Fa Mulan/Robin Hood Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign for Mulan!

Campaign name: Honor to the People

Fa Mulan/Robin Hood

Allies: Judy Hopps, Elsa, Sulley & Boo

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Fa Mulan and Robin Hood are now friends!

Robin Hood: So tell me, outlaw, to outlaw. How did you get away from a king’s army?

Mulan: Outlaw? King’s army? I don’t understand.

Robin Hood: Oh! You’re not an outlaw. My apologies, madam. Where I come from, adventurous personality, like yours comes from stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Campaign Story: Shan Yu has returned and starts terrorizing the City! Mulan turns to Robin Hood to help her save the City.

Judy: A terrorist group has recently attacked the City Square. We suggest everyone stays home until further notice.

Nick: And be on the lookout for six men with weapons. They are extremely dangerous, especially the one with the hawk. That’s their leader.

Mulan: It sounds like Shan Yu has returned! I got to stop him!

Chapter 1: Follow the Tracks

Chapter 1-1: Mulan heads to the City Square to find out where Shan Yu is heading to next.

Chapter 1-2: But when she gets to City Square, she finds the place overrun by creeps.

Chapter 1-3: With her sword at the ready, she slashes the creeps left and right.

Chapter 1-4: But she finds herself outmatched when a creep knocks her sword out of her hand.

Chapter 1-5: But before they could strike, the creeps scattered by a rain of arrows. Just then, Robin Hood appears.

Mulan: Robin Hood! Boy am I glad to see you.

Robin Hood: Well I fight for justice, after all, Mulan.

Mulan: Thank you. But it’s more than that.

Mulan: Shan Yu is attacking the City!

Chapter 2: Revenge

Chapter 2-1: Despite being friends with Mulan, Robin Hood doesn’t understand how dangerous Shan Yu is and asks her who he is.

Chapter 2-2: Mulan explains that Shan Yu is the leader of the Hun army, who plotted to take over China.

Chapter 2-3: If it hadn’t been for her and her friends. China would be seized by Huns.

Chapter 2-4: Mulan fears Shan Yu is plotting to thwart the City’s ‘Emperor’, so he can take over.

Chapter 2-5: Robin Hood, understanding how Nottingham was once ruled under a phony king, decides to join Mulan.

Mulan: Are you sure about this Robin? Shan Yu is very dangerous.

Robin Hood: I told you earlier Mulan, I fight for justice. What justice would there be in letting an attacker from another land take control?

Mulan: Well, I guess there’s no trying to stop you now. Follow me.

Chapter 3: Park Panic

Chapter 3-1: Mulan and Robin Hood get word that one of Shan Yu’s Hun guards is in the Park.

Chapter 3-2: When they arrive, they find the Hun using creeps to cause mayhem and destruction and scaring wandering passengers.

Chapter 3-3: They also see Nick Wilde being attacked by the Hun soldier.

Chapter 3-4: Mulan steps in to save Nick. While Robin Hood fights off the creeps.

Chapter 3-5: Mulan defeats the Hun just as Robin Hood defeats the creeps.

Nick: Thank you, guys! You saved my tail there.

Mulan: Nick, did any more of the Huns came by here?

Nick: Actually, Judy went after two of the strongmen that were heading to the Black Market. They said something about seizing a special power.

Robin Hood: Then we don’t have much time. Mulan, we must get to the Black Market before it’s too late.

Nick: If anything bad is going to happen to my rabbit, I’m coming with you.

Chapter 4: Market Mayhem

Chapter 4-1: Mulan, Robin Hood, and Nick head to the Black Market to find Judy Hopps.

Chapter 4-2: As luck would have it, they see her being ambushed by creeps and the Hun soldiers.

Chapter 4-3: As Nick battles the creeps to save Judy. Robin Hood and Mulan take on the Hun guards.

Chapter 4-4: They battle sword on sword, till eventually, they were able to use melee combat.

Chapter 4-5: Nick and Robin Hood then haul the Hun guards into the precinct, just as Judy approaches Mulan.

Judy: Funny thing, Mulan. I was trying to find you.

Mulan: You have?

Judy: Yes! I’ve heard you would be the one to come talk to for fighting off the invading Huns.

Robin Hood: Speaking of which, Ms. Hopps. Have you or Mr. Wilde seen more of them or their leader?

Nick: Now that you mention it. The leader of these guys said something about overthrowing the ‘emperor’ of the City. Although, there’s isn’t an emperor here so to say.

Robin Hood: Perhaps if we tell their leader we have some of his men, he might stop the attacks.

Mulan: It’s not gonna work that way. Shan Yu never rests until he achieves his goals.

Robin Hood: Then we better get a move on, my dear.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Mulan: You know, when you mentioned the whole ‘outlaw to outlaw’ thing. I’ve been thinking about it. And I was once an outlaw myself, too.

Robin Hood: You? An outlaw? Oo De Lally, what were your crimes?

Mulan: I’m not sure if you would call them crimes, but. I ran away from home and stole my father’s sword and armor so I could join the army. Where I’m from, women were always looked down upon.

