Elimination Game

So this game is about which Disney prince you want to eliminate fist. Who gets the most will be eliminated. Poll will close tomorrow at 6pm.

  • Kristoff
  • Naveen
  • Li Shang
  • Hercules
  • Eric
  • Flynn Rider

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Tomorrow means May 4th

Uh… what?

Also, Shang isn’t a prince. And I don’t think Hercules counts as one, too.

He is the son of the king of gods so technically, he is

Shang is a Disney Prince, because Mulan is a Disney Princess. As far as I know that’s the only thing you need to be a Disney Prince: have a Disney Princess for a wife/fiance/girlfriend.

Hercules therefore, is not a Disney Prince, since Meg is no Disney Princess

But Mulan isn’t (technically) a princess either

Not a royal princess indeed. Disney had to make that special act of heroism rule for her.

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Mulan belongs to the Disney princess franchise, so she’s a princess and Shang’s her prince.

Eliminate first

But if you do not agree with this line up I can think of another one.

It’s not that I don’t agree with the lineup. It’s just… “elimination” is good enough. Not “annihilation”

I might take annihilation the next time.

To explain everything again: We’re looking for the best Disney prince. You vote for the prince you like the least each round. The last man is the winner.

So poll has closed. Now, who do you want to eliminate? Kristoff or Naveen?

  • Kristoff
  • Naveen

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Kristof. He needs to go

Then vote!

I think it’s a bit strange that Kristoff becomes king of Arendelle when Anna is the queen…

Poll closes on May 5th, 9am

Poll closes in ten minutes.

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