Esmeralda/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s Esmeralda’s first friendship campaign to start the new year!

Campaign name: Hero Outcast

Esmeralda/Judy Hopps



Allies: Elsa, Robin Hood, Sadness

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Esmeralda and Judy are now friends!

Esmeralda: Aren’t you Officer Judy Hopps of the City PD?

Judy: Yep, what can I help you with ma’am?

Esmeralda: I didn’t want to bother you. I just wanted to thank you for making sure the people were treated fairly.

Judy: Why thank you! And you can call me Judy. You are?

Esmeralda: Esmeralda, not Gypsie Girl.

Judy: Glad to be meeting you, Esmeralda.

Campaign story: To strengthen their friendship. Judy invites Esmeralda on her patrol.

Judy: You know, Esmeralda. When you talk to me about your past, it reminded me a bit of my own.

Esmeralda: Rabbits were mistreated where you’re from too huh?

Judy: Not exactly, but we were looked down on by other mammals. Look at us now, finally made a difference here.

Esmeralda: Yeah. But I’m not sure if others see it that way in other people.

Chapter 1: Bleak Outcomes

Chapter 1-1: Judy is surprised to hear Esmeralda say that.

Chapter 1-2: Judy and Esmeralda can both relate to being considered an outcast where they’re from.

Chapter 1-3: Judy wonders if Esmeralda had it worse than she did.

Chapter 1-4: To find out and to strengthen their friendship, she devises a plan to help Esmeralda.

Chapter 1-5: The next day she invites Esmeralda on her patrol.

Esmeralda: Funny, I’ve never actually been invited on a patrol before. This isn’t some sort of trick, is it?

Judy: Of course not! I just thought it would be a nice way of knowing each other more.

Judy: Besides, my partner Nick is on another case. I could use some company.

Chapter 2: Tag Along

Chapter 2-1: Esmeralda agrees to join Judy on her patrol. She’s ready to leave her if she does try to harm her people.

Chapter 2-2: But she does remember Phoebus, who was also a soldier.

Chapter 2-3: But before they could head out. The girls are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 2-4: Djali headbutts some skeletons, giving Esmeralda and Judy a chance to escape.

Chapter 2-5: After they get somewhere safe, they hop in the police cruiser and drive off.

Esmeralda: So, where exactly are we heading to first?

Judy: My regular beat, I start in the neighborhood. It’ll be simple for the two of us.

Esmeralda: You don’t really sound like most of the lawmen I’ve encountered.

Judy: Why do you say that?

Chapter 3: Street Stroll

Chapter 3-1: The two drive downtown to begin their patrol.

Chapter 3-2: But it wasn’t long before they’re ambushed by creeps again. But this time, they were prepared.

Chapter 3-3: Fortunately for them, another hero was able to jump in to assist. It was Kim Possible.

Chapter 3-4: Kim was also on patrol when she heard the creeps.

Chapter 3-5: Together, they were able to drive the creeps away.

Judy: Thanks for your help back there, Kim!

Kim Possible: No big, Officer Hopps! Helping people is my job. Anything I can help you, girls, within return?

Esmeralda: No, I think we’re good. Thank you though.

Chapter 4: Troubled Past

Chapter 4-1: Esmeralda assumes that Kim was only there because she was also a ‘lawman’.

Chapter 4-2: She also isn’t used to saving the day in a city full of heroes after all.

Chapter 4-3: Judy notices Esmeralda being distant and wonders why.

Chapter 4-4: She then rwalizes it might be because she had to be a hero for her people.

Chapter 4-5: To find out, she and Esmeralda head to the Park for a private converstion.

Judy: You sure, you’re feeling alright?

Esmeralda: If you must know. Were I’m from, my people were mistreated very poorly by Frollo and his men.

Esmeralda: He said the termination of gypsies was ‘in God’s name’.

Judy: Oh, I’m… I’m so sorry that happened to you.

Esmeralda: That’s why neither of us can let our guard down in front of anyone.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Judy: I wanted to thank you for saving Clawhauser from that fiasco at the festival, Esmeralda.

Esmeralda: You’re welcome. I also wanted to apologize for pulling him up to the stage. That was not supposed to happen.

Judy: Not to worry. He looked like he was having fun. At least until they threw food at him.

Esmeralda: About that… I saw two of Frollo’s soldiers throwing tomatoes, I think that started it.

Chapter 5: Helping an Outcast

Chapter 5-1: Judy remembers something and tells Esmeralda she’ll be right back.

Chapter 5-2: Esmeralda was curious to why Judy left suddenly.

Chapter 5-3: But before she can think. She finds some creeps ambushing her and gets ready for battle.

Chapter 5-4: Calling in Djali, they defeat the creeps.

Chapter 5-5: When the dust settles, Judy comes to her.

Esmeralda: You’re back. I guess you finished what you had to do?

Judy: Almost, the last part I’ll need you help.

Chapter 6: Ballad of an Outcast

Chapter 6-1: Esmeralda and Judy arrive at the Theater and enter inside.

Chapter 6-2: When they get inside and sit down. Esmeralda finds out it’s a musical marrathon.

Chapter 6-3: But wasn’t any marrathon, it included heroes who were once outcasts.

Chapter 6-4: She saw how Ralph was always treated as a ‘bad guy’. From Stitch being made for only mayhem and destruction.

Chapter 6-5: After the show, Esmeralda and Judy meet th others backstage.

Esmeralda: How did you get them to do all that?

Judy: When you mentioned your past. It remined me of some other heroes who were an outcast in some way like you.

Elsa: A lot of people though of us as outcasts.

Ralph: And how they thought we could only be one thing. Like how I could only be a ‘bad guy’.

Elsa: But we always have our friends and family that support us.

Stitch: Hoped friends helped.

Esmeralda: Yes, friends helped.

Chapter 7: Faithful Friends

Chapter 7-1: Esmeralda is thankful for everyone for sharing their experiences.

Chapter 7-2: But just as Esmeralda and Judy leave, they are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 7-3: Elsa, Ralph, and Stitch see this and rush in to assist.

Chapter 7-4:During the battle, Esmeralda saw how Elsa, Ralph, and Stitch were considered outcasts too.

Chapter 7-5: After the battle, Judy and Esmeralda head back to the precint.

Judy: Do you still feel like you’re an outcast?

Esmeralda: A little. But I at least know I’m not the only one.

Judy: Make that three of us.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Judy: Arresting Frollo and his men has got to be the most satisfying arrest I’ve made in ages

Esmeralda: Anytime you need my help stopping any of Frollo’s schemes, I’m up for.

Judy: I might just take you up on that.

Chapter 8: Shared Origins

Chapter 8-1: Esmeralda knew Judy had it bad like she did. But who was this third person?

Chapter 8-2: When they meet up with Nick. Judy explains what they did today.

Chapter 8-3: Nick also opened to Esmeralda how he was also mistreated as an outcast.

Chapter 8-4: Esmeralda was in shock of how Nick had it bad, especially when he was muzzled by the Junior Ranger Scouts.

Chapter 8-5: Thankful for everything today, she knew it was perfect to say this to Judy.

Esmeralda: Judy, I wanted to thank you for everything today.

Judy: I was happy to help. We can all make a difference to make this City a better place.

Judy: It starts with you. Starts with all of us.

Esmeralda: I think we’re really understanding each other. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend like you.

Campaign “Hero Outcast” complete.

“Justice Criminal” unlocked.

Hope you enjoy!

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