Zach (Sky High Hero Concept)


Zach blinds his enemies with his glowing powers and intimidating charisma.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Try not to drop your clipboard.”

Entrance: Zach walks into the battlefield, claps his hands, and poses for battle.
Victory: Zach shakes his fist victoriously.
KO: Zach stands still, internally distraught.

Basic Attack: Zach throws hors d’oeuvres at enemies.

White Skill - Zach Attack - Fantastic Damage
Zach glows white, blinding enemies for 4 seconds and granting allies X HP.

Green Skill - Total Glow-Up
Zach glows yellow, cleansing himself and the weakest ally of debuffs.

Blue Skill - Cocky Kid
Zach attempts to glow, but fails, applying Cringe to two random enemies for 6 seconds. Enemies with Cringe will refuse to target Zach during this time block.

Purple Skill - T-O-P-H
Enemies with Cringe take 80% additional damage from allies. Zach is permanently immune to blinds after performing his “Total Glow-Up” skill.

Red Skill - On the Bright Side
Allies that reach 25% their max HP gain X additional HP from Zach each time he performs his “Zach Attack” skill.

Zach + Magenta
Campaign: #Zachgenta - Zach wants to impress Magenta in the best way possible. After setting up everything needed for the perfect “patrol victory,” Zach’s plan finally falls into action.
Disk: Romance Plan
Disk Memory: Zach’s “Zach Attack” skill blinds enemies for an additional 4 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power

Zach + Ron Stoppable
Campaign: Monkeying Around - Zach and Ron try to understand each other’s powers. Both bewildered by their powers’ origins, they try out their combined skills on a creep raid.
Disk: Hero Class
Disk Memory: After Zach performs his “Cocky Kid” skill, he is invincible for 5 seconds.
Disk Power: Z armor

Great concept! Only one nitpick:

On the blue skill, it says that it applies it to allies, not enemies. It also is said that “Enemies with Cringe will refuse to target Zach during this time block.” Some of the other skills like “Cringe” make Zach more of a Tank than a support. Friendships are pretty good as well.

BTW, since you’re doing a lot of Sky High concepts lately, how’s about the next one on Royal Pain?

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Consider it done… :smirk:

Is he likley or not?

Yes, Sky High is a Disney movie, and therefore, he is a likely character.

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