Esmeralda Concept

You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people! You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!

Role: Damage

Position: Middle

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Entrance: Esmeralda walks into the battlefield with Djali

Victory: Esmeralda plays her tambourine and smiles

Defeat: She falls to her knees in defeat

Defeat (Djali): Djali limps his head down

Basic attack: Esmeralda uses a cloth and throws a rock at the enemy

Basic attack (Djali): Djali headbutts the enemy


White Skill: Goat Bash
:fist: Normal damage

Passive: Djali enters the battlefield alongside Esmeralda with X hp and deals X with each basic attack.

Active: Djali bashes the “Most Wanted” enemy doing X damage, knocking them back, and stunning them for 8 seconds. This will summon Djali at full hp if he’s been KO’d in battle.

The enemy dealing the most damage is given the “Most Wanted” status.

Green Skill: Finest Girl in France

Esmeralda plays her tambourine healing herself and the ally with the lowest current hp for X hp and charms the enemy with the most skill power for 7 seconds.

While charmed, the target enemy receives X skill power.

Blue Skill: Helmet Toss
:sparkles: Fantastic damage

Esmeralda throws a metal helmet at the furthest enemy dealing X damage, that helmet then bounces to 3 random enemies dealing X damage.


Purple Skill: Justice!

Esmeralda does 30% more damage to enemies for every active buff on them.

This skill is less effective on enemies above level X.

Red Skill: A Gypsy’s Prayer

When Esmeralda uses “Finest Girl in France”, she also grants the ally with the lowest hp 3 stacks of hardy.

When enemies near the charmed enemy are above 60% of their max hp, they are also charmed and gain X basic damage.

The charm has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts

  • +Z basic damage
  • +Z skill power
  • +Z damage from “Helmet Toss”


Esmeralda - Judy Hopps
Justice Criminal
Better stacks of hardy

  • basic damage to Esmeralda and allies
  • Esmeralda and her allies heal X hp per stack of hardy

Esmeralda and her allies start combat with 2 stacks of hardy and take 5% less damage per stack of hardy.
+2 stack of hardy and +5% per star

Esmeralda - Sulley and Boo
Monster’s Prayer
TRUE damage on “Goat Bash”

  • Max hp to Djali
  • “Goat Bash” now does an additional X TRUE damage

“Goat Bash” does 30% more damage to Damage and Tank role enemies, knocks enemies back further, and stuns them for 2 seconds longer.
+30% and +2 seconds per star.

Esmeralda/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Esmeralda/Sulley and Boo Friendship Campaign Concept

I hope you enjoy!

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