Enemy to the village(unlikely concept 9/10)


3 star, mid-line control

“I am but a simple wizard with a simple desire: limitless power and world adulation!”

“Evil wizard gargamel uses his intelligence and his spells to conquer his foes”


Entrance: gargamel appears in a puff of smoke

Victory: zaps himself which gives him a full head of hair and then he cackles

Defeat: one of his potions explodes on him

Basic attack: gargamel throws a potion at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage and causing a random effect depending on the color of the potion

Red:deals damage overtime to enemies

Blue:freezes the enemy for 3 seconds

Green:deals damage to enemies but also heals allies.

Basic attack(azrael):scratches the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: freezing orbs

Passive: gargamel gains 2 stacks of “essence” every time he deals damage to a enemy with his basic attack.

Each stack of “essence” increases the skill power of gargamel for every time his magic meter fills up

Active: gargamel consumes all stacks of “essence” and throws 3 freeze balls at the closet 2 enemies, freezing them for 4 to 9 seconds depending on how many stacks of “essence” gargamel has.

Green: dragon wand

Gargamel pulls out his dragon wand and zaps the nearest enemy with it, stealing y energy from that enemy and slowing them down for 3 seconds, the skill also gives gargamel 3 stacks of “essence”.

Blue: asriel!!!

At the start of each wave, gargamel calls in his pet cat azrael to fight for him.

Azrael has x health and x attack power when he comes into battle.

This is what azrael looks like


Purple: big book of spells

Gargamel and azrael both gain a shield whenever gargamel consumes his stacks of “essence” for his “freezing orbs” skill.

Red: foiled attempt

“dragon wand” now has a 30% chance for the enemy zapped to become sapped.

Gargamel now gives all allies y energy at the start of each wave.


Witch way is which
immunity to being sapped

Allies are now immuned to being sapped 4 times for the first 5.0 seconds of every wave

Gargamel/Dr faciler
Voodoo smurf
green potion cleanses debuffs

The green potion from gargamel’s basic attack now cleanses debuffs from his allies.


This is pretty nice!
The only thing I didn’t really like is the red potion having no extra effect. What do you think about it burning the enemy over time, or blinding?

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Not bad, but the mágica disk is extremely weak. Wall e’s purple does something similar in a way better way.

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