Robin Hood: So what does that have to do with being an outlaw?

Mulan: Well, it was for the right reason kind of deal.

Robin Hood: My dear, I think you’re missing the point. To be an outlaw, you have to do something outside the law.

Mulan: Would impersonating a soldier and deceiving my commanding officers count?

Robin Hood: Why, yes! And may I ask why though?

Mulan: To save all of China.

Robin Hood: And that, I wholeheartedly approve.

Chapter 5: A Clever Disguise

Chapter 5-1: Mulan and Robin Hood bid Judy and Nick a farewell and begin to brainstorm about Shan Yu’s whereabouts.

Chapter 5-2: It wasn’t long before they were ambushed by creeps. They get rid of them immediately.

Chapter 5-3: After the battle, Robin Hood suggests a disguise for finding Shan Yu.

Chapter 5-4: Mulan has had some experience hiding her identity. So she has an idea for a disguise.

Chapter 5-5: In a few minutes, they come out disguised as concubines.

Robin Hood: Oh, ho, ho! I gotta hand it you Mulan. This has to be your best disguise yet!

Mulan: Thank you. You should’ve seen the time I impersonated a soldier.

Robin Hood: I can imagine it. Now to figure out where Shan Yu’s whereabouts are.

Elastigirl: Are you two ladies lost?

Mulan: Oh, we’re not lost. These are just disguises.

Mr. Incredible: You’re after those Huns too?

Chapter 6: An Incredible Plan

Chapter 6-1: Mulan and Robin Hood are surprised to hear that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are after the same thing.

Chapter 6-2: Shan Yu and his guards attacked Violet and Dash’s school.

Chapter 6-3: They agree to give them a ride to his hideout.

Chapter 6-4: Once there, they see two Hun guards at the entrance. Mulan and Robin Hood distract them immediately.

Chapter 6-5: Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl engage in combat while Mulan and Robin Hood sneak inside.

Mr. Incredible: We’ll hold them off. You guys go on ahead.

Mulan: Are you sure you two will be alright?

Elastigirl: Bob and I dealt with more dangerous criminals before. Go! Hurry now!

Robin Hood: Thank you two so much. Come, my dear, we have a City to save.

Chapter 7: Shan Yu Showdown

Chapter 7-1: Mulan and Robin Hood made inside Shan Yu’s hideout, only to find it swarming with creeps.

Chapter 7-2: They made quick work of the creeps. Now they just had to find Shan Yu and put an end to his attacks.

Chapter 7-3: Luckily, they caught sight of his hawk. They follow it straight to Shan Yu himself.

Chapter 7-4: With swords at the ready, they fought Shan Yu.

Chapter 7-5: But Shan Yu had another trick up his sleeve. In a few seconds, he knocks out Robin Hood! Mulan hurries to his aid.

Mulan: Robin! Are you O.K.?

Robin Hood: I’m fine. But we must keep going. It looks like Shan Yu’s not giving up easily.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Robin Hood: Mulan, where’d you find Cri-Kee anyway?

Mulan: Actually, my grandmother found him. Instead of praying to the ancestors, she wanted to rely on good luck, so she used Cri-Kee as a good luck charm.

Robin Hood: Then she perhaps needs to find a new good luck charm. Because that cricket brings anything, but good luck.

Chapter 8: Honor to All

Chapter 8-1: In a last resort, Mulan pulls out her fan.

Chapter 8-2: But unlike last time, Shan Yu was ready for this and knocks the fan out her hand.

Chapter 8-3: Even when Robin Hood pulled out his bow and arrow, Shan Yu kicked out of his hand. The two don’t know what to do with Shan Yu right in front of them.

Chapter 8-4: Suddenly, Mr. Incredible came bursting through the doors, with Elastigirl, Nick and Judy behind him, getting the attention of Hun leader.

Chapter 8-5: Together, Mulan, Robin Hood and the rest of the heroes dispatch Shan Yu. After that, they take Shan Yu and his five generals to the ZPD.

Mulan: I gotta hand it to you guys; perfect timing!

Robin Hood: Thank you. All of you.

Nick: We saw some creeps coming your way from where Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl found the hideout.

Judy: So we took care of them while you two fought Shan Yu.

Mr. Incredible: Since you did the same for all of us when we were ambushed by creeps.

Elastigirl: It was the least we can do.

Judy: Now, I hope that would be the last we hear of Shan Yu.

Mulan: For now that is. I’m just glad that peace was restored to the City.

Robin Hood: And speaking of honor. I hope this was the greatest honor you had, Mulan.

Mulan: It sure was. I’m sure it would go for all of you guys, too.

Robin Hood: Well I do say, we all make a grand team. We should all join together on patrol one of these times.

Mulan: I think I would like that. You know, I’ve never had any friends like you guys before.

Campaign “Honor to the People” complete.

“Master of Disguise” unlocked.

(A/N): This has probably got to be the most I have ever written for a friendship campaign yet.

I hope you enjoy!


very good campaign and history, the concept is quite good I hope friendship is fulfilled at least :slight_smile:


I hope so too. I can really see this happening.

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