Fa Mulan/Kida Friendship Campaign Concept

I know Mulan already came out, but I’m just going to get this one over with.

Campaign name: Missing Mushu

Fa Mulan/Kida



Allies: Nick Wilde, Sulley and Boo, Scrooge McDuck

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Fa Mulan and Kida are now friends!

Mulan: Kida, how did you get your people to agree on letting you become a warrior?

Kida: It was always my destiny when I wielded the Atlantean Crystal.

Kida: Judging by your dress and your swift agility, you probably had to fight your way to the top.

Mulan: Well yeah, women were allowed to do a lot where I’m from.

Campaign Story: Kida helps Mulan look for Mushu in the City.

Mulan: Mushu! Mushu!

Kida: Mulan, I’m right here. If you’re trying to get my attention, you don’t need to yell.

Mulan: No, I mean. Hello Kida, but I wasn’t yelling for you. I’m looking for Mushu, he’s a tiny dragon.

Chapter 1: Dragon Fury

Chapter 1-1: Kida hasn’t seen a dragon before, at least one that’s not tiny.

Chapter 1-2: She decides to help Mulan look for him.

Chapter 1-3: They decide to start looking for Mushu at the covered market. But as they head there they find themselves surrounded by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: With weapons at the ready, the girls fight the creeps.

Chapter 1-5: Together it wasn’t long before the girls are victorious!

Mulan: Wow, you sure have a way of fighting those creeps.

Kida: It denotes my status as a warrior. You fight well as a warrior yourself.

Mulan: Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.

Chapter 2: Market Dragon

Chapter 2-1: Mulan and Kida arrived at the Covered Market.

Chapter 2-2: Although, finding Mushu was harder than they thought.

Chapter 2-3: The Market was really busy today, so looking for a tiny dragon was tricky.

Chapter 2-4: Even looking on top of the stalls they still couldn’t find Mushu.

Chapter 2-5: They kept searching the stalls until they spotted someone familiar in the crowd.

Bo Peep: What brings you two to the Covered Market? Everything alright?

Mulan: No, I’m looking for Mushu. He’s a dragon.

Kida: We thought he might be here, but this place is crazy.

Bo Peep: Well yeah, the Covered Market can be busy, but it can also be exciting.

Kida: Well I don’t even know what a dragon looks like, so how am I supposed to find dragon tracks?

Chapter 3: Dragon Drop Off

Chapter 3-1: Bo Peep mentioned the girls that Giggle McDimples saw something small and red heading to the Port.

Chapter 3-2: Mulan and Kida thank Bo Peep and head to the Port.

Chapter 3-3: When they get there, they find the Port swarming with creeps.

Chapter 3-4: Once again, the girls are forced to fight them off.

Chapter 3-5: But, when the dust settles all they found was a pile of soot.

Mulan: Mushu was here alright, he must’ve fought off some creeps.

Kida: He is tiny to cause small fires. You sure he’s a dragon?

Mulan: I know he may seem tiny. But he and I have been through a lot together.

Chapter 4: Soot Searching

Chapter 4-1: Mulan gets an idea, Mushu has been training newcomers to the City recently since arriving.

Chapter 4-2: The two head to the Defense Workshop, to see if he’s there.

Chapter 4-3: But like, before all they found was a pile of soot. Mulan is worried creeps got him.

Chapter 4-4: They follow the soot which leads them to the Park.

Chapter 4-5: At the end of the path they find Officer Hopps examining the soot.

Kida: Judy, before you jump to conclusions, we can assure you he did not mean any harm around here.

Judy: O.K., but who are you talking about?

Mulan: It’s Mushu. We’ve been following his soot trail from the Port. So if you can help us out we would be grateful.

Judy: You mean that little dragon that is usually with you?! Don’t worry I’ll see what I can do!

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Mulan: Wow, you never told me you could turn into a crystal form.

Kida: It’s a symbol of my people, the Atlanteans. It also shows my bond with the crystal.

Chapter 5: Detective Girls

Chapter 5-1: Judy radios the station to see if anyone saw a small dragon matching Mushu’s description.

Chapter 5-2: Chief Bogo says that Wolford and Fangmeyer spotted a small creature just like Mushu. He had a humungous horde of creeps trailing behind him, heading straight for the warehouse district.

Chapter 5-3: Mulan and Kida thank Judy for her help and head to the warehouse district.

Chapter 5-4: The soot trail keeps on getting bigger as it ends at an abandoned warehouse.

Chapter 5-5: Mulan and Kida draw their weapons as they make it to the entrance.

Kida: Are you ready?

Mulan: I’m always ready. We’re in this together, aren’t we?

Kida: Your friend must be on the other side of this warehouse. I must suggest we stick together.

Chapter 6: Warehouse Rumble

Chapter 6-1: Inside the warehouse, the girls find the place to be dark.

Chapter 6-2: Kida uses her crystal as a source of light. Only to be discovered by creeps.

Chapter 6-3: After the battle, they found no soot. But Mulan notices an orange flash of light.

Chapter 6-4: Mulan knows that’s Mushu. So the girls follow the source.

Chapter 6-5: Kida’s crystal starts to fade out, knowing they must hurry.

Mulan: Mushu has to be closer.

Kida: You know, you never told me what was special about your friend.

Mulan: Well he was a guardian my ancestors sent to help guide me. Without him, I would’ve never have saved China.

Kida: That is quite the tale of a warrior at heart.

Chapter 7: Fiery Rescue

Chapter 7-1: Mulan and Kida see the fiery lights get bigger.

Chapter 7-2: They are immediately stopped when they see Mushu surrounded by creeps!

Chapter 7-3: When the creeps aren’t looking Mulan sneaks up and attacks the creeps.

Chapter 7-4: Kida blocks incoming attacks with her spear and then counters.

Chapter 7-5: Mulan grabs Mushu who is thrilled to see her.

Mushu: Mulan, you found me! I thought I was a goner there, and I was hoping you would find my soot trail.

Mulan: It sure did. But what were you doing in the first place?

Mushu; Some of the creeps scared of some of the trainees and I went to find them. But then I got lost myself.

Kida: That was very noble of you, young dragon.

Mushu: Hey I’m not just any dragon I’m a guardian.

Friend Dialogue level 10

Mulan: Kida how did you get your people to agree on you being a warrior?

Kida: Oh, my people train and defend to protect our home. I can assume it’s the same for you?

Mulan: No. My people are a different story.

Chapter 8: Fiery Escape

Chapter 8-1: Before they could regroup, the warehouse begins to shake.

Chapter 8-2: The warehouse is about to fall on them! Our heroes hurry to escape.

Chapter 8-3: Mushu hangs on tight to Mulan as they fight creeps in a hurry on their escape.

Chapter 8-4: The trio finds the entrance they came from, just as the ceiling begins to fall on them.

Chapter 8-5: The warehouse collapses, but our heroes made it out in one piece.

Kida: Is everyone alright?

Mulan: I’m good. What about you Mushu?

Mushu: I’m feeling better already! I’m glad you girls showed up! I wouldn’t have been able to fight the creeps off myself.

Mulan: And Mushu, next time do me a favor and tell me where you’re going. All right?

Campaign “Missing Mushu” complete.

“Fire of a Warrior” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


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