Esmeralda/Sulley and Boo Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Esmerald.

Campaign name: Man or Monster

Esmeralda/Sulley and Boo



Allies: Nick Wilde, Elsa, Tigger

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Esmeralda and Sulley are now friends!

Esmeralda: What’s it like, having to live your entire life as a monster?

Sulley: Actually, where I’m from, there’s a lot of perks to being a monster. Are you saying there are monsters where you’re from?

Esmeralda: Not exactly. But I had a friend whose master made him believe he was a monster just by his appearance.

Sulley: Oh, I see.

Campaign Story: Esmeralda turns to Sulley to save Quasimodo

Esmeralda: Sulley, I need your help.

Sulley: What is it?

Esmeralda: It’s Quasimodo. I think he could be in danger.

Chapter 1: Scare by Appearance

Chapter 1-1: Sulley asks Esmeralda where she last saw Quasimodo.

Chapter 1-2: Since arriving here, Quasimodo has grown comfortable with the City Bell Towers.

Chapter 1-3: As they head there, they are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: Sulley quickly scares the creeps with a roar.

Chapter 1-5: When they make it to the top, there was no sign of Quasimodo.

Esmeralda: I’m getting worried, what if something happened?

Sulley: He probably was ambushed. did you notice anything?

Esmeralda: Other than the ambush, no.

Chapter 2: Roof Intel

Chapter 2-1: Sulley thinks he could use some insider to know where Quasimodo is.

Chapter 2-2: So the two decide to talk to Goliath to see if he saw something.

Chapter 2-3: It takes some searching, but they find him on the rooftops.

Chapter 2-4: As Sulley explains the situation, Esmeralda is intrigued by goliath’s stony appearance.

Chapter 2-5: Goliath tells them that he never saw nor heard of Quasimodo before and flies back to his clan. Leaving the two stumped.

Esmeralda: Did you happen to notice his stony features? It’s pretty fascinating.

Sulley: That is the thing about the City here. You’ll never know what you’ll find.

Sulley: Anyway, I’m sorry that we couldn’t find out more about your friend’s whereabouts.

Esmeralda: It’s alright. I just hope we find him before someone like Frollo gets to him.

Sulley: You know, you seem to have a grudge against this Frollo guy. Do you think he had something to do with it?

Esmeralda: You know, you might be onto something.

Chapter 3: Frollo Creeps

Chapter 3-1: While Esmeralda doesn’t like it, getting answers from Frollo would be the best solution.

Chapter 3-2: But finding him could be tricky. But Sulley suggests they try City Hall.

Chapter 3-3: When they get to City Hall, all they found were creeps.

Chapter 3-4: Esmeralda sends Djali to headbutt them while Sulley and Boo fight their way through with toys and scratches.

Chapter 3-5: When the two regroup, they learned from one of the City Hall workers that Frollo isn’t there since he failed to become a judge at the City Court House.

Esmeralda: Well that’s a dead end. At least he won’t mistreat the people with his cruelty.

Sulley: Sorry, again. Maybe if we report this, we could get someone to help us.

Esmeralda: You might be right, the lawmen do seem nobler than the ones I’m used to.

Chapter 4: Missing Bellringer Report

Chapter 4-1: Esmeralda and Sulley head to the ZPD to file a Missing Persons Report.

Chapter 4-2: When they explain the situation to Judy. She’s surprised and tells them they weren’t the only ones to file a missing person report today.

Chapter 4-3: Judy points to Belle, who also filed a Missing Persons Report.

Chapter 4-4: Belle tells them that her father and some of her enchanted friends have gone missing today.

Chapter 4-5: Esmeralda and Sulley realize these cases might be connected.

Sulley: Belle, did you happen to notice any signs of struggle where you last saw them?

Belle: Not exactly for my father. But my enchanted friends disappeared the second I turned. Like they have whisked away.

Esmeralda: Did you see anything or anyone run off with them? Like a soldier or something?

