Economy changes with 1.7


@Polaris if the main goal is to not hoard coins and xp, why not place a limit of coins a player can keep - 50M coins. If player already have 50M coins, then whatever action the player do, whatever rewards he get ( surge, cw, guild war, etc) , it would not add up on the 50M. This way, player will be forced to use gold coins.

Revert back the update because i believe that the reports you are seeing is not for the majority. Only a small percentage of players have more than 30M on their game.


In server 6 almost all players (including the top guild) are boycotting the contest or just gathering points with their daily routines. Awesome to see, but at the same time really sad that this is happening!


Well @Polaris, I have a request. its ok if u cant make it back to old xp/gold. But give our hero more power for it. Every level up above lv 86 require much more xp, so our hero deserve to get more power. Skill point also the same. The gold n xp we spent must be linear with the power we got. How? Agree?

Imagine this: because power difference are huge, players will try hard to get there, need much more gold n xp, u can sell them much more n player will buy it without any complaint because they got what they want, n u got what u want.

PS: if u like the idea n make it happen, give me reward for my idea lol :stuck_out_tongue:


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No one has gotten mad at whales. If that is all you have gotten from this then you are sorely missing the point. We are mad that PB has used the biggest whales as scapegoats for their insane price hike. I think everyone understands that yes PB needs to make money and yes there will be players who spend hundreds if not thousands on the game to get an upper hand. Our complaint is not with them.

The whole outrage that the community has been issuing is how much this price hike increased the gap between whales, dolphins and F2P. They blame players hoarding resources so they announce the price hike, which then makes the hoarders spend everything they can before the update and now those “hoarders” are at a higher power that now costs more to obtain.

We don’t have a whale problem, we have a PB problem.


@Polaris this was very poorly executed and if anything will make people hoard more. I never had enough gold and since this update it’s nearly impossible to get anything done


You have the nerve to nerf all these heroes and then tell us the game is designed to focus on certain ones??? Show us RAW DATA REPORTS of those who are “hoarding” these resources!
“Thanks for being vocal” yet you have not responded to a SINGLE PERSON on this thread!


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The number of people quitting in this game is crazy! Perblue what are you doing? You’re supposed to like the game you made not destroy it by trying to milk everybody


Same over here on server 7 - top players quitted and my guild is staggering…I went from a :whale: to a ftp… which is really frustrating…


I’m from S7 too. Our guild went from 48 players to 18 players. No kidding.

We had to adjust for Surge and Guild Wars. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I don’t think we’ll get up from that trip unless PerBlue changes this… gameplay.


Which guild are you at ?
I am with the „Die Gilde“


Once Upon a Time.

Did you, by any chance, send a message to Global Chat saying that we should boycott spending?


I can’t believe it. Perblue needs to adjust something before it’s too late


I am now on server 12 and a Free to Play player and please allow me to tell you all how I feel.

First of all, I have never been able to reach the level cap before they release a new one. When it’s 80, I’m 77. When it 95, I’m 89. I think you get the picture. Everyday I do my dailies, use up all my free stamina that I could get but I hardly keep up with others. And that’s fine because I enjoy the game at my own pace. I couldn’t care less about other trying to be on top or anything (I don’t that is a bad thing). But now, with this update, it is very hard for me to even do that

When I upgrade a heroes, I just choose the skill I deem useful to upgrade, not all of them. Like Nick Wilde, my most beloved one, I only max his white and purple skill. Callhoun and Quorra, just their purple one, Mr. I just his blue and purple one… The other skill I just upgrade them at some point then I drop because I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH GOLD.

Before the upgrade, I had 1 mil and something and the minute I got to 89, I upgraded all my main heroes’ skill (top 15) and wala, all my gold gone! Like they never existed in the first place. Then came the upgrade… It made everything worse! I haven’t upgrade any skill of my main heroes because it was too much for me to handle and just some of them are 4 maxed skills

If Perblue say that you don’t need to focus on every heroes, then I think it’s hard to understand because:

  1. Team trial. To complete them to get the bit I need, I have to upgrade the heroes that most of the time, I don’t use. Especially the blue team trial. Before elsa and shank come, I am stuck at blue team trial 75! Because in that team, my only mains heroes is just Stitch (with his white, blue, purple skill max) and Callhoun. If you don’t encourage us to upgrade nearly all the heroes, why you make the team trial so hard? :frowning:

  2. Friend Disc. Sometimes, when I get lucky, I get the friendship that have both of my main heroes, so there is almost nothing to say, after Perblude make friend campaign easier. But most of the time, it consists of my main heroes and the other one I rarely use. To unlock that friendship, I need to at least level those to a certain level. And upgrade their skill a little bit to last at friend campaign. And that’s not everything. During friend campaign, they will choose for me some other heroes to HELP me. God forbid those are the one I don’t like. And after (by some miracle) completing those exhausting fight, got the disc, to level up that, you need to level up the friend’s level! How is that fair? I only need them to unlock the disc, I don’t want to level up some heroes I don’t use!

  3. The drop rate is insane. To craft 1 purple/ orange badge, It takes me days or even weeks to complete and nearly ALL of my heroes need them. So what could I do? I keep grinding and grinding, spending and spending the little amount of stamina that I got… And I gets me nowhere

  4. You say that we could get gold in Heist and please let me tell you something, that is a total LIE. In Heist (which I play like every single day), we only get Heist token, influence and a bonus of power disc (from medium mode above) so where is the gold that you mention. And I have completed the very hard mode so no, I can’t find it anywhere in Heist

  5. When you said above lv 86, the Gold and Exp bottle increase, I thought It only applied to the heroes level. But no, it affected all my heroes because it is based on team level. So now, even if I want to upgrade someone (like Ursula, who I haven’t got the chance AND gold), I can not do that without neglecting my main heroes.

I feel like Perblue doesn’t care about us - the free to play player. They hardly give the player anything and if they do, it always comes with a price (barely give us more gold then increase the cost! What an amazing help!)

Some players pay to get ahead fast and to be on top (I do not blame or criticize them), but when they realize, there nobody to get ahead of, they will stop spending and ultimately, playing. So yes, the one who pay is important, but also the one who play for free is.

So, Perblue, in your next upgrade, If you do not change the situation, I will have no choice but to quit, even though I am so in love with my guild right now.

P/s: If your company does not want player to hoard gold, then don’t offer gold in the deal. Like today, player could buy 5mil gold, yesterday was 7mil. Hm… I wonder how gold hoarding problem exist?

And NO, we do not hoarding gold… The only thing we have hoarded so far is the disappointment!


No I didn’t i think that’s everbodys own decision


While I am with you 100% on this post, there is some truth in getting gold from heist technically. That would be the credits that sometimes pop up in the heist shop, but this can be said about any shop outside of Badge and Memory Token. Other than that, excellent post and does a great job capturing the frustration that many players like us face.


Oh, okay then…

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They “compensated” it by lowering the Hero Level to Unlock Friendship and the Enemy Level and Rarity…

Aside from that, the later Discs are very useful, which is very hard to get if you don’t level up your Heroes that much…


Thank you so much. It’s true that we can purchase credit in shop. But I have stopped doing that a long time ago since I found the amount I could buy is nowhere near what I need…