Ethan (Sky High Hero Concept)



Ethan’s ability to melt into a sludgy puddle turns out to be more useful than any feeble-minded creep would think.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Hey, are we eating at Warren’s table now? I feel extremely dangerous.”

Entrance: A puddle moves across the battlefield, and it transforms into Ethan, ready to do battle.
Victory: Ethan claps off his hands.
KO: Ethan gasps in fear, and melts into a puddle.

Basic Attack: Ethan punches enemies.

White Skill - Popsicle Stand - Fantastic Damage
Ethan melts into a puddle and waits for enemies to advance towards the player’s performing lineup. Once an enemy walks over him, they will slip, take X damage from the fall, and be stunned for 5 seconds. Ethan will return to his normal form after making contact with an enemy.

Green Skill - Super Swirly
A toilet appears, and Ethan grabs the closest enemy to give them a swirly, stealing X HP and X energy.

Blue Skill - Mental Meltdown
If Ethan reaches 25% of his max HP, he will retreat to the backline, melt into a puddle, and regenerate his HP within an 8-second timespan. Until his HP is fully regenerated, Ethan cannot perform his “Popsicle Stand” or “Super Swirly” skills.

Purple Skill - Sucks For You
Each time Ethan performs his “Super Swirly” skill, he splits all the HP and energy he steals evenly with all his allies.

Red Skill - Extremely Dangerous
Ethan cannot take damage while in puddle form. His reality is increased to X, and gains an additional 15% attack speed every 4 seconds in a battle.

Ethan + Zach
Campaign: Lazy Day - While their friends are out going about their normal days, Ethan and Zach have nothing to do, and they look for ways to pass the time before their crew comes back.
Disk: Best Buds
Disk Memory: Ethan gains X energy each time enemies take damage from his “Popsicle Stand” skill.
Disk Power: Z armor
Allies: Goliath, John Silver, Elsa

Ethan + Hercules
Campaign: Merch Menagerie - Ethan has a ton of Hercules memorabilia in his home, and when he actually meets the son of Zeus himself, Hercules invites him to the factory distributing all this stuff, wanting to make merchandise based around Ethan.
Disk: Good Gods
Disk Memory: Enemies have their attack speed slowed by 40% for 6 seconds each time they take damage from Ethan.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z White Skill power
Allies: the Sheriff of Nottingham, Powerline, Duke Caboom

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