Belle: Not really. But I did hear scurrying. And before you ask, it wasn’t Stitch.

Sulley: Scurrying? Maybe if you take us back to where you saw them last we might find something.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Esmeralda: Thanks for helping me out with Frollo’s men, Sulley.

Esmeralda: You really packed quite a roar.

Sulley: What can I say? Monsters don’t always have to scare just kids.

Chapter 5: Magic Mania

Chapter 5-1: Belle leads Esmeralda, Judy, and Sulley back to the Beast’s castle.

Chapter 5-2: Beast wasn’t expecting more company, but calms down when he sees Sulley and Belle.

Chapter 5-3: Unfortunately, there was still no sign of anything.

Chapter 5-4: But then, Esmeralda noticed one of the windows slightly opened.

Chapter 5-5: She calls the others over to her findings.

Belle: That must be how they got taken.

Sulley: And there’s only one person who I think of who would do this. Randall Boggs.

Esmeralda: Then let’s go confront this Randall Boggs.

Chapter 6: Confront a Randall

Chapter 6-1: Belle and Judy head back to the ZPD while Esmeralda and Sulley journey to the shady part of the Warehouse District to find Randall.

Chapter 6-2: But finding Randall wasn’t easy. The duo steps foot into creep areas, surrounded by all sides.

Chapter 6-3: As the two fight their way through, Esmeralda hears a scream nearby.

Chapter 6-4: She turns around and sees Randall sneaking into an abandoned warehouse.

Chapter 6-5: He looks around to see if he’s being followed and quickly enters the warehouse.

Esmeralda: Did you see that? He just disappeared!

Sulley: Whatever he’s planning. It can’t be good.

Esmeralda: Wanna bet our friends are in that building?

Sulley: I’d say it’s in your favor.

Chapter 7: A Scary Deal

Chapter 7-1: Sulley breaks down the door to the warehouse. He and Esmeralda find Randall preparing what looks like another Scream Extractor.

Chapter 7-2: Randall mocks the heroes saying they’re too late. His scream scheme is already taking notion.

Chapter 7-3: Turns out Randall took Quasimodo so he can use his ‘scary’ face to his advantage. As for Belle’s father and her enchanted friends, to see if Quasimodo would terrify them.

Chapter 7-4: But as he explains, Esmeralda and Djali sneak behind and free their friends.

Chapter 7-5: Sulley dismantles the Scream Extractor just as Randall turns around.

Randall: No! Whhhhhyyyyyy?!

Esmeralda: Well, it looks like your scream game is over.

Sulley: Honestly, Randall. When will you accept that laughter is better than screams?

Randall: Mark my words, Sullivan. I WILL be on top one of these days. And when I do, I’ll finally take over Monsters Inc.!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Sulley: Esmeralda? What’re you doing hiding behind the laugh canisters?

Esmeralda: I saw Frollo and his men coming by and I didn’t want them seeing me.

Sulley: But you’re not an outcast anymore. There’s no need to hide.

Esmeralda: I know. It’s just old habits.

Chapter 8: Freed Friends

Chapter 8-1: Randall is infuriated that Sulley and Esmeralda destroyed his Scream Extractor.

Chapter 8-2: He claims he’ll get his revenge, just not today.

Chapter 8-3: Esmeralda runs up to Quasimodo and embraces him in a hug.

Chapter 8-4: After they left the Warehouse District, they headed back to Belle and Judy at the ZPD.

Chapter 8-5: Belle thanks them for finding her father and her friends, and they headed back home.

Esmeralda: Saving Quasimodo was harder than I thought. Thanks for your help.

Sulley: Don’t mention it.

Esmeralda: You know, now that I’ve been here a while. I’m beginning to think that we need more people like you here. To speak of true justice.

Sulley: Make that two of us.

Campaign “Man or Monster” complete.

“Monster’s Prayer” unlocked.

I know Esmeralda was announced today, but I did want to get this done before next month.

I hope you enjoy!


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