources, out of necessity.


@Polaris - come on, do you really think increasing the gold costs for skills is the right way to balance this? The people with extra gold have already maxxed their skills, the people who this increase affects is everyone else who has never had enough gold to keep up…

What you should have done is brainstormed new ways to spend gold, or look at the alternatives already in place: namely, the Gold Crates…

What does the data say about people buying Gold Crates? I would wager they’re not that popular (considering people need gold for skills, up-starring heroes and badge enhancements)… You could have simply made Gold Crates more attractive by adding shop tokens, memories, more hero chips, better badges, etc. - all stuff that has been added or expanded upon in the game since the start, but the Gold Crates have stayed the same, virtually worthless…

Remove the credit card things and XP drinks from the gold crate, increase the badge drops (and levels of said badges), increase things that would help us grow our heroes outside of skills and levels - i.e. stars, badges and memories, then hoarders would have an easy outlet for which to spend their gold, and everyone else who have more options to choose how to spend, without being punished for not having skills maxxed already…

This is just ONE example of an easy fix for you guys, as the Gold Crate already exists, but there are many other things you could have done had you sat in a room for 30 minutes and actually thought this through…


That game that has the constant ads in this one? Yeah kinda lol I wonder if they listen to their community


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Well, its kinda unfair for you to say that you had to increase gold costs because we have access to more gold when those sources of gold were created in the first place because gold was lacking already…

The trend with new heroes coming out and cap level increasing is for gold necessity to increase this will make the game to much of a bore. My goal for this game was to try get the maximum heroes i could and mix teams and find the best ones for each situation. With this upgrade I will have to stick with the heroes i already upgraded because it would be too costly to upgrade new ones and if I do decide to upgrade new heroes my main ones will fall behind and wont be competitive anymore…

If you plan to increase longevity of the game by increasing grinding that is a bad plan in my opinion. Jeez I dont even care about this new duck heroe because I wont be able to upgrade him and that will continue for future heroes. The game will grow stale for me eventually…


I, for one, won’t be spending any more on this game. I’ll continue to play, but no more money. This change was the stupidest thing PerBlue could have done, and defending the change is garbage.

Oh, and this is coming from a VIP 18 “whale” who has every hero maxed on badges at level 100, every skill capped, and is sitting on a little under 50 million gold. I still think it’s a bunch of garbage.


@Cerby Can I have some of that gold please


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Dude, chill. He just pointing it out.


@DroneIX bro, suicide is no joke.


Srry, I really don’t mean it.