Evil smells like strawberries (likely concept)


2 star, frontline control

“Where’s your kid now, sheriff?”

He may look plush and lovable, but this bear shows that he is far from a good guy


Entrance: lotso rides in on the back of his dump truck then he jumps off

Victory: he smiles as he places his cane in front of himself

Defeat: he falls to the ground in his non-living form

Basic attack: whacks the nearest enemy with his cane, dealing x damage and stunning the enemy for 5 seconds


White: I’m a hugger

Passive: Lotso steals x HP from each enemy he or another ally charms.

Active: lotso uses his cuddly appearance to charm the two nearest enemies while also healing himself for x amount.

Each enemy that lotso charms with the move now has their armor and movement speed increased by 40% while enemies skill power are decreased by 40% as well.

Green: something snapped

Losto takes out big baby’s pendant, drops it on the ground and then smashes it with his mallet, scaring all enemies for 10 seconds while also increasing the duration of all scares and charms by 5 more seconds.

Blue: eye in the sky

If a enemy becomes invisible, a security camera will appear in the battlefield and then catches the invisible enemy which makes lotso “precise” for the rest of the wave while also increasing his attack power by 50% against the invisible enemy.

Purple: betrayed

Lotso heals himself for X amount whenever a ally gets ko’ed in battle while also increasing the amount of damage that allies deal with their blue skills.

Red: Welcome to Sunnyside

Losto gains 50% of all buffs given to enemies that he has charmed with “I’m a hugger”.

Allies that have already been scared by any source are now dealt x damage and knockback when lotso activates “something snapped”
+X max HP
+X damage to basic attack
+X skill power


Bear with it
crits against scared enemies

Lotso’s basic attack as well as “something snapped” now always crits against scared enemies.

Lotso/Oogie boogie
Daycare devil
invisible enemies loses armor

Invisible enemies now lose 50% of their armor when lotso or any of his allies become “precise”

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