Evil genius monkey (unlikely concept 16)

mojo jojo


1 star, frontline damage

“With my own two hands, I have defeated them!”

Mojo jojo uses high-tech blasters and other weapons to conquer his foes


Entrance: mojo flys in using his helicopter pod before jumping out

Victory: he laughs evily while raising both his hands in the air

Defeat: mojo falls down to the ground

Basic attack: whacks enemies with a stale baguette, dealing x damage


White: monkey cannon

Mojo jojo pulls out a large lazer cannon and blasts anything in front of him, dealing x damage to all enemies in the path of the lazer and deals additional damage overtime for 4 seconds.

Green: observe and destroy

At the start of each wave, a smaller version of mojo’s observatory sky fortress flys in with mojo

The machine uses its telescope to study the nearest enemy for 8 seconds and when mojo uses “monkey cannon” it fires a lazer at the studied enemy, dealing x damage to that enemy and decreasing enemies armor for x amount

blue: x-tra power

Mojo pulls out a chemical x cube which increases the attack power and armor of the weakest ally for 6 seconds.

Purple: primate intelligence

“Monkey cannon” now deals 2x more damage to studied enemies and gives mojo x skill power when he damages studied enemies with the move.

Red: Los dos mojo

Mojo gains x armor and x reality whenever he or one his allies defeat an studied enemy.

“X-tra power” makes buffs 2x more powerful on the ally that gains power from the move.


Mojo jojo/yzma
X marks the spot
more powerful studies

“Observe and destroy” now studies two nearby enemies from the effected enemy and the study now lasts 4 seconds longer.

Mojo jojo/mad hatter
Brain cover
studying now increases crits

Studied enemies are now weaker to crits from any ally who can do critical hits.

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